It’s Okay To Cry Season 2 Episode – 4

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Season 2, episode 4..


“Hope look at me, you’ll be fine okay, Monica said holding her but Hope kept on crying. 


Soon she fell asleep and Monica didn’t know what to do, 


She took her phone and called up her sister telling her what happened,


“What are you going to do now? Her sister asked. 


“That’s why I called, right now am so confused and I don’t know what to do, Monica replied. 


“Look sis, I know you’re desperate to have a child, don’t do anything rash, Her sister said.


“must you always remind me of that? I called to seek for advice and not you telling me I am a desperate childless woman okay, Monica angrily said. 


“I didn’t say anything bad there sis, but the thing is you don’t always listen to me. Once you bought a child from a teenage mother and after few months she came running back for her son. I warned you didn’t I? But you didn’t listen, if you’re thinking of adopting that girl and bring her to the capital, you are wrong! Her sister said. 


“But the girl is being maltreated and she wants to live in the streets if I take her back home, won’t it be better I offer her a place to stay where she’ll be saved? She doesn’t want to go back home, she keeps repeating that don’t you understand! Monica shouted. 


“And you’re ready to take up responsibility just like that? What about your husband? Her sister asked. 


“I’ll discuss it with him, Monica replied. 


“Whats so difficult in you to adopt a child properly from the orphanage? Take her back to her parents sister, her sister insisted and Monica dropped the call. 


She paced in the room looking at Hope as her round and lovely face was so inviting and she already wished she was hers. 


She touched her face and noticed her temperature was high,


“Oh my God, Hope please open your eyes, can you hear me? She called out carrying her but Hope didn’t open her eyes. 


“Please don’t do this, she said and took her car keys, hanged her hand bag and carried Hope on her shoulders down stairs. 


“What’s wrong? A security asked. 


“She has high fever, I need to take her to the hospital, she replied and dropped her in the car and drove off. 


There in the hospital she was told Hope has pneumonia.


“What! I mean how come? Monica asked. 


“I don’t understand, you are her mother and you must have noticed some symptoms of this. But she is lucky, is not a serious one because it can be tackled at its early stage, the doctor replied and she heaved. 


“So she’s fine now right? Monica asked. 


“She’s stable now, but treatment must begin quickly, the doctor replied. 


“Then what are you waiting for? I’ll deposit some amount immediately for the treatment, I want her to be okay soon please, Monica said. 


“Thats no problem, meet the nurse over there, the doctor pointed. 


“Okay, and can I see my daughter now? The doctor asked. 


“Yea sure, the doctor replied and left while Monica went to the nurse to sort things out before seeing Hope……………


Mpho arrived for quite a hour ago and noticed he didn’t see Hope anywhere around the house. 


He looked at Yvonne in a questionable way as she played with Junior while the baby was asleep,


“Where’s Hope? He asked and she heaved. 


“I forgot to tell you honey, You won’t believe your daughter today, I think i can now see the reason why Anastasia left her behind. Your daughter had the guts to go into the kitchen for what I don’t know, and in the process she broke your plate and mug, the one you ate breakfast with, Yvonne said. 


“So where is she? Mpho asked. 


“I wanted to beat her for doing that but she ran away from the house, I have not seen her till now, Yvonne said and Mpho eyes bulged out and he checked the time to see it was past 1pm. 


“When did this happen? he asked. 


“Not long After you left, that girl is so unbelievable as small as she is, Yvonne replied. 


“Woman can you listen to yourself? You mean Hope left the house since morning, and I’ve been in this house for more than 30minutes yet you didn’t tell me. What if something bad has happened to her? Mpho shouted for the first time on her.


“She must have ran to a neighbor place or something, Yvonne said quite scared.


“Did you check? Gosh! Don’t tell me you can do same with Junior, Mpho said and went in to put on his shirt to look for Hope. 


“What if is not something serious? She may be fine playing with some kids somewhere, Yvonne said when Mpho came out. 


“Don’t try to say a word again, He replied and left the house. 


Mpho went round the neighborhood asking about Hope but no one seemed to have a clue,


“Honey have you seen her yet? She asked. 


“What do you care anyway when this is all your fault? A little girl just reported she saw her entering a strange car, I need to go to the station, he replied. 


“Are you serious? Who do you think she will follow? Probably it may be her teachers in school, Yvonne said. 


“Why haven’t they called yet? No more guess work, the cops need to know about this, I’ll call you later, Mpho replied and dropped the call, got into his car and drove off…………..


