A Night With Him � Episode 4


Chapter 4

Zeemah writes�


*Do not touch my hair without my permission.

*Do not eat before taking me to bed, i hate the smell of food on someone.

*Do not dress me up, i can do it myself.

*Do not touch me without washing your hands.

*Do not yell at me.

*You must read me interesting bedtime stories.

*Please be neat, dirty people makes me puke.

*You have to be nice, sweet and intelligent.

*You’ll read to me everyday for four hours in my library .

*You must make sure i have my fruits before and after my nap.

*You should be able to answer any question i pose.

*Be Courteous.

Irene sighed,the rules are quite challenging but it shouldn’t be difficult to keep.

“Oh.. my! There are more rules” She exclaimed opening another page.
“And not just that, there are much more rules” Irene said tiredly, laying on her bed.

Damien who was helping her select her outfit for tomorrow turned to her.
“Are the rules tedious? You can quit now if you find them difficult”
“Com’on” Irene laughed.
“The rules are quite challenging though but i should be able to cope” She said.
“Are you sure?” Damien asked.
“Of course, I’ll be fine” Irene assured him.

“If it gets to a period where you can no longer cope, you can always quit okay? We can always get money elsewhere for mum’s surgery” Damien said worriedly, starting to feel bad he pushed her into this.
“Damien I’ll be fine” Irene said and he nodded.
” I’m sorry i pushed you into this Irene” Damien said soberly.
She stood up from the bed and held his hands.

“I swear,I’ll be fine” She assured him.
“Okay” He said.
“So,have you found me a suitable wear?” Irene asked, trying to lighten his mood.
“Almost, trust me” Damien winked.
“Fashionist” Irene hailed, trying to lighten up his mood.
They both laughed.

She’s good at fashion too but Damien is great.

“Go ahead with the reading, you know you have to know the rules before you resume tomorrow”
“Okay” Irene said jumping back on her bed.

She picked Ivory’s rules booklet and sighed.

She continued reading the rules, sighing and exclaiming at interval.

The little girl does not look like she’ll be a pain in the a$$ but her rules are.


“You mean Harold is about to employ a slut as my daughter’s nanny” Carrle shouted, pacing her living room.

“Yes” Her husband confirmed.

He just received the information from their spy, who’s one of Harold’s bodyguards but secretly works for them.

“Get me my car key!!!” Carrle screamed.

“Is she not the same slut he slept with?” Ethan Weston thought as Carrle was screaming all over the house.
That bas***d likes taking everything that is his!
If he had not lured Carrle with money,then he would have lost her to him.

He hates the fact that there’s another bas***d billionaire people love much more than him.
Harold Marshall keep getting everything on a platter of gold while he struggles to even get a deal done.

He had devised several means to bring Harold down but the mother****** kept going up, he had to quit since none of his plan worked.

And he took Carrle from him just to hurt him,he doesn’t love Carrle and he knows Carrle doesn’t love him too, she only loves his money but so far,their marriage has been good but he still can’t do without cheating, he loves to taste different women.

He knows Carrle would leave him just as she left Harold when she finds another great billionaire but Harold and him are the top billionaires in the city.
“Ethan I’ll be right back” Carrle said rushing out of the house with two bodyguards.
“Yeah,go deal with him” Ethan laughed.
“Get me my laptop” Ethan said to one of his workers who bowed before scurrying up the stairs.

“He should have just gotten rid of the damn ivory, that will really bring down Harold, everyone knows how much he loves and cherish his daughter. Taking his wife was not painful enough, now he would go for his daughter” Ethan thought, smiling and wondering why he never had that thought.

His laptop was brought to him and he quickly made a background check on Irene Noris.

“Ohh, her parents owns Daire fashions” He thought aloud.

Seems he had some history with the downfall of Daire fashions but that’s none of his business now.
Harold knows this lady is a slut! Yet he employed her.
He knows Harold would never employ an indecent person as his daughter nanny and now he went for a slut.
What could be his plan?

“Get me a drink” He ordered and a worker who was holding the drink quickly poured some into the glass cup.
He handed it to him, forgetting to bow.

“You’re fired” Ethan said simply.
“Please I’m so s…” The guy was pleading.
“Take him out this moment and send his luggage after him” He ordered the two bodyguards standing behind him.
They bowed before carrying out his order.

He picked his phone and placed a call across Alex.

?Boss” Alex voice broke through the phone.

?Alex, there’s another person you need to keep a close watch on.

?Who? boss.

?The nanny resuming tomorrow.

? Okay boss, i’ll make sure i fill you in on every information i get”

? Okay, Bye.

Ethan got on his feet and turned to one of his bodyguards.

“Call madam Perse that I’ll be coming tonight” Ethan said and grabbed his drink before heading upstairs.


“How dare you do such a dirty thing Harold!” Carrle yelled barging into Harold living room even when the guards tried to stop her.
“The only dirty thing in this room is you. What the hell are you doing in my house?” Harold asked, equally pissed.

“How dare you try to employ a slut as my daughter’s nanny!”
“Should that bother you? A slut gave birth to her remember” Harold taunted.
Carrle swallowed hard, the words getting deep to her.

“Nola, don’t make Ivory come to the living room” Harold said to the cook who was serving him juice when Carrle entered.
“Okay” Nola said, rushing up the stairs, knowing Ivory can come down any moment.

