A Night With Him – Episode 2



Zeemah writes


Chapter 2




NAME~~Irene Noris.

ADDRESS~~Apartment 102 Cobitthan building, San Francisco.


PARENTS~~Noris Elizabeth- Fashion designer for Daire fashions.

~~Noris Natalie- Owner of of Daire fashions.


DEGREE ~~(None)

JOB~~Model for Daire fashions.

HOBBIES~~Cooking, reading and sewing.



Harold Marshall sigh softly after reading Irene’s information.

He couldn’t believe he’s just reading her information now, something he should have done before even suggesting the nanny job to her.

“I’m such a bad father” Harold said aloud and sipped his favorite wine.


The reason he wanted her to apply as his daughter’s nanny is well known to him.

Or who would want a sex worker for a nanny without having a solid reason.


The lady seems calm, beautiful and most of all natural.

She hadn’t applied make up yet she looked stunning.

He knew the reason she was doing such work and he’s prepared to help her.


He should have just given her money to solve her life issues but she had even wanted to return the extra pay on the money if he hadn’t insisted and he knew if he give her a huge amount of money,she’s definitely gonna reject it.

He should have offered her a job in one of his companies but she doesn’t have a degree and he doesn’t know why he wants to keep seeing her everyday.


He wondered why she called him back to accept his offer after clearly rejecting. She didn’t even sound pissed knowing he slipped the card in her bag.


“Dad can i come in?” Harold heard his little angel asked.

He smiled broadly.

“Come in princess” He said and his beautiful eight year old daughter jumped in.


He laughed as she rushed to hug him.

He gently held her little frame against his huge body, pecked her all over the face and finally her hair.


“I miss you” She giggled dropping the leftover strawberry cake she had for breakfast in her father’s mouth.

“Yummy” Harold smiled.

“You miss me? But i was with you yesternight” He said to his daughter who was now seated on his bed.

“But you weren’t with me the night before. I kept asking you where you went to and you kept ignoring my question” She said pouting her little lips.


“C’mon Ivory. I told you i went for a business meeting and it was too late to drive home. I ended up spending the night in the hotel”

“I don’t believe you” Ivory furrowed her brows.

“Is it obvious that i just told a lie?” Harold asked.

“Of course but it’s fine, i know you’ll tell me what happened when you’re ready to” Ivory said, knowing her father deeply.


Harold smiled proudly at his little gem.

So smart and beautiful,she has her mother’s smooth brown hair while she took his golden eyes and his caramel skin tone.

She’s all he’s got.

She has been his joy since she was a day old.

He had fought so hard for her custody when Cathy divorced him and his greatest joy in life is that he won the custody of his daughter.


“Dad, i told you severally not to consume wine before breakfast. It’s not healthy” Ivory said.

“Okay,I’ll call Nora to take it away now” Harold said.

“But you already drank half of it” Ivory said,a little pissed.

“I’m sorry, i won’t take wine before breakfast anymore” Harold said.

“Okay Harold Marshall” She said and they both laughed.


She calls his full name when she wants them to laugh.


“Ivory i have great news” He said and she quickly sat up on the bed.

Harold chuckled.

“I got a new nanny for you and she should be on her way here now” Harold announced.

“Yaaaaay” she jumped excitedly,her ponytail bouncing .


Harold smiled seeing his daughter so happy.

She had wanted a new nanny since he fired the last one.

She loves having people around her, people to care for her.


“But i hope she’s nothing like Betty” Ivory said worriedly.

Betty had been her a very mean nanny to her and Harold had fired her and sued her immediately he found out.

“Hell no! You’ll see for yourself when she gets here”

“Really?” Ivory beamed.



He doesn’t know why he trust the lady, he doesn’t even know her well enough.

Well… he’ll still need to monitor her around his daughter for some days.


“I can’t wait. Thanks Dad” She said happily, engulfing her dad in another hug.

He smiled and kissed her hair.


“But dad you’ve not had breakfast” She said.

“Yeah, I’m still busy h…”

“No! Come with me to the dining”

“I’m not ready to eat now Ivory” Harold said.

“Please Dad” Ivory said knowing her father’s Breakfast might turn lunch.


He can stay in his room all day without eating but just sipping wine and working on his laptop..


“Breakfast,lunch and dinner is very essential to the body and one shouldn’t miss any” Ivory persisted holding her Father’s hand.

Harold not able to hurt his daughter’s feelings nodded approvingly.

“Okay let’s go” He said switching off his laptop.

