Sins Of My Father – Chapter Nineteen

Sins Of My Father.

Written by Peace Ifunanya.

Chapter Nineteen.

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� I was never told it was suicide.� Sola grimaced.

He never actually got to say goodbye.

They lied to him. To both of them(his sister)

His mother kept that detail from him�well, not like he would want to listen back then.

They didn�t let him witness the execution as he was under aged, but, they were supposed to be allowed to see their father before he would be taken.

Sola didn�t cry that fateful night, all he did was stare out his window, lost in thought.

The last he saw his father was few days before his final sentencing, and he had said some really mean things to him.

He should have waited�hear what he had to say.

Sola covered his face in regret.

He had one chance to speak to his old man but he wasted it.

What sort of son was he?

The next he saw his father was at his funeral.

He only saw his father�s cold, white body.


He swallowed hard thinking of the possibility of his father not being the murderer.

The silence in the room was killing as Anna sobbed quietly on the couch, while Dora watched her in pity.

She, probably, shouldn�t have hated on this family. They were also victims, yet she had blamed them for her misfortunes all these years but never thought they were also going through a lot.

� Did he come?�

Sola asked, referring to Bidemi.

Anna understood and slightly nodded her head.

Bidemi and Rosaline came to extend their condolences.

She didn�t even look at them, all she did was stare at the grave that was being cover with sand.

She couldn�t believe it. Isaac was gone.

�I really can�t wait for these kids to grow up and give us some privacy.�

She recalled him say the night Deji called for him.

They were making out when Esther barged in.

She wanted her daddy.

� Those hypocrites.� Anna spat angrily. � They only remembered we existed after Isaac�s death.�

� Acted like they ever cared.�

Sola quietly excused himself and left for the bathroom.

He washed his face and stared at his reflection.

His phone rang and this time, he checked who was calling.

It was Sire.

Sire was so relieved when he picked up the phone telling him she had called him earlier.

� It was unlike you to not call back. Are you okay?�

He didn�t know how to act towards her, knowing everything that had happened between their parents.

He wanted to hate her but he just couldn�t.

She was too innocent.

He sighed and told her what happened.

� The lady from the party?�

Sire was shocked on getting this news.

She began bombarding him with questions before telling him she was on her way.

�Sire, your car is bad.� He blankly told her.

He just wanted her to stay away for the meantime.

� It�s fine, I�ll just order a ride.�

It was at that moment it dawned on Sola.

Amara ordered a ride home that night.

He rushed downstairs to find Dora still there drowning her sorrows with the bottle in her hand.

His mother was too busy sobbing to prevent her from taking more wine.

He angrily snatched the bottle from her and began yelling at her.

� The closest thing to a daughter you have is missing and all you do is sit back and drink?�

� Sola give me the bottle.�

�You want the bottle?� he snapped. � Have it!�

He yelled smashing it on the floor.

� Sola!� His mother screamed in horror but he was done being nice.

� Little wonder, you�re still a failure.�

� If you don�t watch your tongue ehh�.

� What will you do? Arrest me?� He mocked. � If you were the one missing, I�m sure she would have gone to the ends of the earth, just to find you.�

Dora�s eyes softened.

He was right.

She was a mess. A mess that Amara would do anything for, now look how she�s handling things. The Dora she knew would never sit back and let them win�but she wasn�t that Dora anymore.

She had always sat by her window admiring that fearless woman�s picture she kept in her drawer.

Her younger self.

She busted into tears and Anna had to console her.

� I don�t know what to do.� She whimpered. � I�m just�

� It�s okay.�

Sola waited a few moments before telling her how he thought they would find her.

The trio immediately got into the car and drove to the direction of the nearest branch of the company where Amara ordered her ride from.

The journey was an hour and half drive and it didn�t really take long before they were able to produce who drove her that night.

The young man recognized Amara�s photo immediately, stating she was the sad lady he picked up in front of a building.

He was surprised to hear she had been missing since the night he supposedly, drove her home.


As Sola drove them back home that night, no one spoke to the other as all were lost in their respective thoughts.

The driver told them their car broke down, and as they waited for another ride to pick her up, a car stopped in front of theirs.

�It was a Mercedes.�

� So you stood there and watched her get kidnapped?� Dora grunted.

� I�m sorry but she wasn�t kidnapped.� He replied with all seriousness.

He had seen her walk up to the car.

She and whoever was driving talked for a while. She felt very comfortable and whoever it was even made her laugh. She walked back to his car, telling him not to bother dropping her home.

� The person that picked her that night, knows exactly who she was and vice versa.� He stated. � She got into that car willingly.�




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