“She’s my daughter and i have the right to decide who i want as her nanny. That lady isn’t gonna be my daughter’s nanny! What morals will she teach Ivory” Carrle asked.
“Perhaps if your mum had taught you morals,you won’t have ended up in another man’s house” Harold said, sipping his drink.
“Are you crazy?” Carrle asked angrily.
“I’m not but i think you sound like the crazy one” Harold said.

“If you insist to have that lady as Ivory’s nanny. I promise to take this to court” Carrle threatened and Harold laughed loud.
“Court? Have you forgotten you lost the right over Ivory five years ago. Do you even care about her? Remember you chose money over her in court. You chose 30.3 million dollars over your daughter Carrle, are you even a mother?” Harold said,still angered over the past incident.

Carrle swallowed hard again, glaring at Harold.
She won’t deny the fact that she still loves him.
He keeps growing handsome each passing day.
She missed him and she suddenly feel like hugging him.

She missed his hug.
She missed being in his arms.

“I’m ready if you wanna take it to court but you know I’ll always win ,you’ll only stain your reputation” Harold said.
“Har..” Carrle was saying.
“Leave my house this minute, i don’t want to see you in my house except on your visitation days okay?” Harold said clearly.

“Should i order my bodyguards to push you out the way you ordered your bodyguards to push me out five years ago ?” Harold asked.
Carrle took one last glance at him before slowly walking out of the house.

“Dad” Ivory called loudly from upstairs.
“Yes princess” Harold replied.
“Nola doesn’t want me to come to the living room” She whined.
“Nola, she’s free to come now” Harold said and sighed knowing Ivory is coming to bombard him with questions.

Her nanny should resume already.

**Next morning.

“How do i look mum?” Irene asked her stepmum.
“You always look nice Rene” Mrs Neave smiled.

She was ready to resume, all she had to do now was just to get into the car Harold sent to her.
She wondered if he’ll keep sending cars to pick her every morning.

“I selected the outfit” Damien boasted.
“There he goes again” Irene rolled her eyes.
“Of course i knew he did” their mum laughed.

Irene was putting on a simple blue shirt tucked into a black pencil skirt, with blue shoes and black handbag.
Her hair was packed in her favorite style, a simple ponytail with tendrils framing her face.
She was wearing no make up as usual and all she had in her bag was ivory rules booklet,her phone,her diary and some cash.

“I should go now mother” Irene said, kissing her on both cheeks.
“Okay Rene.” Mrs Neave said.
“Sis, I’ll give you a call” Damien said.
“Alright and please select the outfit I’ll be putting on tomorrow” Irene said.
“With all pleasure” Damien grinned.
“Bye” Irene said, walking to the door.
“And help me get those cheese please” Damien called after her..
“Okay dam”


Irene arrived at Harold mansion and she still marveled at the sight even if she saw it just yesterday.
She was led in by one of the workers and her heart beat nervously as she stepped into the living room.

She met Harold and his daughter’s gaze fixed on the wall clock.
“Good morning” She said about to bow but quickly got hold of her head.
“Dad! She’s here” Ivory smiled, happily sliding her feet into her bunny footwear.
“Ohh … Good morning” Harold replied.
“We thought you weren’t coming anymore” Ivory said.
“I’m sorry i delayed the driver” Irene said.
“It’s fine” Harold said .

“Have you gone through my rules booklet?” Ivory asked.
“And?” She asked eagerly.
“I can cope with your rules” Irene said..
“And that means?” Ivory asked expectantly.
“I’m now officially your nanny” Irene said and didn’t notice how Harold’s face lit up.
“Yay!” Ivory giggled and Irene smiled.

She really like the kid.

“Welcome to my world Irene” Ivory said excitedly.
“Thank you” Irene smiled.

“So, you’ve officially resumed as Ivory’s nanny. You’re to stay here on weekdays,you’ll be free to go home on weekends, i know you’re not aware of it and that’s why you didn’t bring anything with you. By tomorrow,you should move into your room here” Harold said.

“Huh?.. Okay” Irene said, trying to digest the news.

“What I’m about to say is already in Ivory’s booklet but I’ll say it anyways … You’re not allowed to yell at her,hit her or make her cry. Once you do any of that,just know you’re fired” Harold said even though he knows deeply that she can’t do such but he needs to follow the normal routine.

“I won’t do that” Irene said.
“Okay. And please try as much as possible to keep to her rules, she doesn’t like her rules being disregarded” Harold said.
“Okay” Irene said.
“And i don’t think there’ll be problem between you two, you seem to like each other already” Harold said.

His daughter had never been this excited when a new nanny resumes.
She had been talking about Irene since she left yesterday.

The lady is beautiful plus she dresses nicely and decently too.

“So, I’ll leave you guys to do your thing” Harold said, picking his phone.
He got on his feet and was about heading to his room when one of his workers walked in, stopping him.

“What?” Harold asked.
“Mrs Carrle is here” The worker said.
“What the f..” Harold was saying but remembered ivory is there.
“And she’s trying to force her way in” The worker said.
“Tell Alex to f****ng throw her out!” Harold yelled in anger.

Irene blinked severally in confusion and quickly bent to console ivory when she saw the little girl had started crying.

Harold cursed at Carrle before finally going out to meet her.

Ivory cry grew louder and the confused Irene was about to hold her when she remembered her fourth rule.

Do not touch me without washing your hands



Thanks for reading.


  1. Ethan is too harsh and arrogant for my liking, how could fire a staff simply because he did not now?
    The love for power is really diving you crazy, touch Ivory and see how Harold bounce back at you.
    Mrs Carrl is such a disgrace to motherhood, leaving your husband and daughter for money; and not Love. I just love the way Harold is hitting her.

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