Sins Of My Father – Chapter Nine

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Sins Of My Father.


Written by Peace Ifunanya.


Chapter Nine


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*Present time*


Sola felt something was up but decided to bring it up when they were alone, he didn’t want to ruin his mother’s mood. He shrugged it all aside and when proceeded to introduce Sire to his mother when his name was heard from behind. His smiled, knowing who the voice belongs to and happy she came in just in time.

Probably, he was just in time to see that the look his mother had on her face, when she met with the Olaniyans, was  still plastered on her face when he introduced Eudora to his mother.

Amara greeted the young lady standing there to which she politely replied. Amara felt intimidated.

How could somebody be this pretty?

“ it’s really nice to meet you ma’am” Amara smiled bending her knees slightly in respect to the older woman. “ And a happy birthday”

Amara gave her the present she got his mother which she received with a forced smiled.

“ Thank you dear” was her reply before taking her gaze back to Dora.

Dora coughed excusing herself.

“ I need a drink” much to Amara’s disappointment.

Really…a drink?

She refused to allow Sola to help her get it, insisting on getting it herself.

Dora left there with her hands, shivering. She did get herself a stick, all she needed was a lighter and something strong to drink.

Really strong.

She walked to the counter where drinks were served.

“ Anything strong please”

The young man looked at her in a strange manner.

Like this were a club.

He gave her a glass of wine which went down in one gulp, shocking the young man.

She didn’t like the judging look he gave her, so she decided to go home and drink the way she wanted to.

She bumped into someone and muttered an apology, to the person’s hearing.


Shocked that someone called her name, Dora turn to behold the face she hadn’t seen in sixteen years.

Three people in one night. How is this a coincidence?

Rosaline stood staring at Dora with a smile on her face.

Dora meeting people she had prayed to never meet again.

They all remind her the failure she had become.

How did Amara ever meet Isaac’s son?

“Aunt, are you ok?”

Amara was wondering what was taking her so long to get a drink so she went to check up.

“Oh! Good evening ma’am” Amara noticed the woman standing before her aunt.

The expensively dressed woman looked at Amara in confusion, then at Dora.


Dora quickly walked away, not waiting for Rosaline to respond her niece’s greeting.

“We’re leaving.”

“What? No, I’m not ready to leave yet.” her niece whined.

Why does her aunt keep doing this…

“ Is everything ok?”

Sola came up from behind. Amara hadn’t returned after excusing herself. He didn’t want her to feel neglected after inviting her to a party where she barely knew anyone.

“We were leaving” her aunt blurted much to Sola’s surprise.

He urged them to stay a little longer as they arrived not long ago, but Dora didn’t bulge. She wanted to leave and she was going to leave.

Amara told him it was fine that she would order her a ride home as she still wanted to stay a little longer, much to Dora’s annoyance.

“ I’ll be home by eleven”

Annoying Dora further.

At that late hour?

“ I’ll drive her home myself.” Sola assured, earning a look from the woman.

She was beginning to not like him.

Not trust him.

“I’ll be fine, aunt.”

Amara really didn’t want to leave, at least not yet. Dora later agreed after Amara gave her the teary eyes.

They walked her outside when her ride arrived.

“Eleven” she reminded, before letting Sola shut the door.

The pair walked into the party to meet Sire still waiting.

It was that moment Sola realized he hadn’t introduced both ladies, officially.

“Sire, this is Amara, a very good friend of mine.” he said. “Amara this is Pemisire, my girlfriend.”



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  1. Why are the older ladies not at ease after being introduced to each other, what connect them together?
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