“How about a piggy back ride to the dining?” Harold suggested knowing his daughter can’t trade that for anything.


“Yaaaaay” Ivory laughed excitedly before jumping on her father’s back.




“Damien!!!” Irene yelled so loud that her throat hurt before rushing back into the house.


Damien having sensed what was going on walked out of the kitchen wiping his hands off a napkin.

He knew what he did and he knew his sis will be so pissed but he just had to do it. He does not want her to continue that dirty job.


“What the hell did you do to the card i told you to thrash?” Irene asked furiously.


“Speak up!” She yelled,her anger growing furiously.

“Okay, i called Mr Harold Marshall in your voice and..and told him i already accept the job offer and will like to resume today and i also gave him.. our home address”.


“Y..you did what?” Irene asked dimming her eyes.

Something she does whenever she’s so angry.

“Look Irene, I’m sorry” Damien said.

“Why did you do that, you knew i did not want to accept that job offer. Why the hell did you go against my wish ?”

“I just had to do it. I’m sorry”

“There’s nothing to be sorry for! You called the man to accept the job offer right? then go ahead and do it!” Irene scoffed, about to walk away but Damien pulled her back.


“Irene I’m sorry but i don’t want you doing that job any longer. You don’t know how hurt and guilty i feel seeing you come back looking all tired and used, i always feel angry at myself cause i know you’re doing it for me. Irene it’s time you stopped. Go for a more decent job please or you’ll keep hurting me and making me feel guilty. Please,stop making me think about mum or dad cause i know if they were alive…” Damien who rarely cry had unshed tears in his eyes.


“I’m sorry” Irene who was blowing hot minutes ago said calmly.

She was starting to sniff back tears too.

She hates seeing her brother cry and knowing she caused it hurt her so much.


“Don’t cry okay? I stopped already” Damien said knowing how emotional his sister is.

She nods.

“But you shouldn’t have gone behind me and do what i clearly don’t want” Irene said.

“I’m sorry, i just wanted something better for you. You deserve something far better than what you’re doing.” Damien said tucking his sister’s long black hair behind her ears.

“But wh..what if he has another motive, who would want a sex worker for his daughter nanny?” Irene said.


“No, he has no other motive than to help you and even if he does, i have a smart sister and she’ll figure it out in no time” Damien smiled.

Irene sighed and pressed her lips together.

“He would have told his daughter of a new nanny and i know you won’t want to hurt and disappoint the little girl” Damien said hoping that’ll make Irene reconsider and it did!

She’s a lover of kids and she so much hate hurting or disappointing little kids.


“Okay” She finally said after a long silence.

“Okay what?” Damien asked,his stomach starting to dance in excitement.

“I’ll go for the nanny job” Irene said rolling her eyes.

“Oh my God! Really?” Damien asked.

“Yeah turtle” Irene said and Damien laughed.

“I love you sis” He said almost sweeping her off her feet with his tight hug.

Irene laughed and pushed him away playfully.


“But what of mum?” Irene asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry about mum, I’ll take care of her. Now let’s go get you dressed,you’ve wasted those guys time enough” Damien said pulling his sis to her room.


“I already picked out an official outfit while you were sleeping yesternight”

“What!” Irene exclaimed while Damien laughed.




Irene and Damien walked out of Irene’s room after she’s fully dressed.


She’s putting on a black and gold patterned skirt with a striking pattern and a plaid shirt.

She wore minimal black sandals and carried a plain black handbag.

Her black hair was pulled in a messy bun with tendrils framing her face.

She wore no make up but still looked great.


They are in need of financial help but not definitely in need of wears.

Their parents were great fashion designers and the children had beautiful clothes that’d make people doubt if they are really poor.


“You mean you had to make your voice so tiny while you were talking to Harold Marshall” Irene said still laughing.

“Yes and he didn’t even suspect a thing, though it was so hard and i was almost close to talking with my real voice when i quickly gave him our home address and disconnected the call. My throat itched throughout the night” Damien faked a frown and Irene laughed hard.


“We’re so sorry for keeping you guys waiting” Damien said to the guys when they got to the door.

They both nodded without saying a word.


“Do you think it’s safe to go with them?” Irene whispered to Damien.

“Of course” He whispered back.

“I’ll copy their car plate number so don’t worry okay?” He assured her.

“Okay” Irene said pecking her brother on both cheeks, he hugged her before the men led her to the car.


Even when her parents were alive,she never drove in this type of car.

The outer part is so cool that she longed to see the inner part.

“Oh..my! It’s a Porsche” Irene realised.

