Trouble In Heels

Trouble in Heels – Episode 16

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“Thanks Mom in law, I’ll pay a proper visit soon.” Lucas bow slightly and smiled..


“Oh please call me Mom.” Mrs Laura said but unbeknownst to her Lucas had placed her somewhere in his heart…


“Okay Mom, permit me to take that beautiful flower out.”Lucas turned to the awfully silent Anna and a strange glint flashed through his eyes…


“Sure! Sure! You both can go.” Mrs Laura pulled Anna towards Lucas while grinning from ear to ear, Anna couldn’t complain seeing the way her mom was sincerely happy..


How she wished the situation was really different..


“Shall we?” He stretched forth his hand and she took it immediately..


“See you later honey!” Mrs Laura winked at her daughter and Anna was unable to say anything and only faked a smile..


Mrs Laura stood by the entrance of their apartment alongside her youngest daughter as they watch Lucas drive away with Anna…


“They look great together.” Mrs Laura mumbled with a grin plastered on her face..


“He looks so scary mom, I wonder how Anna was able to make him fall in love with her.” Anny instinctively rubbed off the goosebumps on her forearm..


“Nah, I think he’s cute.” Mrs Laura always saw the good in people no matter who they’re..


“Whatever let’s go watch some Kdramas.” Anny dragged her mom along with her…




Annabelle was sitting really close to the door because she didn’t wanna annoy him..


Seeing how he was skillfully lying to her mom means he’s actually planning something…


“You’re mom really Kind compared to her daughter.” Lucas spoke without taking his eyes off the laptop on his thigh..


He’d gone back to his cold self the moment they got into the car and she wondered how he could change so swiftly.


“Yeah that’s because you don’t really deserve My kindness.” She scoffed with sparing him a glance and he chuckled..


“But I never wanted it…” He took a deep breath and turned to her direction..


“I don’t really know what game you’re playing or why you suddenly showed up outta nowhere but one thing is certain.. ” His reading glasses rest on his nose bridge making him look even sexier but Anna wasn’t really moved by all that as she glared at him….


“You and I would get married but don’t get your hopes up, that’s the only thing I give you.” His harsh words were like filth all over her body but didn’t react the way he wanted her to…


“Dude do you think you can actually intimidate me? You’re not only getting married to me , you’re gonna give me lots of money cars and buildings, diamonds and gold too. You know what? I want half of your fortune after all I’m married to the most richest man ain’t I?” If he wants to play dirty then she’ll gladly be his guest..


How dare him look down on her?


He looked at her with disdain and scoffed..


Sebastian who was at the driver’s seat was trying so hard not to breathe too much as he let them argue their longs out..


He knows his boss was someone who doesn’t accept defeat. He would never back down from a fight no matter how complicating it must be..


He was Alps surprised to find out about his fiancee which turned to be that Money lover.




“Tsk! As expected from someone like you.. giving you half my fortune isn’t a problem, the problem is are you even worth it?” He smirked mockingly and Anna could only roll her eyes..


“Let’s talk about that after getting married.”


She didn’t wanna argue with him anymore because he tends to hurt someone with his mouth..


“We’ll be attending a ball for the rich which was organized by my grandfather as his pre birthday party and there’s gonna be lots of rich elites and socialites too.. the place is gonna be swimming with reporters and I won’t want my my to be looking homeless and Hungry around me. ” Paused and glanced at her to be sure she’s listening to everything he was saying…


“We’ll walk through the front door with smiles on our face and you’re gonna pretend we’re a loving couple, and also stay close to me so you don’t get Lost.” He explained..


“Hm.. But I didn’t buy any gift for your grandfather.” She pouted her lips and he somehow found it funny..


“There’s no need, I got a few gifts and it’s at the trunk of the car… Don’t get intimidated when you face my grandfather okay?”



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  1. Annabelle don't go there and be stealing things oooo, don't put your mother to shame again, you have to behave yourself.

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