In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 83

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Chapter 83
(See You In Court)

Texas City~~
Axel’s POV
I turned off the ignition, just after parking in front of a cottage. The journey was smooth being that Ariel decided to fall asleep; she has been crying silently before falling asleep. Right now, we are miles away from Cape Town; in the outskirt of Texas City, where the sea, that links to another country is.

I own the little cottage that stood few meters away from the sea, in the middle of the shore. This place used to be my secret hide out whenever I wanna be away from everyone. I come here alone, and not even a soul knows that I own here, well, except for the care taker whom I put in charge of cleaning the place. I had called him about my coming while we were still on highway.

Ariel mumbled inaudible words in her sleep as I turn to stare at her. She seems uncomfortable sleeping in that position, she looks really tired. Well, we haven’t had a good nap after our long journey from Seoul. It will be best if she just take something and have a good night rest.

“Hey..Ariel” I tapped her softly
“Erm…yes….” She yawns, stretching her arms as she squinted.
“We are here…come one…let’s get you inside” I muttered as she stared around, perhaps in confusion
“Where are we?” She asked, fully awake

“Hmm…I will tell you about that when we get in, but right now, we are gonna be lodging here” I stated, getting down from the car as I turn round to open the door for her, pulling her out with her hand in mine.
“Owh..master…wel-come…wel-come..” the cottage caretaker greeted as he came forward
“Hey Paulo..what’sup” I asked with a brief smile

“Oh…fine..fine…me really fine..merci (thanks) ” Paulo muttered as he glance at Ariel who greeted with a slight wave
“Ho…Bonjour madame..(Goodday madam)…erm you girlfriend” he asked, referring to Ariel
“Oh…naa..Paulo..she is a friend..thanks…”

“Ok…you need anything…I erm..get it…”
“We will take it from here Paulo, I’m not in need of anything now..I’ll place a call to you if I need your help, thanks”
“Ok….goodbye…” Paulo waved and left

“He is French.” I stated as Ariel nodded
“I noticed”
“Come need to eat and have a good sleep, don’t bother about the luggage, I will bring it in” She nodded.

“Thanks Axel” She muttered, wearing a genuine, but sad look. I believe she still feels bad about the news, but got no choice than accept it that way.
“You are always welcome” I smiled

Cape Town~~

Sophia’s POV
I played the video again for the umpteen time; fuming in anger. Damnit, was this what Michael was planning to do. He only said he will reveal the video to Axel, and not to the world. Gosh, why the hell was I so careless, I should have checked other folders where the video might have been and delete it. Those fools I gave to dispose it were also stupid, now my plans have been ruined because of one silly mistake.

I don’t have a problem with the world knowing, but Flora will be thinking I had uploaded it online, but that bas***d did it. I only wanted to use it to taunt Flora and that’s all, but things are falling apart now, gosh..i’m gonna kill Micheal if I get my hands on him. What exactly is he getting at by revealing the video to the whole world; that’s bullshit.

Now all attention will be directed to me, but I know how to pull myself out of this mess. Only if I can get to those fools that carried out the plan; they might spill out the truth if they get to investigate this further. F**k, where is my phone, I need to text them; Cape Town is not safe for them.

I picked up my phone and texted the both of them. Fine, I hope they see the message in time, and if they try spilling anything out, their families will pay for it.
The Next Day
Aiden’s POV
“Hello, any news” I muttered into the phone
“We got a clue about where she stays; but I think she is on a run. We saw her leaving the house, few minutes ago, with some luggage. I think she knows that we are after her; we are keeping a close eye on her though, we will ambush her in a tight corner” my private investigator muttered as I heave a sigh of relief.

“Fine..please let me know when you catch her, and bring her to the house” I ordered
“Ok…I need to go now” He stated and hung the call

Phew…I think the criminal is just few minutes away from being caught. With the help of my private investigator, I was able to look into the CCTV footage of the previous months, to see if there was any strange activity that we missed.

We caught the sight of the strange maid whom the head maid claimed not to know, same as the others. As at that time, I employed new maids and servants to assist Grannie Naomi and Josephine is running the house activities, being that I’m constantly living in the house; and many works had to be done which was a bit strenuous for just the two of them.

I think that was when the stranger came in without their knowledge; but how she managed to get the uniform and other details was what baffled me. Only an insider would have given her that information.

The other maids are also suspect, well, except the culprit is caught. The camera captured when she went into my room; what she did in the room was not captured because there is no camera in the room. It also revealed when she directed Flora who was acting strangely uneasy, to my room.

This made me believe that something was actually wrong with her. We got the lady’s record which displayed her details like address and other details about her family. This is actually what the investigator was working on, and thank goodness, they had gotten to her house in time before she escaped.

I checked my phone to see Flora’s message. She wants me to meet up with her; perhaps she is ready to see me. I really need answers, because all this is making me crazy.
Flora’s House~~

Aiden scoffs
“Wait a sec…if all these you said is true..then are you trying to tell me that Sophia did this…she sets us up..i mean..why” Aiden asked, puzzled. Flora just finished explaining to him why she wasn’t at home the other day when he came and how the video came about.

