IS THIS LOVE Episode – 31

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IS THIS LOVE – Episode 31

A story by Kennedy C Katongo 



I arrived home late since buses were difficult to catch. I didn’t want to call Lister for help – if she knew of the incident she would have demanded that we go back so that she breaths fire on him.

I didn’t want to make noise so I had taken my slippers off as I tip toed to my room.

“Is this a James bond movie?” My cousin spoke out.

“You scared me. What are you doing in the kitchen without the lights on?” I asked her.

“No no no. The question is why are you walking like a thief in your own father’s house. I thought you were meeting up with Lister. How come I didn’t hear the car pull over?” She asked me in a tap.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” I said in a low voice.

“Are you drunk?”

“Am not drunk – dah. I’ve just had a bad day. I’ve seen things I shouldn’t have seen. And I just want to sleep.” I said in a hurry.

“Hold up. Take you time. Nobody is chasing you. You went to that guys hostel didn’t you?” “What sort of trauma did he subject you to?” She added as she began to check my head if I was okay.

“Am fine. Stop that.”

I went to have a bath and then joined my cousin in the living room as she watched TV.

“Are you ready to talk now?” Asked me.

“You need to learn to let things pass. Anyway, I saw Ben naked.” I told her.

“When you say ‘naked’ do you mean butt naked or naked with a shirt?” She asked me. She paused the movie and turned to me. “Well, which one was it?” She asked again.

“Butt naked. His p***s was wiggling in my face. He wanted me to touch it and other things.” I told her.

“Did that idiot force himself on you?” My cousin asked me immediately.

“No he didn’t. We just had an argument and then he went to bath, came back all sexual and wanted to make advances in me in that direction.” I told her.

“I feel so stupid right now.” I told her.

“Don’t be. It happens to the best of us. Men will always be men.” She said as she began to comfort me.

@@ @@ CHILESHE @@ @@

With the thought of Zambia time, I arrived at the party a bit late thinking everyone would be late but that wasn’t the case, the place was fully packed with drinks and alcohol being served at the counter.

I immediately spotted the Chef and some of the guys from work.

“I thought it was strictly for workers. Are we this many?” I asked him.

“Not at all, the party is open to those who would love to bring their partners along.” He told me as he handed me a bottle of black label.

“I don’t want to alcohol, just a soft drink will do.” I told him.

“I really think you will need alcohol. Trust me on this. Just don’t go around behaving funny.” He told me as he pointed out to me were Lydia was seated.

“Huh! She came with the boyfriend?” I asked Chef.

“Unfortunately she did. That’s why you need that beer. Don’t pay her any mind. There are a lot of pretty girls around, get to know someone.” He tapped my shoulder as he encouraged me.

Seeing Lydia with her man was the last thing on my mind. I had hoped to have a word with her once I saw her but that was close to impossible since the boyfriend was all over her.

I was never in the game if picking up random ladies. However, that didn’t stop me from interacting with them and just enjoy the moment as it was. Even then, I couldn’t help it but stare at Lydia and her boyfriend. Seeing them together reminded me of how I failed. I didn’t want to accept that I had lost her, I knew the moment I did, another panic attack would knock me down.

As the evening went on, I finally found a way that could grant me a moment with Lydia. That ingenious idea was to follow her once she went to the rest room.

The tricky part was keeping an eye on her so that I could follow her without people around noticing.

“Chileshe, what are you planing?” Chef asked me.

“What do you mean?” I asked him in my attempt to sound damn.

“You’ve been looking at Lydia for a while now. What ever you are thinking, don’t do it, it’s a bad idea.” He said to me.

“What makes you think am about to do something?” I giggled mischievously.

“I’ve been around for a while. I’ve seen men do crazy things for love. And your type, you seem to be the obsessive type – yes – the type that doesn’t want to lose. The type that doesn’t accept defeat. The type that makes sure to get what it wants, when it wants.” He said. It was the first time he had pinned me down with his words. It was like I was an open testament to him and he was readying out a passage.

“Stop exaggerating bro. Am not that sort of person. Am looking at her because I just can’t believe she was almost mine.” I told him.

“Well, you know what they say, ‘almost doesn’t count’ so you better just move on. Am sure you can find someone better.” Chef told told me.




After the long lecture by the Chef I had dropped my idea of following her to the ladies room.

Yet, for some reason, just as I was coming from the men’s room I saw her enter the ladies room and immediately I followed her. Lucky enough there seemed to be no one else but her. I closed the do behind me with a stick to make sure nobody walked in on us.

“Hey!” I called out to her. She was standing at the sink, busy gazing and fixing her face while she looked at the mirror.

“What are you doing here!” Lydia shouted immediately she saw me. “This is the lady’s room Chileshe.” She added as she quickly began to pack her makeup kit.

“I just wanted to talk to you in private. You’ve not been responding to my messages…” I told her.

“Don’t you think this is too private? I need to go. My boyfriend is waiting for me.” She said as she came walking fast towards me since I stood at the door.

“Lydia please! Hear me out.”

“There can never be anything between us. You had your chance with me and all you did was focus on a lady that had walked out on you. You seriously think I was going to wait for you to come back to your senses? Just move.” She said furiously as she began to push me.

“Am sorry. I should have known better. Lydia! Lydia!” I called out to her but she left.

I immediately walked out of the ladies room hoping no one had spotted me.

‘Did that man just come from the ladies room?’ I heard a certain lady ask her friends as she pointed at me.

I walked up to Chef and the guys, said my goodbyes so that I could leave. “You can’t go just yet. The manager was just here looking for you.” Chef told me.

“Am not feeling too good. In think I should head back home and rest.” I responded.

“Do you need a ride?” He asked me. “Chileshe! Chileshe! Hey man what’s…” Those are the last words I heard from the Chef.

When I woke up, I was inside a room laying down on the bed.

I began to tap myself in search of my phone and that’s when the door opened.


To be continued… 

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