In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 86

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Chapter 86

(Heart Breaks)


“Peggy” she whispered, gawking at her

“It’s me Gina…come on let us in” Miss Peggy stated, with a wide smile, as Gina engage her in a tight hug

“Oh My gawd…is this a dream..I mean..I had thought all hope is lost since the day you left with Ariel, not until I saw the videos…oh gosh…you are welcome..come in…Hi” She greeted Scarlet with a soft smile while scarlet only nodded, smiling briefly.


“You can also come in Kabria..” Gina beckoned as Kabria shrug

“I don’t wanna pry into your discussion, I will just wait outside” she stated and left. Gina sighed

“So what can I offer you both…gosh..I’m sorry..there isn’t any drink at home for now…perhaps water will do first while I go down the street to get you some drinks”


“Oh no no…we are ok Gina…”

“No you have to take something..”

“We are fine ma’am…you don’t need to stress yourself” Scarlet chipped in, as Gina shrugs

“Are you sure about that”


“Yes…really sure..we are here to see you..and whereas we had something while coming here, so we are practically full” Miss Peggy muttered, pulling her falling hair behind.

“Ok..if you say so” Gina plunged into the medium couch opposite them with wide smiles lingering on her face. She was actually thinking of collecting the drinks on credit and later pay the shop owner, but since they won’t be needing it any longer, it will safe her that embarrassment of collecting stuff on credit.


“You are looking so beautiful Peggy, how is Ariel…” Gina started the conversation

“Oh..she is fine…that’s actually why we ate here…”

“ there a problem” Gina asked, fear already creeping into her face

“…not at all” Peggy chuckled


“You mentioned something about the videos…I believe you have since how famous Ariel is now. She won the hybrid music contest and is officially their band member, and not just that, she is now the band leader, after winning the crown contest too. Your daughter is really a rear gem, I can’t believe she made it so fast” Peggy stated as Gina’s eyes were already filled with tears of joy


“Yes..yes…I watched her videos from here, she was so amazing, I was even having doubt if she is my daughter. I can’t believe she finally succeeded in her dreams of becoming a music star. She looks so flawless and beautiful in the videos. Thanks for taking good care of her Peggy and making her become whom she is today..I will be forever grateful to you.”


“ don’t need to thank me..what are we friend for..erm..gosh…I’m sorry for the late introduction, this is scarlet, my bosom friend and business partner” Peggy muttered as Scarlet smiled at Gina who returned it

“It’s nice meeting you Gina…” Scarlet cooed

“You are welcome” Gina noted


“But…I was thinking you wanted her to take up the modeling job” Gina asked

“Oh..about that…Ariel disagreed. She told me her intentions of joining the music industry which I gladly agreed to, you know..she got talents. And mind you, I enrolled her in the hybrid university where she is studying music.


Apart from her music career, she was also given a modeling contract in my company, and let’s say she is also a model for now, well, she hasn’t fully started her work in the company..there are still many things to sort out. Her schedule for rehearsal, shoots, and even lecture classes needs to be sorted out. And let me just go straight to the point Gina; your daughter hasn’t forgotten you one bit, she speaks about meeting you again, almost every day, and it makes me wonder what kind of bond you both shared.”


Peggy chuckled at her last statement. Gina nodded, trying hard not to shed more tears, she is really overwhelmed.

“What about your daughter?”


“ mean Juan? Juan is fine…she is perhaps out of the country now..erm..she is cool” Miss Peggy shuttered but Gina didn’t noticed the uneasiness in her, because she was quick in covering it up

“Ariel is really busy, that’s why she sent us..she wants you there with her Gina..she has made it and is ready to celebrate with you” Peggy smiled as Gina gasp, letting fresh tears stream down her cheeks.


“Thank you so much Peggy…thanks..” She went ahead to give her a hug, while Scarlet used that opportunity to roll her eyes in mockery. Peggy smirked and gave her a thumbs up with a ‘it’s working’ look.


They talked about other random things with scarlet joining in the conversation before calling it a day, after setting the day and time they will come pick Gina, because she had to settle some things before leaving.


