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[Adventure of the rogue Alpha]

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Once Banished [Adventure of the rogue Alpha]


Chapter 1


Theme: Activated



Stuffy strain filled the atmosphere, to the extent that a knife could easily slice through it.


A bead of sweat formed on his head, and he cleaned it with his already soaked white handkerchief.


He looked around the room one last time, his gaze examining all the crowds. He could see the uneasy looks on their faces, and he could feel their tension.


They were eager to hear him out. They were ready to hear what he was about to say. They were eager to hear his judgment. The judgment will not only change the lives of these twenty-seven men but will also make one of them rich till epoch.


Clearing his throat, he began. “Jennifer Blake, the court found out that you’re guilty of the criminal charge against you.”


He paused, and everybody stared at him. Finally, he said, “This court hereby sentences you to death by wilting.” He passed his judgment, and everyone shouted.


However, he didn’t care. “Hale Greg,” he continued, and everywhere became as silent as a graveyard.


“You’re found guilty,” he said, and Hale Greg, a tall man with big muscles, wiped his sweat. “With the power bestowed upon me, I hereby sentence you to death by drowning.”


The crowd screamed again, yet he didn’t care. After all, it’s his business. He called for the next criminal “Kate!”


“You’re found guilty of murdering your husband,” he accused her. “Therefore, you’re sentenced to death by electrocution.”


He looked at the remaining twenty-four eyes, and their pupils locked. He could see the anxiety and curiosity on their faces.


He could feel their urge to pounce on him and tear him apart. He could feel and see the killer look they were sending him.


Does he even care? No, he didn’t. He was hired for this, and he has been paid. What was left now was to act as they told him.


Though he didn’t know what he did to them that made all these twenty-seven men fearful and unable to protest.


He looked at them again and examined them closely with his professional eyes. He could tell they were either well-trained assassins, military or Mafia lords. He was sure. Nonetheless, he didn’t know why they couldn’t protest.



He had done a background test on all of them, and what he found shocked him to the bone. They were all rich, even richer than Elon Musk, the richest man on earth.


However, they didn’t reveal their identity. They didn’t try to bail themselves out with their power, position, or money.


That made Dan conclude that he had something precious to them. Something they’re willing to die for. Something that could make them lick their foe urine.


Dan smirked, cleared his throat, and continued what he was doing. “Lukman Rex, Sam Gold, Kamar God gift, and Liam Radcliff.” He called, and all the men stared daggers at him.


“You’re going to be guilty of the charge against you,” he said, trying his best not to smile. He already knew this was a fake charge. They were all framed for what they didn’t do. Yet he decided to play along.


He had received a bribe. So, based on what he was told, what should he do next? “With the power that’s bestowed on me, I hereby sentence you to death by hanging.” He said, but the four men only hissed.


At first, he thought of locking them all up and beating the crap out of them. But he decided against it when he saw the angry looks on their faces.


They will soon be killed anyway. He concluded and continued with his judgment. “Edgar Berck, Peter Hornraven, Drew Oak bar, and Saul Graylock.” He called, and he could see the men sending him a death glare.


However, he wasn’t bothered. He had received thousands of them today. If the glare could kill, he should have been buried six feet underground already. He was used to it already.


“The four of you were found guilty of committing treachery against the government,” he said and wiped his face with the white handkerchief again. “I hereby sentence you to death by bullet.”


He looked into his book again and called out, “Boyd Wallace, Pete Farmer, Chad Bennett, Damien Robles, and Ryan Wells,” He paused, raised his head to look at the men he had just called, and swallowed the saliva in his mouth.


“I hereby sentence you to death by electrocution for breaking out of jail last year,” he said and returned his gaze to the white A5 paper in front of him. “Glenn Hitches, James Morgan, Alton Lukes, Darrel Grant, and Lucas Greg, brother of Hale Greg.”


He looked at the men he had just called, and he could see that they didn’t even care about what he wanted to say. It was like they knew what was awaiting them.


“You were found guilty of stealing and selling off the country’s resources,” he said. “With the power bestowed upon me, I hereby sentence you to death by electrocution.”


He wiped his forehead sweat again and continued, “Oliver Paine, Blake Rowland, Dave Smith, and Ephraim. You were found guilty of human trafficking.” He accused them with his head up while his eyes were staring at the men.


“I hereby sentence you to death by hanging,” he said, and returned his gaze to the book in front of him, ready to call out the last name.


Dan opened his mouth wide in shock as he read the last name. He knew the man very well.


No! He’s yet to become a man. He’s a young boy. A sixteen-year-old boy. That made me wonder what the man that paid him was trying to do with a sixteen-year-old boy.


“What’s it?” He heard a soft voice asking him. Slowly, Dan raised his head, and it was the boy. Rey Reed Smith. “Are you scared already?” Rey’s voice brought him to reality.


Dan opened his mouth wide, ajar, and was shocked. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. A sixteen-year-old boy had just mocked him.


He couldn’t believe it. It has never happened before, not even once in his career. No one had dared or ever talked back to him.


It was either they were weeping and begging for mercy or they were shivering at the anguish in his voice.


Yet this little skinny boy had just disrespected him.


Dan fumes in anger, grasping his fist anger, and he’s ready to show him what he could do. He had thought of talking to the man who paid him and bailing Rey out. But the young, ignorant boy had just spoiled his plan.


“Grab him,” Dan yelled, his middle finger pointing at Rey. “I want him dragged here with his chest sweeping the floor.”


Instantly, the army swung into action. All the crowds screamed, and tried to block the army men from grabbing Rey.


Seeing this, one of the men pulled out a revolver and shot the teenager in front of him.


The crowds became quiet and went stiff. They closed their mouths with their palms and shifted aside to make room for the army men.


Slowly, the army men inch toward Rey. All the twenty-six men that Dan condemned also stood aside, fixed their gaze on Rey and the army men, getting ready to see what would happen next.


The man that shot the teenager brought out handcuffs, grabbed Rey’s hand, and was ready to cuff him. However, the unexpected happened.


Rey shifted behind the man, unsheathed the A15 magnum opus at the back of his belt, cocked it, and fired it.


The gun made a loud ban g as Rey shot it, and a single bullet could be seen flying out. The bullet went straight for the man’s head and hit his skull from behind.


It pierced it, and the bullet came out. That’s because it was fired from a very short range.


It’s a shocking scene to behold. A sixteen-year-old boy had just killed an army officer with thirty years of service. It’s the best, yet bloody scene anybody has ever witnessed in history.


“That’s for killing the innocent girl,” Rey said with venom in his voice.


They had just activated the killing machine in him once again





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