It’s Okay To Cry Season 2 Episode – 3



Season 2, episode 3.


By Miriam Edem


It was weekend the next day and Mpho didn’t planned to go out but have his rest, he went into the shower and his phone began to ring,


“Honey your phone, Yvonne said to him..


“Please help me with it, He replied inside and Yvonne gave the phone to him.�


“Hello, good morning, he picked up.�


“Yea morning, Mpho where are you? The caller asked.


“At home why? He asked.�


“The boss needs our attention, there is trouble, the caller replied.�


“Trouble? What happened? Mpho asked.�


“A huge amount of money is missing and the boss needs every one presence today before 10a.m, the caller said.�


“What rubbish, are we the accountant or something? In fact I’ll be there, Mpho replied and dropped the call.�


“Are you going out? Yvonne asked.�


“Yea the boss needs everyone presence, he replied.�


“Okay I’ll quickly get you something to eat, she said.�


“What’s the time? He asked.�


“Almost 9am, she replied.�


“Alright be fast, he said and she left.


She saw Hope still sweeping the outside, “why are you this dull? Will you use 5 hours to sweep a little place? She asked but Hope didn’t reply.�


She hissed and went in to get Mpho food prepared.�


Later Mpho came out dressed and saw Hope,�


“How are you feeling today? He asked after answering her greeting.�


“Fine, she replied.�


“Good, next time I see you sleep on the floor again, I will slap the living hell out of you, he said and Hope wanted replying.


“Honey the table is set, come eat is almost time, Yvonne said touching his shoulders.�


“If I get back and find out you didn’t take your remaining doze, you won’t like me, He said and got up to the dinning.�


Soon Mpho left the house and Yvonne came out looking at Hope in the sitting room.�


“What did you wanted to say to your father young lady, she said and Hope looked at her.�


“Why didn’t you let me tell daddy that you made me to be sleeping on the floor? Hope replied.�


“You this small witch, you are beginning to prove tough, now go wash your dad plates else you won’t eat, Yvonne said and Hope slowly left to the kitchen while she hissed and carried Junior who was playing on the floor.�


Hope do keep a stool below her to help her up to the sink to wash. As she took the tray to climb on the stool, the tray fell and the a plate and mug broke.�


Yvonne heard the sound and ran to the kitchen and met Hope picking it up.�


“Heyyy! So you’ve broken the plates? She asked.�


“Sorry I wanted to climb on the stool and it fell, Hope replied.�


“You wanted to climb? Don’t worry I’ll be back, Yvonne said and left the kitchen.�


Hope knew what she was going to bring and she quickly took to her heels.


She crossed the road without looking and a car on full speed quickly came to a stop while she stood in shock covering her face,


“Hey what were you thinking! A woman shouted coming out from the car and removed the hand on her face but saw her crying.


“Am sorry, I wanted to cross, Hope replied.�


“Which mother will let a small girl like you cross a busy road alone? Come into the car, she said taking Hope by the hand.�


“Where do you live? She asked in the car.�


“I don’t want to go back, Hope replied.�


“But why? The woman asked.


“They don’t like me, I don’t want to go back, Hope replied crying.�


“Honey don’t say that. Who won’t like a lovely girl like you? The lady said cleaning her tears.�


“My dad, my mom, my sisters even my step mom, none loves me, Hope said.�


“How can the whole House hate you? Don’t say that, the woman said.�


“But am telling you the truth believe me, Hope said and the woman looked at her surprised.�


“How old are you? The woman asked.�


“3 years, she replied.�


“Are you kidding me? But you talk smart and your family should like you. But don’t worry, I wanted getting some groceries before going home. By the time I’ll drive here you’ll be cool so I can return you back to your parents, they will be worried about you and I can be arrested for kidnapping if I don’t do the needful, the woman said.�


“No you don’t understand! Don’t take me back there or you drop me let me live on the streets, drop me please! Hope shouted hitting the glass and the woman was shocked.�


“Calm down okay I won’t return you, she said keeping her hands down and Hope was quiet.�


“Its okay alright, when I take you home you’ll carefully tell me why you don’t want to go back home okay, the woman said.�


“Okay I will, but am hungry, Hope replied.


“Okay let me see if I have something in the car, you know i eat junk a lot, is it okay by you? She asked and Hope nodded.


“But what is junk? Hope asked………..


The woman arrived in a hotel and Hope looked around,


“This doesn’t look like a house, she said and the woman laughed.�


“Seriously? But its a building, The woman said.�


“But someone can’t live in this big house, though only in movies, Hope replied and the woman shook her head.�


“Dear people still lives in buildings like this, especially the rich people, the woman said.�


“But am not rich I can’t enter, she said and the woman laughed.


“This is a hotel, am lodging here for a while, okay let’s go in, the woman said and brought out the bags from the back seat.�


“Let me help you, Hope said carrying one bag.�


“Thanks darling, she said and they went in together.�


“So do you still feel hungry or should I open another pack for you? The woman asked after they got into her room.�


“Am filled, but why do people stay in hotels? Hope asked and The woman heaved.


“Okay i think I got myself a questioner, but can I know your name please? The woman asked.�


“Hope, she replied.�


“and am Monica, why don’t you want to go back home? She asked.�


“My mom left with my sisters leaving me behind for my dad and step mom. My step mom hates me and makes me do the house work, she even makes me sleep on the floor and warns me not to play with her children, Hope replied.�


“Okay that’s bad and ermmm women like that brings up this stereotype on step mothers. But we still have the good ones out there, Monica said.�


“I don’t know, even step mothers in cartoons are cruel, Cinderella is not different from me, Hope replied and Monica nodded.�


“Alright, so what is going to happen now? Monica asked.�


“I don’t know, Hope replied.�


“Why did you run away from home? Monica asked.�


“She asked Me to wash my dad plates……. “To wash the dishes? At your age? Monica asked and she nodded.�


“But when I wanted climbing on the stool, the tray fell and a plate and mug broke. I knew she is going to beat Me that’s why i ran away, Hope replied.�


“Honey i understand and am going to take you now to an association who takes care of parents like yours that maltreats children, Monica said.�


“But i don’t want to go back, i am not happy there, but aunty can’t i stay with you? Hope asked.�


“Honey thats not how things are done. Your parents can sue me for that and again, I don’t stay here. I live in the capital, Monica replied.�


“but i don’t want to go, Hope said crying an Monica hugged her confused…….




  1. Oh! Hope is such a smart girl and that b***h called a stepmother has blind mpho from knowing her schemes at home. Oh julia, come see your daughter suffering and you're taking good care of HER's anastasia daughter palesa.

  2. Abi am just imagining how pipo can be heartless well such thing make one strong and wiser than normal i really love hope boldness

    keep it rolling writer

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