Sins Of My Father – Chapter Eight

Sins Of My Father.


Written by Peace Ifunanya.


Chapter Eight.

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*Few moments back*

Sola went about welcoming the guests that honored his invitation. As he introduced his mother and sister, his eyes kept scanning the hall to see if she had arrived. His mother seemed to notice his uneasiness and asked what the matter was.

He assured her there was no problem and excused himself, leaving his mother to get comfortable with the guests. He stood by the pool where the music noise could be faintly heard and placed a call to Amara, asking if she would make it. She gave a positive response without failing to tell him she would arrive there late.

Sire had already called him earlier to inform him they were on their way. After being reassured, he walked inside. A smile crossed his face when he found his mother laughing hard at something one of the guests was saying.

This was what he had always wanted. For her to be happy.

He was even glad he was the person that made it happen.

I did this.

He thought with satisfaction.

A call came in, few minutes later. It was Sire. He, immediately, knew they had arrived so he rushed out. She was the first to alight the vehicle and immediately gave him a hug, her father got down followed by a beautiful elderly woman.

Mr. Olaniyan officially introduced his wife to Sola as he had never met her before. Sire had told him she resides abroad, the day he got curious, and began laughing when he thought she�d died.

He had said it out loud.

As he made an attempt to prostrate, the woman held him back up chuckling.

�So, young men of this generation still prostrate.�

She stretched her hand for a shake instead telling him he was embarrassing her.


He received the stretched hand and shocked it while admiring the lovely ring she had in her index finger. He raised his eyes to look at her face only to find her gaze on him. She was engrossed, studying the young man before her, and when he met her gaze she released a smile.

Sola immediately began feeling intimidated as she had this domineering aura around her.

� It�s really nice to meet you ma�am�

� Please, call me Rosaline.�

Sola raised a brow.

How long exactly have she been outside the country?

Sire laughed. The look he had on, was silly. He looked away embarrassed.

In order to avoid any further embarrassment, on he side, he led the family in to introduce them to his mother. The search for his mother was beginning to take too long as she wasn�t where he last saw her. Sola later found her by the bar talking to one of the clients he worked with few times before.

They walked up to the pairs who seemed to be enjoying each other�s company.

Anna didn�t notice the presence of her son until he cleared his throat. Frederick was really cracking her up.

If Sola wasn�t too excited as he introduced his girlfriend, well not official though, and her family to his mother, he would have noticed her slightly quivering hands.

His boss?

Bidemi is Sola�s boss?

Sola watched his mother stand, frozen, on the spot. The look on her face was strange. She was in shock but there was something else, he couldn�t exactly place a finger.

�Mom, are you ok?�

Anna blinked and looked at Rose.

How good she looks.

Rose broke the contact and gave her husband a look.

She knew there was something about the young man when they were introduced outside.

She was going to have a long talk with Bidemi when they got home.

�It�s really nice to meet you.� she said blankly to prevent any suspicion from their children.


But Rosaline didn�t say her name out loud.





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