Monica went into Hope room and slowly touched her hair and Hope woke up, 


“Sorry aunty, Hope said. 


“What for baby? Monica asked. 


“For stressing you, is this hospital? Hope asked and Monica smiled nodding. 


“Am scared of injections, I hate it, Hope said.


“Don’t be scared dear so you’ll leave here soon, Monica said. 


“That means i won’t go back home right? Hope asked. 


“Don’t you want to leave here? Monica asked. 


“I’ll prefer to take injections here though i hate it than to go home, she replied. 


“Just take your rest okay, you’ll be fine, Monica said smiling at her and she smiled back………..


Mpho arrived and made his report to the cops,


“how old is she? a cop asked. 


“3 years, he replied giving them Hope photograph. 


“so you mean a 3 years old girl left the house that way without anyone knowing and you feel its a kidnap? another cop asked. 


“are you still going to ask questions or move into actions, Mpho angrily asked. 


“mr is like you will go back with your photograph and find your daughter yourself if you feel you can teach us our job. we didn’t ask you to be careless okay, a cop angrily said and Mpho calmed down. 


“from what a little girl told me, she said she saw a woman taking my daughter into a car and drove off, that looks like kidnapping right? Mpho asked. 


“and no other person saw that apart from a small girl? a cop asked and he nodded. 


“everyone I asked in the neighborhood claimed they didn’t see my daughter, Mpho replied. 


“alright we will do our job now, write down your address and lets investigate on this, A cop said. 


“wont you try a better one? she was taken since in the morning, whoever did that must have gone far by now, investigation at this point is not necessary, Mpho said.  


“well i don’t see that as our fault because you just did the report now, or did you just find out your little daughter is missing after so many hours? then I’ll be forced to question your parenthood. And again if its really a kidnapping case, they must surely call to ask for a ransom, if they do reach us immediately with this number and watch us do our job, An elderly cop said and Mpho nodded. 


“thank you, he said. 


“drop your details, a cop said stretching out a book to him………


Mpho drove around looking through the streets and finally went back home but met Yvonne worried,


“how did it go? you didn’t find her still? am sorry i didn’t know it will be this serious, Yvonne calmly said. 


“the cops said they will work on it, lets just hope their search will bring up something good, He weakly replied. 


“am sorry, will you inform Anastasia about this? Yvonne asked and he took his phone immediately. 


“thanks for reminding me that, she has the right to know, he said. 


“no please, she won’t take it kindly with me, Yvonne said scared. 


“but she has the right to know, we can’t keep this away from her. And again the neighbors knows something is wrong, someone might inform her and it won’t sound good if she gets to hear this from another person. Don’t be scared I’ll know what to say, Mpho said.


“are you sure about this? no mother will find this funny, Yvonne said but he shook his head and called Anastasia. 


“hello, she picked up. 


“hi, good evening, he said checking his time to see its past 4pm. 


“evening, any problem? she asked. 


“ermmm its Hope, he replied. 


“what about her? Anastasia asked. 


“she has been asking about Dite a lot and this morning she left the house without us knowing, we haven’t seen her yet, Mpho replied.


“you must be joking right? don’t try this joke on me next time okay, Anastasia said. 


“calm down okay, Hope is now becoming stubborn but this act of hers really got us scared. I’m just back from the station to report her case because a little girl reported a woman took Hope into her car, thats a serious report you know, He said. 


“when did this happen! Anastasia shouted. 


“this morning, he replied. 


“I am coming over, Anastasia said and dropped the call. 


“what’s wrong mom? Grace asked. 


“Hope left the house since morning and no one has seen her, she replied. 


“what? how come? Precious asked. 


“why are you asking me? am I there? she replied. 


“can I come with you? Precious asked. 


‘you are no police or lawyer okay, I don’t see why I should bring you along with me. Take Care of your sisters till I get back, Anastasia replied and left. 


Precious looked at her twin sister angrily, “I told you didn’t I, but no you didn’t listen. Now look at what has happened to Hope, she must have missed us that’s why she left, Precious said. 


“no one knows why she left yet so stop concluding, Grace replied. 


“when will you ever see your wrongs? so annoying, Precious said and left for her room………




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  1. Abeg dem should not blame Monica oooo…omo hope be safe… As for Yvonne and Anastasia be prepared of what is coming… Heartless mothers… I just love the way Precious loves hope

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