Trouble In Heels

Trouble in Heels – Episode 17

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The limited edition Maybach pulled Infront of the building the ball is being held and all the reporters present were curious to know who was inside the Maybach..


Lucas dropped his laptop and turned to the lady who seem nervous but trying not to show it Infront of him..


“Did you get everything I said?” He asked and she nodded and took a deep breath.


“Yeah I think I can pull this off.” She assured him and he scoffed..


“You’d better My love.” He chuckled and took her hand in his..


She almost cringe at the word “my love” and glared at him..


“Remember to smile and wave for the camera My love.” He was grinning from ear to ear as Sebastian got outta the car first and the security guards quickly cleared a path for their boss..


“Are you ready?” He asked one more time and she nodded.


He smiled and the door was pulled open and he got out first.. the reporters began taking pictures immediately and thought he was going in alone since they haven’t seen him with a lady before but to the surprise he stretched forth his hand and a fair slender hand was placed in his and she slowly revealed one of her slim flawless leg which made everyone even curious who the damsel was..


Lucas was smiling at the lady who took her time in getting outta the car… She finally revealed herself and got outta the car while holding Lucas’s hand..


“No questions please.” Sebastian instructed and they swallowed all the questions they wanted to ask..


They knew Lucas Caine wasn’t someone to be messed so they only ended up taking pictures of him and his mysterious partner.


Annabelle was truly a beauty to behold and the couldn’t help but get curious lady Who Lucas was strangely close to and even whispering into her ear.


Anna was dead nervous but did well in concealing her nervousness by smiling sweetly at the crowd..


“You look like someone who has done something whose good at this.” Lucas whispered into her ear and she almost wanna punch him..


“This is my first time Mr Caine.” She said in between gritted teeth while holding onto him as they took the stairs and walked into the hall in which the event was being held..


“Call me Lucas whenever we’re around people or better yet Honey.” He whispered into her ear but to the unlookers it was as If he was kissing her and this was being caught on camera without them knowing..


“Whatever.” She mumbled that was when she realized they have arrived at the hall and everyone had turned their attention to them…


“If it isn’t my grandson! Come over here Lucas.” Chairman Ming was grinning from ear to ear especially after seeing the damsel beside him..


“You know what to do yeah?” He pecked her on the cheeks right before everyone’s eyes this shocked everyone including Anna but tried not to show it..


He held onto to Annabelle as they walked towards where his grandfather was standing alongside a few businessmen..


The ladies were staring daggers at Anna as she walked with him..


Lucas Caine was basically the nation’s boyfriend every single lady wanted him for themselves but unfortunately Lucas Caine was a extremely cold billionaire he has never been with any lady or has he ever been involved in a controversy with a lady..


He was considered a ghost in the business world.. he also known for his ruthless ways of forcefully acquiring companies all around the far east and west without breaking a sweat..


“Hello grandfather.” Lucas acknowledged his grandfather with a nod..


“Good evening Chairman Ming, it’s nice to finally meet you.” Anna greeted him curtly earning a wide smile from the old man..


“Oh please drop the formalities and just call me grandfather.” He chuckled and everyone was equally surprised the old man was being free with the lady whose background was unknown to them..


“Sorry.. grandfather.” She said with a smile and the old man was really happy..


“Much better… I hope Lucas isn’t giving you a hard time?” He asked while glaring at him grandson…



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