Sins Of My Father – Chapter Eleven.

Sins Of My Father.

Written by Peace Ifunanya.

Chapter Eleven.

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Sola joined his mother in the living room after they had had dinner. It was really surprising he still had room for food.

He and Amara spent the night talking and drinking. To say he had a good time was an understatement. Amara was really a talkative and the way she switched to a local accent was hilarious.

They hadn�t realized it was almost midnight until Amara phone rang.

It was Dora.

She gasped when she saw the time, so he hurriedly drove her home to meet the enraged Eudora.

�I probably shouldn�t have called, since you planned on spending the night there.� she hissed.

�Thank you for the invitation but I think we�re done attending any occasion for the meantime, so don�t bother inviting us.�

That was her statement before slamming the door,� yet he sensed there was a silent �ever� at the end.

Anna watched her son who was engrossed in his thoughts, sigh lightly.

�Are you doing ok?�

�Hmm? Yeah.� He smiled.

He then asked how much she enjoyed her party making her laugh and started talking about Mr. Fredrick.

He smiled watching his mother blush, like a high school kid going her first date with her crush, while talking.

�Well, just so you know, I�m not ready to have a step dad.�

Anna laughed and threw one of the pillows on the couch at him.

�Christian Olusola, your father would be really proud of you.�

Sola was silent.

She really had to bring this up?

He was really beginning to enjoy the night�or perhaps, early morning.


� Look mummy, can we change the subject.� He was already feeling annoyed.

She apologized and laughed to disperse the unwanted emotions that filled the room.

�So, when we�re you going to tell me you had your eyes on someone.�

Sola smiled.

Anna chuckled at the way her son blushed.

�You didn�t even introduce her, officially.� His mother whined.

He immediately realized he never told his mother who Sire was to him. Amara calling his name when she arrived didn�t make him fully introduce.

Speaking of introductions, he wanted to ask his mother if she had met Eudora or the Olaniyans anywhere before, but decided against it. He didn�t want to ruin the mood tonight as the look she had on her face didn�t show she was really happy to see them.

�Oh, I did� he quickly said. � We actually just made it official tonight.�

Anna smiled and told him she was happy how things are turning out for him.

� I know it might be weird but I just couldn�t stop staring when both of you were talking by the pool.�

Sola paused.

He and his mother were definitely not talking about the same woman.

� She�s not my girlfriend�

Anna didn�t get what he said at first until he repeated himself, telling her the lady he was talking to by the pool wasn�t his girlfriend.

�The one who brought cupcakes, is.�

Anna looked at her first child stunned by what he just told her. She saw them talk my the pool and it might had been a little dark, but she definitely saw the way he looked at her.

How they looked at each other.

� Your mouth is telling me one thing but your eyes are saying another.�

She told him to be careful.

Sola might be confused but she knew what she saw. She kissed him good night and retired to bed.

Sola sat in the living thinking about what his mother had just said and could, honestly, not see any light in it.

He laughed at the thought of him actually having feelings for Amara.

� Sire�s the one.�

Amara is nothing but a friend.




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