{ Melt into me... }

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{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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“How did you get in here?” Kristina asked, little bit surprised but flattered.

“Don’t you wanna see me?” Logan smiled and leaned on the wall with his hands in his pocket.

Kristina looked at the mug of coffee in her hand and then back at Logan, she just didn’t know what to say again….

“You’re welcome” Logan smiled and took a step closer to her then placed his hand on the table behind her.

“Remember what I said, I’m not stopping till I own back your heart” Logan whispered in her ears, sending chills down her spine.

He took a step away from her and smiled then began walking away.

“While you were having your beauty sleep, I made you breakfast. Eat up and dress up, I’m taking you somewhere” Logan winked and walked out.

“Hey! Who gave you the permission to enter my house?” Kristina said, following behind him.

“Gavin!! Stand up!! You promised we’ll go shopping!!” Kimberly jumped on Gavin hitting him with the pillow..

The school gave them a day free in order to relax from the test they wrote.

“Let me be Kim! I’m traumatized! I drank WC water!!” Gavin whined.

Iris, Charlotte and Maxwell earlier left for their respective houses.

“Well you refused Iris to do the dare right? Wait why did you refuse??” Kimberly asked and gasped when realization hit her.

“Don’t tell me you were jealous of the idea of Iris touching another guy except you” Kimberly gasped…

Gavin rolled his eyes and covered his head with the pillow. Kimberly fell on him while laughing hard…

“My big brother fell for the girl he called ugly” Kimberly laughed..

“Sh*t up Kim!!” Gavin snapped still covering his head with the pillow..

“This one we can’t call it falling in love, you dived in love” Kimberly laughed.

“Get off me Kim!! I’m not in love with that tomboy!!” Gavin frowned standing up from the bed…

“Let me believe your lie” Kimberly smirked and stood up from him…

“Get ready we’re leaving in 10 minutes” Kimberly said and began walking to the exit.

“Hey!! I’m the big brother around here, you don’t have the right to…”

Kimberly slammed the door shut at his face..

She went to her room to get ready. Kimberly took a quick shower then wore a white cropped top with a black pants and white sneakers. She brushed her hair and allowed it to flow freely.

Once she was all set and ready, she walked out of her room heading downstairs. They she met Gavin pressing his phone while standing by the stairs.

He was wearing a white shirt with some black jeans and white sneakers plus a black leather jacket on top of it. His long yellow dyed color hairs was left loose adding more his swag and hotness…

“I’m so proud to have a dripping hot and cute big brother. If I weren’t your sis I would have flirted with you” Kimberly winked.

“Stop teasing me” Gavin shook his head.

“Well I’m planning on cutting my hairs and remove the yellow color from it…want a new look tomorrow” Gavin said touching his hair

“Well you’ll still look cute, come let’s go!!” Kimberly pulled him out of the house, well their parents already left. Being the president and first lady is quite tedious.
PARIS, 01:10PM**

Ricardo walked out of a hotel with Valentina, well that was the place where the show will take place.

“The hotel is quite okay and can accommodate the guests” Valentina said, scrolling through her tablet.

“Yeah, the show will take place next week Wednesday I guess.” Ricardo said.

“Wow, today is Thursday. No time to waste” Valentina smiled..

“Yeah, I just hated the way the deputy CEO of our partners was looking and flirting with you” Ricardo frowned.

Valentina looked up at home and scurried her brows.

“Why? I think he’s a cool guy” Valentina smiled

Ricardo stopped on his tracks and turned to face her. He smiled and pinched her nose.

“Never you compliment another guy in front of me again.” Ricardo said like it was nothing.

“Why? I can compliment whoever I want, after all we aren’t even a couple” Valentina said stubbornly.

“This legendary stubbornness of yours” Ricardo smirked and took on step closer to her.

She made to take one back but he held her waist and pulled her closer to him..

“I’m very… I mean very possessive and also very jealous especially with what I cherish” Ricardo whispered.

“Ricardo, people are watching us. They might start assuming things” Valentina tried to push him away but he didn’t even bulge.

“Let them assume, like I care” Ricardo said. His gaze landed on her lips and he started imagining things.