“I won’t be lying. Why will I want to have s*x with you and have it on camera. Sophia even confessed it herself that she drugged our drinks at the party, that same day before the get-together. Remember she initiated the get-together night herself..” Flora muttered, explaining in details how Sophia had been taunting her, starting from when she was with Axel, leaving nothing apart.

Aiden held his head in his palms, not wanting to believe all this. He could now clearly remember why Sophia forced him to accept the get-together offer. And how a message got into his phone from a strange number stating that he has a visitor at home, waiting to meet him; Why he suddenly started to become h0rny and restless. The drink he drank that day was given to him by Sophia, she gave it to him and asked for a cheers.

All this is now making sense to him; Flora also mentioned something about receiving a message from him to come earlier than the usual time, which he didn’t send. Sophia had asked for his phone that day before the party started, saying she wanted to take a selfie with it, because she loves its sharp camera. So Flora was not a b!tch after all, Sophia had been behind this.

A call came into his phone as they were still discussing.
“Hello officer..”
“Hey Aiden..we got her…”
“So…did she mention who sent her…” Aiden asked, rubbing his temple

“Yes…she wasn’t the only one, a man also acted as a guard. She mentioned him and my boys are after him. We have recorded her confession..”
“So who was it…anyone close to me..”

“Yes….just’s unbelievable…” he scoffs
“Just spit it out…I have somewhere to be now…”
“It’s Sophia…Sophia Jenkins…she mentioned that she was sent by her to place the camera in your room.

Sophia gave her all the necessary information she needs about you recruiting new maids and so on. She also texted them this morning to leave the town to avoid being caught if we decides to investigate the culprit; she said Sophia promised to terminate their families if they mention a word to anyone. I think they are being forced with pressure to do what they did.

Aiden sigh not knowing what to say, he felt his blood boiling beyond its normal rate and felt like crushing Sophia with his bare hands if he gets to see her.
“Thanks officer..keep every record of confession as proof..I will get back to you” he hangs the call afterward and faced Flora, who was sitting beside Karl, as he caresses her back slightly.

“It’s true…f**’s true…I need to see Sophia now…before I lose it” Aiden gritted getting on his feet.
“Aiden…” Flora called as he was about walking away

“Please forgive me for whatever I have caused you and your brother…now you know that it wasn’t intentional, but still…I should have stood up for myself and shove Sophia to her place. I was just scared because she has the power to take me back to the slum just as she had threatened then. I’m sorry” She mumbled, sniffing in

“It’s ok Flora..we are also sorry for judging you to be whom you are not. Forgive us too. It’s all in the past now..the right person to say this is that b!tch Sophia…and I’m promising her a taste of my fist today…I’m leaving” He stated, nodding at Karl who returned it, before leaving.
“Phew…” Flora whistle

“You are free now right…thank me, Aiden will take care of it..okay” Karl muttered, pecking her lips as she deepened the k*ss. Just then, a message came into his phone as it makes an alert sound
“Opss..I need to check this” he muttered, breaking the kiss while Flora groans. It was from Axel

“What is it?”
“It’s Axel..he wants me to cover up his schedules for him..that he won’t be around for a while..” Karl replied, trying to reach Axel
“Gosh…his number is not reachable…I hope he is safe..”
“He will be…he is not a kid..come on” Flora pouted, placing her lips on his wet soft lips

The Jenkins’ Mansion~~
Sophia could be seen chilling in the sitting room when Aiden barge in looking like a fierce vampire. Her guards, trailing behind him trying to pull him away but he wasn’t giving them a chance. Sophia jerk up from her position; she had warned the guards not to let anyone in, because she was not in the mood to receive visitor and her dad is not home.

“What the hell is going on here…I thought I asked you not to let anyone disturb my perfect moment” She yelled at them
“We are sorry ma’am, but he wouldn’t bulge.” They replied as she glance at Aiden who was walking towards her, taking gentle strides like a pander who is ready to take out its prey. He came closer to her and scoffs out, angrily.

“You did upload that video…didn’t you?”
Sophia scoffs, sipping her drink, not minding him
“That’s not my answer b!tch…” he gritted

“Wait a sec..why will you barge into my house and starts asking me I look like a blogger to you..huh..” She snapped at him. This enraged Aiden the more; and before she could say ‘jack, he took the champagne glass from her, smashing it to the floor, and followed it with a resounding slap across her face. Her cheek stings for seconds as the servants around gasp, hurrying out of the scene, to avoid Sophia’s wrath on them afterward.

“The next time I ask you a question…don’t take my time to reply…you know what…see you in court. I got enough proof to bring you down, for public humiliation…b!tch” He gritted into her face and left
“F**k you Aiden” She screamed after him
Sophia is doomed…
Love y’all
Vickie Dora

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  1. I really really enjoyed reading this episode, yeah this is the beginning of your downfall Sophia. You are gonna rot in jail where you actually belong. Defamation of character is not a small offense
    Thanks Vickie
    Next please

  2. This is the best story ever, sophia you are doomed. Totaly doomed, thanks to you vickie. And also about brittany, winter, cassandra, and their boss we have not hear anything about them yet

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