Aborted Dreams

I was a fetus just as you were,
Patiently waiting for my birth,
Eager to contribute my dime to help the world,
Alas! how wrong I was,
My mother was just thirteen,
And my father uncertain,
For I was a product of rape.

Though I was mad at my family,
Who concluded that I should be flushed out,
But I realized that my mom was young,
I must not interfere with her future,
I must leave to erase the memory of my conception,
I cried realizing my dreams are getting flushed as well,
But what else can I do?

I wish I would be given a chance,
To feel the love of a mother,
To be cherished by my family,
To put a smile on mom’s sad face,
To help fight for mom’s generation from abuse,
But I was abused even in the womb,
Denied life before I had it.

But! Won’t anyone think of my own invest?
Won’t anyone fight for me?
Won’t anyone stand up
And ensure that history does not? repeat itself?
Won’t anyone stand
To protect the innocent future?
And protect mom’s generation?

Arise oh Africa!
And give your children hopes of the future,
Arise ohh Africa!!
And give them life without torture
Arise oh Africa!!!
And ensure that every fetus have their dreams of seeing the world come true.
Arise oh Africa!!!!
And protect the African future!

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