One Week Later


Ariel’s POV

I and Axel have been cool over the week; all we do is watch movies, have little chats and rehearse if necessary. We also go to gym and engage in some exercises just to keep our minds away from what we passing through. Axel is trying really hard not to breakdown, and I think it’s really hurting him. Audrey sometimes joins us in our exercises, as we all will jog round the shore. But things started getting out of hand for the both of us since the night I met him in the kitchen.


I was unable to sleep that night and was subsequently thirsty. I went out of my room, heading for the kitchen. It was really late, so I wasn’t expecting him to be up at that time, so I wasn’t mindful of what I was putting on. It was a very short, flimsy night gown which was having just a string tag to my neck to stop it from falling off.

If I should pick something from the floor with that dress on, then I will clearly be naked to anyone viewing that direction. But who cares, I wasn’t gonna be putting on my full cloths while going to bed; most people prefer sleeping nude, but I can’t risk that.


I stepped into the kitchen meeting it dark; as usual we do turn of most light in the house, leaving only the security light on. I turned it on, only for my eyes to pop out. Axel was standing there with a glass of water in his hand.


He wasn’t putting on a shirt, as his abs was clearly visible, making me wants to trail my fingers on it. I gulp down nothing as our eyes lock, none of us speaking a word. My [email protected] gave out an embarrassing act by getting a hard on, forcing itself out of the gown as it stands erect. He eyes were clearly scrutinizing me, as it made me become uneasy. I had to clear my throat to cut off the intense atmosphere.



“Oh…I’m do you need anything?” he asked. I could hear the uneasiness in his voice, but while will he decide to stay in the dark.


“I—am-feeling thirsty..too…I…need some water..” I fidgeted with my fingers, looking down. I felt him coming closer as his hot breath fans my face, but I wasn’t ready to look at him. What does he wants with me, why is my heart beat trying to betray me. I swear if he has a sound eardrum, he would clearly hear my heartbeat vigorously.


“Have this..” his voice ringed into my ear, as I gulp down my saliva. A sparking shiver running down my spine, with butterflies having their ways in my stomach. I looked up to see his eyes boring holes into my body, as I stared at his hands. He was holding a bottle of water with a glass. He handed it to me before stepping out of the kitchen. A sudden wave of calmness filled my body as he left. Damn..that was close right? Yes, and that was what happened some nights ago.


Right now, I’m clearly fuming at what Audrey did when we were exercising. She clearly flirted with him and always wants them to hold hands. Fine, they are friends, and with what he told me, Audrey’s parents are out of the country. She only came to Texas for a vacation with her friends, but here she is, trying to gain his attention, when she should be wherever she is coming from.


She came with a strong wine and offered some to Axel, but he declined. I noticed his eyes on me all the time Audrey was busy trying to smooch him; why isn’t he concentrating on her..duh.. I rolled my eyes and walked ahead of them. We just finished our normal routine exercise, and I think Audrey is planning on leaving soon. Thank goodness.


“Goodbye Ariel” I had her say, but only rolled my eyes.

“Bye…” I said nonchalantly.


We both freshened up and came down for breakfast, not saying a word. The day went by with us giving each other silly attitudes not until late evening, when I was feeling the urge to call my mum. I know the number is no longer available, but I can use other means to get her.


Right now, I’m popular and well known. All I need is to post a video of myself online…or..nope…I will just write it on my status that my mum should text me when she sees it…gosh..a video would have been better…I’m, sure that my fans will share the post.. and it will get to her no matter what


But damn..why didn’t I think of this before…what if..oh my god…my mum doesn’t know about miss Peggy..what if she decides to go back for my mum? How sure am I that she is safe..Hmm, Axel will have to give me my phone..I’m tired of all this..i think I’m going crazy.


“What’s wrong…” Axel asked after a while. I had been standing in front of him saying nothing.

“I need my phone..” I gritted. He sighs, rubbing his temple

“I already told you about this Ariel…you need to understand…”


“I don’t f**king what to understand all this…you can’t just lock me here all day without giving me my freedom. I’m sick and tired of it..I have been for a week or more now without it…what’s wrong…I’m not gonna tell anyone where we are…just hand it over..” I yelled, his eyes sparks, but he kept it cool

“You are not getting my point….”