One of the guys open the car door for her and she smiled secretly feeling like a queen.


Damien laughed, watching her from the window.

He knew how his sister was feeling at the moment.


He’s glad she finally accepted this better offer.

She’s gonna get more pay and the job is far decent.

She won’t come back looking tired again, she’ll also be happy.

Damien smiled and got up when the car drove off.

He walked to the kitchen to complete his chores, totally forgetting about the car plate number.




The car had felt like heaven to Irene and she was almost dozing off when they arrived at Harold Marshall mansion.

The car came to a halt inside the compound and the guys alighted to open the car door for Irene.


“What’s with the special treatment?” She thought as she stepped down from the Porsche.

She raised up her head to take a full look at the building and her mouth was left hanging.


The house blinked of riches,the structure alone made her swallow hard.

The tall building stood proud, beautiful and erected .

The perfectly made structures looked beautiful and most of all was the cool gold colour used to paint the whole house.


Once you take a glance at the house, you’ll know the owner is swims in wealth.


“Miss Irene Noris,can you please come with me” One of the guys said to Irene who felt embarrassed they had caught her admiring and gaping at the building.

“Okay” She said slowly and started walking behind him.


She counted the body guards outside and they were up to fifteen.






Irene was seated on the couch taking in the lush appearance of the living room.

The inner part of the house smelled more riches.

It’s more beautiful than the outer part.

The shiny furnitures are beautifully arranged and the settings is just too great.


The whole living room is far bigger than her entire compound.


She watched the workers move about the house and wondered how many people works in the house.

She stared at the untouched drink in front of her.

She’s too nervous to take anything right now.


“Why aren’t you taking your drink?” She heard behind her and her nervousness rose knowing she can’t mistake that cool voice for anyone else.

She didn’t turn but stood on her feet.


Harold stood in front of her and it was then their eyes met.


He looked so cool and comfortable in his white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

His hair was rich and full in black curls and the tip glinted like gold.

His golden eyes which was heavily fringed with black lashes stood out proudly against his smooth caramel skin and his nose and mouth just looks perfect.

Other than the faint scar on his jaw,his skin was unmarred.


His perfectly built body is very obvious and Irene couldn’t help but admire the perfection of his looks.


She wondered why he had to look more handsome now and less creepy.


“Good morning” Harold spoke up wondering how many minutes they had wasted in staring at each other.


He’s impressed by her appearance, looks like she’s really ready to work.

He loves it when a lady still look attractive even when she goes all natural.


She’s of average height, honey-skinned with satiny black hair and her eyes the color of liquid honey peered into his.


“Good morning Mr Harold Marshall” Irene bowed a little in respect.

“Please do not bow to me. I’m not your god” He said.

“Huh?” Irene asked in complete surprise.

“Yeah” Harold said.

“Ohh.. okay” Irene said biting her inner lip in nervousness.


Harold dismissed the workers in the living room and then turned to Irene.


“I’m sorry to have slipped my card into your bag” Harold said.

“Why did you do that when i clearly rejected your offer” Irene asked.

“But you accepted the offer already” Harold shrugged.


“I didn’t! Damien freaking did” Irene thought furiously.


“Yes i did but you’ve not answered my question” Irene said.

“I did that cause i want to help you”

“Why do you want to help me and do i look like i need help?” Irene asked determined to make the man know she’s not an easy bait.

“Do you probably think I’m a dangerous person?” Harold asked.

“Maybe” Irene shrugged.

“Then why did you accept to work for me?” He asked.


“I didn’t!” Irene screamed in her inner mind.


“And i hope you don’t have the plan to have sex with me, that would never happen again! I’m here to work only as your daughter’s nanny and nothing else” Irene said clearly.

“Hey! Excuse me,i didn’t had sex for five good years and the only reason i crossed your path last two night was because the urge got irresistible. I’m not a sex monger! I’m only focused on helping you and if you don’t appreciate my help or you think i have any other bad motive you can kindly leave.” Harold said, the lady is starting to get on his nerves.


“Now i finally know where you were two nights ago but that’s not a problem. Hello Miss Irene Noris, I’m Ivory and i guess you’re my nanny” Ivory said,climbing down from the stairs with her glossy brown hair bouncing and Irene could swear she fell in love with the girl immediately.





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  1. Wow! I'm loving it the more. I feel your pain Irene, tho I don't support Damien going behind you to accept the job, but I believe he meant well not only for you but for the entire family.
    Ivory must be a witch, she's been eavesdropping on her father's conversation with the new nanny…

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