Sins Of My Father – Chapter Fourteen.

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Sins Of My Father.


Written by Peace Ifunanya.


Chapter Fourteen.


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Sola groaned as he gradually lifted himself off the bed. He didn’t get much sleep the previous night as Amara’s mood swing really got to him.

He didn’t like that she was angry at him. As he walked down the stairs, he thought of things he might of done or said that could have, probably, set her off the edge.

Even till he got down the stairs, he couldn’t come up with the perfect reason. He hissed in frustration slamming his hands on the kitchen counter causing his mother to exclaim in fear.

He hadn’t realize she was there.

Anna saw her son looking frustrated and asked what was wrong.

“ You almost gave me a heart attack, you know.”

Sola honestly wished he could reply her but he felt disorganized.

Sire began calling.

Sola looked at his phone screen and placed it back on the counter as he wasn’t in the mood to talk.

Anna walked up to her son.

“ Olusola, talk to me. What is it?”

“ I can’t, I have no idea what’s wrong.” He blurted. “ she just started acting up. She moved away from me like I was some…”

He sighed giving up.


He looked at his mother like she were some alien.


“Oh! Wait, she’s angry at you.” Anna was surprised. Amara didn’t look annoyed when she left to answer Fredrick’s call unless….“What did you do?”

“Nothing. I have no idea what I did.”

His phone began ringing again but he declined.

“You didn’t say anything that annoyed her in anyway?”

Anna didn’t like the look he had on.

“ I only told her I would take her to dinner to repay what she did for me a long time ago.”

Sola stated as he remembered her being lively until then.

“ I mean, it’s only dinner and nothing else.”

“Does she know about your girlfriend?”

“She does, but what does that have to do with the dinner. I can’t give her money.” He reasoned. “ It wouldn’t feel right.”

“So you’re indirectly letting me know that you have no idea she has feelings for you.”

His phone rang again making him grimace as he declined it.

Amara has feelings for him?

“Any woman would not  really feel happy, Sola.” His mother said.

Anna told him even after introducing Sire to her and now asking to take her to dinner, she might think he knew how she felt and might want to joke around then would say it was nothing.

“It’s possible.” She shrugged. “ It’s just what I think, though.”

His phone rang again yet he still declined.

His mother then proceeded to calmly ask what, exactly, he felt for Amara.

“ All this she’s my friend crap is giving me headache.”

Sola rubbed his head in a frustrated way.

He felt like he liked her as a friend but after what happened that night at the party, he doesn’t really know anymore.

How can he have feelings for two women at the same time.

He slumped on the chair closest to him sighing.

His mother watched her son battle within.

Love can be hard sometimes.

His phone rings for the umpteenth time making irritated Sola pick the call.

Anna sipped her coffee watching the frustrated look on his face turn to a confused one.

“I don’t understand”

He didn’t know who the caller was as he thought It was just Sire who had been calling, so he had been declining not checking caller’s ID.

Dora told the confused man who  he was on the phone with.

“Just wanted to ask if Amara spent the night”

Spent the night?

“ She didn’t, why? What happened?”

Then Sola received the shocking news that Amara never made it back home last night.



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