It’s Okay To Cry Season 2 Episode – 2

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Season 2, episode 2. 


Mpho drove to where Anastasia and the kids stay to drop his monthly obligation to them, already Anastasia divorced him..


“How are you and your sisters doing here? Mpho asked Grace.


“We are good, she replied. 


“Okay and you’re taking good care of them I guess? He asked and she nodded. 


“I can see that, Mpho said. 


“Daddy what about Junior? Favor asked. 


“He’s fine, he replied. 


“And the baby? Faith added. 


“Very well, thanks for asking. But won’t you ask about your sister Hope? He asked. 


“Because they know she is fine, right girls? Anastasia came in immediately. 


“We know She is fine too, Grace replied and Mpho nodded. 


“Okay I’ll run along now, take care bye, Mpho said and left and the kids looked at Anastasia.


“But mom are you sure Hope is okay over there? Precious asked. 


“Why wont she be? And why should we care? Grace, her twin replied. 


“Are you listening to yourself at all? Precious asked back. 


“Hello, am sure you heard what mommy told us that Hope is the reason for their separation. She made daddy hates us and she deserves to be with him, Grace replied. 


“But its not her fault, Precious replies. 


“Whose fault is it then? Anastasia asked looking at her. 


“I don’t know, maybe its no body fault and I think you should visit her, Precious replied and left to her room. 


“Listen girls don’t mind your sister, Hope is the reason for all of this and you can’t count her among you else you won’t like what she will do to you. learn from what has happened okay, Anastasia said and they all nodded. 


“But what about that woman children? Faith asked. 


“Ermmm they have nothing to do with this but their mom is a witch. you can never like someone like that, never, Anastasia said. 


“Okay mommy, my homework, Favour replied stretching her book to Anastasia. 


“No Grace will help you with that, I have to hurry to the shop, Anastasia replied. 


“But I have mine to attend to, Grace replied. 


“Quickly attend to theirs Grace, you’re a big girl, Anastasia replied. 


“And Precious? Grace asked. 


“Faith go to Precious now, Anastasia said and left………


Yvonne came out from her room and met Hope cuddled on the sofa shivering, she touched her forehead and saw she had a high fever, she heaved and took her phone to call Mpho but he rejected the call. 


“What’s this? She asked herself and saw him drove in. 


“Have you seen what you’ve caused? She met him outside. 


“What’s the problem? He asked. 


“Your daughter is sick and she’s shivering, she replied. 


“It won’t be serious I know, probably its malaria, he replied going on with her. 


“Are you just guessing? Then get drugs for her, she said folding her hand while he touched her. 


“Is just a mild fever and I have no money for hospital trouble. I’ll just go to the pharmacy and get drugs for her, but is this why you welcomed me that way? Not even a kiss, he said and she smiled hugging him. 


“Sorry baby, let’s go in first, she said and went in together leaving Hope there. 


Later Mpho left and got drugs for her, then handed it to Yvonne while he settled down to eat. 


“Get up, get up, Yvonne said and she sat up. 


“Open your mouth and swallow okay, no mistake, Yvonne said but Hope shook her head. 


“I want to see aunty Dite, Hope said. 


“Honey are you hearing your daughter? She says she wants Aunty Dite, Yvonne shouted for Mpho to hear. 


“Tell her if I get there, I will so hit her hard if she don’t take that drugs. Is my sister her mother? Mpho replied. 


“Young girl don’t waste my time, you better open your mouth before i hit you, Yvonne said pushing the tablets in her mouth but Hope threw it out. 


“Leave me alone! Hope shouted. 


“Heyyyyy! Honey your daughter has grown wings o. Come see what am seeing, before you’ll judge me wrongly, Yvonne said. 


“Hope, don’t let me call you again else I’ll be coming out with my belt. Now pick up those drugs and swallow them now! Mpho shouted. 


“You’ve heard him, now pick them up before I land you a slap now! Yvonne shouted raising her hands up and Hope quickly picked the drugs crying. 


“Now put it in your mouth and swallow quick! She commanded and Hope quickly did but attempted to throw up. 


“Swallow it! Yvonne shouted and Hope swallow and burst out crying…….


Later in the evening Dite called and asked for Hope, unknown to Dite, Mpho lied to her Anastasia took her along just as Yvonne commanded him to say. 


“Hope is fine, I went to their place today anyway and she’s doing well with her sisters, Mpho replied. 


“I wish i can talk to her, I miss her badly, Dite said. 


“Hey concentrate with your studies and come out with good grades alright, forget about Hope, she is not your responsibility. How is Johannesburg? He asked. 


“Fine fine, alright I just called to hear from you, She said. 


“Thanks darling, if you need anything just let me know, he replied. 


“Sure i will, okay bye, she said and the line went dead. 


“Who is this Hope of a girl you are always asking of? Don’t tell me you are a single mother, her boyfriend said and she laughed. 


“Seriously? She is only my niece and yes I was her mother, somehow you are right calling me a single mother, She replied. 


“You’re so concerned about her and it got me wondering, well if you say so no problem, Her boyfriend replied. 


“I’m a single mother with 5 kids, deal with it, Dite said laughing.


“you must be kidding me, He replied………..


“But why do mom hate Hope so much? Precious asked Grace as they settled down to sleep. 


“Are we still talking about this? Grace asked.


“Yes, so why not answer that because you are standing with mom, Precious said and Grace sat up. 


“Are you missing dad? Are you missing our house? Are you happy mom is taking care of us all? Grace asked. 


“I am not missing dad because he never loved us and i can only miss our house because its bigger and the environment is quiet. But is Hope the fault? She also is a victim and I guess she never told dad to send us away because mom left alone, or didn’t she? Precious asked. 


“Just shut up! Grace said. 


“But she is also our sister, Precious continued but Grace left the bed to meet Anastasia.


“What’s the problem? Anastasia asked seeing her face.  


“Mom its Precious, she is still talking about Hope, she’s pissing me off already, Grace said. 


“That your sister is really stubborn, Anastasia said. 


“Indeed she is, Grace said. 


“Don’t worry, stay here till she falls asleep, Anastasia said making her to sit with her………


Mpho came out that night and passed through Hope room and decided to check on her, he opened the door and found her asleep on the floor holding Dite picture. 


He slowly got it from her and laid her on the bed beside Junior. 


He met with Yvonne in the room still breastfeeding, “do Hope sleep on the floor? He asked. 


“Excuse me? Why should that happen? She asked. 


“I just checked on her but she was sleeping on the floor, and with the way the wrapper was and a little heap of clothes to lay her head, looks like she do sleep on the floor. 


Are you aware of that? He asked. 


“Please stop, i don’t like the tone you are using. If She got angry today and decide to sleep on the floor, how will i know? She asked. 


“Sorry, i thought you knew, he apologized and laid down to sleep.


Yvonne looked at him for a while and bit her lips angry waiting for Mpho to fall asleep deeply. 


When she noticed Mpho has slept off, she dropped the baby and went to the room and saw Hope and Junior sleeping. 


“Mpho you are not serious, she said looking at Hope angrily and tapped her and she slowly woke up..


“who told you to sleep on the bed? she asked. 


“I am sleeping on the floor, Hope replied but Yvonne just left the room. 


Hope in her sleepy eyes laid back without knowing where she is sleeping……..



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  1. Omo I dey pity Yvonne and Anastasia… How I wish Mpho eyes dey every where because that is second wife na real demon… Them no know say dem dey maltreat pikin wey no even deserve am… What about the lady that took Hope to hospital in season 1 when hope succeeded in escaping from the house? Abi we go get there soon… Abeg make dite do surprise visit

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