“To hell with your point…we should have hear Aiden out…how sure are we that we ain’t misunderstanding things..”

“We ain’t…” He snapped, getting on his feet, as he folds his hands into a fist. His face hardened for a moment, before becoming soft


“Ariel…please….” His voice cracked, but I wasn’t ready to face his weakness


“Don’t try to trick me Axel… I’m tired of this two attitudes of yours..this minute you are calm, and the next sec you are angry…I never asked you to be a bipolar…get that stick into your head that want to see my mum!!!!!!” I snapped.


Yes, I went too far again…but God damnit. I’m feeling hot right now, I have a feeling that something bad is about to happen, and he is hindering me from reaching my point. I ran into my room, banging the door, as hot tears rush down my eyes.


Axel’s POV


I can’t describe how I feel right now, I feel angry..not at Ariel, but at myself. I am being selfish right now; I’m becoming worse than before. What she said was true, she was right..we shouldn’t have judge Aiden without finding the truth.. And yes, I have gotten the truth already, although I’m yet to confirm it. I saw the recorder Karl tried giving to me before in video stuff came up. I believe he kept it in one of my pockets that day.


I decided to listen to it after trying to ignore it for a long time. Flora’s voice was all I had, and all she said is making me puzzled. I’m still not clear with all her explanations, what’s up with her and Sophia…but she didn’t mention anything about this video. What she is getting at is what I don’t understand. But the truth is that, I shouldn’t have seized Ariel’s phone, I know that she might not try to reach anyone, but Aiden will track her.


She is yet to find out that the bracelet with her was having a tracking device. Aiden is smart, he inserted a tracker in it and asked her not to put if off. But I made her believe that she left it at the hotel, whereas I had destroyed it. I shouldn’t be doing this..but I don’t want her to leave me..her presence alone is suiting. The few days we have spent together are not what I will want to end.


Ariel is such a lovely soul and it hurts so much that Aiden got her first..I can’t help the fact that I’m losing control over keeping my feelings in check. I want her..but I can’t get her..that will mean betraying my brother and doing worse than what he did with flora.


How I wish I can end all this, and go back to my normal life. How I wished I never met Flora, or even Ariel, I wouldn’t be stuck in this tight position, trying to make decisions that will hurt me and break my heart. She knows about my weakness, but I find strength in her, she is just too blind to see it.


She seems pained, and it hurts to see her that way..she is gonna ignore me for days, I hate it when we quarrel, that’s why I try doing things that won’t offend her. But how am I gonna tell her that I can’t let her go, how am I gonna tell her that my feelings for her is taking the better part of me…I feel weak knowing she belongs to someone else, and my brother for that matter. I love her so much that I don’t want to let her go.

I didn’t realize that I have been crying until I felt tears on my cheek. My eyes wandered to the dining table, as I caught the sight of the drink Audrey brought. It was alcoholic, and I know how allergic I am to alcoholic drinks. But I got no time for that now, all I want is to get over this bangs of headache and heartbreaks. Without wasting much time, I gulp down the whole content.





Happy Sunday Lovelies. Sorry for late post…


My birthday is few days to go…who can guess the day…smiles…


Love Y’all

Vickie Dora

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  1. Happy birthday in advance!!!

    Axel,truth to be told,you shouldn't be doing that! I don't know but i am just angry! You don't have right over her,you locked her up and then seized her phone,that's wrong!
    Just kill whatever feelings you have for her and free her

    1. Aiden never betrayed Axel, flora had feelings 4 him bt he Neva notice it even wn she tried 2 tell him he misunderstood her , y bcos he respected his brother, y wld u took ur brother's woman in the time of his trouble wn she cld be of help filling her head wit stories dat is seducing

  2. I think your birthday will be on Thursday which coincidentally is my day also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US IN ADVANCE
    I think Axel is being unnecessarily selfish, keeping Ariel there with him because he thinks he feels better seeing her.
    And Ariel is right, Aiden deserves to be heard
    Nice work, Vickie my birthday mate
    Next please

  3. Happy birthday in advance dearie 😘🎂

    I hope they don't do something stupid with Axel being all selfish and Ariel still confused.

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