“No, it’s still too early” Ricardo said inwardly and released her then opened the door to his care.

“Ladies first” He smiled.

Valentina looked at him for a while before slowly entering, she really hopes it’s not what she thinks.

“I’m not ready for love, not yet!” Valentina thought holding tight onto the tablet.

Ricardo entered the car too and then drove off, heading home.

“What of this dress? How does it look on me?” Kimberly asked.

She was in a black tight cropped top with a black leather mini skirt.

“I already told you, all looks good on you!! Can we leave??” Gavin groaned for the uptenth time.

It’s been almost an hour that Kimberly is shopping for clothes and right now he’s sick and tired of it.

Kimberly walked out, dressed in her normal dress. She carried all the bags she shopped for and then went to the cashier where she settled all the bills.

She walked out of the mall with Gavin behind. Kimberly placed all her bags in the car and asked the driver to bring it back home.

“So now let’s go to the hair stylist for your hair cut!” Kimberly pulled him.


Iris was busy serving the guests with their drinks while also cleaning up the glasses they used.

“Here’s your drink sir” She placed it on the table and smiled politely at the man.

“Look what we have here, you look so hot babe” The man said licking his lips while checking her out.

“How much for a quickie?” The man asked.

Iris frowned immediately she turned and made to walk away but he grabbed her by the hand.

“Hey wait, don’t get mad let’s settle it. How much?” The man asked.

“Uhm Sir, I advice you let her go before you get into tough trouble” Mr Peter but in.

“Shut up!!” The man snapped.

It was obvious that he was drunk anf not thinking straight. Who gets drunk at the early hours of the morning?

The other guests were watching th keenly without butting in in order to avoid trouble.

“Come on pretty” The man smiled at Iris and made to touch her b**bs.

Iris raised her hand and made to slap him but a punch already landed on the man’s jaw making him release Iris.

Iris looked back to see it was Luca and he was kinda very mad.

“Stay in your lane and never you dare touch her, nonsense!!” Luca snapped and pulled her away to a corner.

👥 So romantic, I’m sure he’s her girlfriend

👥 She’s so lucky!!!!

“Are you alright? Did he made you feel uncomfortable?” Luca asked checking her out.

“I’m fine, thanks Luca” Iris smiled.

Luca smiled back too, he really missed her so he decided to pass by and check up on her when that happened.

“Come let’s go somewhere” Luca held her hand.

“Wait!!” Iris hesitated.

She doesn’t really want to be close with Luca because of Charlotte but if she avoids Luca that will surely ruin their friendship!

“Oh okay, it’s my break by the way… Let’s make it quick okay?!” Iris said.

Luca smiled and pulled her out of the club. He took her to a funfair…


“Done” The barber said.

Gavin looked at his appearance on the mirror and smiled, his hair was back to the normal black color it once had and his short hair looked so great on him.

“I love it” Gavin smiled.

“Wow!!, I’m sure you’re gonna make eyes turn tomorrow” Kimberly said.

She kept the magazine she was reading and stood up. Gavin paid the person and then walked out of the saloon with Kimberly behind.

He looked around with his hands in his pocket. He paused and creased his brows.

Iris and Luca where both walking back to the club where Iris works while laughing and eating some ice cream.

“Wait” Luca said to Iris.

He raised his hands to her face and wiped off the cream that got to her nose.

“Thanks bro” Iris smiled..

That kinda hurt Luca when she called him “bro”, nevertheless he smiled and acted like nothing happened. They continued their way.

Gavin watched both of them go with a murderous look on his face.

Gavin is a class above Iris and Kimberly, same as Luca. Luca and Gavin are both classmate and that’s their last year in highschool.

“That’s Luca!!” Kimberly said. He slowly looked at Gavin when he saw Iris with Luca

“I think there’s gonna be war” Kimberly mumbled to her self, looking at Luca and then Gavin.


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    1. Real war? Dis Gavin guy,what's wrong with him na? Besides,what makes him think Iris will like to date him???

  1. Authoress please we are anxiously waiting for the next episode plssssssssssssssssss, don't kill me with anxiety

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