The Housemates – Episode 31

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A story by Kennedy C Katongo




“If you not careful, her love for you will fade out one day. Trust me, it will be like she was never down to earth for you in the first place.” Chongolo explained.

“Don’t say such a thing Chongolo naiwe.” Bwalya nagged.

“We girls at times just want the thrill of life. But deep down every lady wants a man who can protect and provide for her. Not just someone who can take her for pizza and buy her Hunters Gold.” Chongolo said accompanied by a laugh.

“Oh! Now you making this sound like a joke!” Bwalya exclaimed.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to laugh. But seriously, you think you going to wake up one day and be serious with life? It doesn’t work like that. Maybe you don’t notice how highly Eunice thinks of you.” He added.

Bwalya was like a dog that had been poured cold water, he knew that every word that came out of Chongolo was the truth and nothing but the truth.

The coldness that just wrapped him and gave him chills as he heard her lecture him.

“Are you even listening to what am telling you?” “You just there looking at me – Ndwii – say something man.” She said as she pushed him.

“I’ve heard everything you have said. Eunice doesn’t have a problem, I will tell you what Max made me confess, I feel intimidated by her success. She not just a model, she’s a successful one who travels the globe on a monthly basis. Let me not even talk about her life as an Economist.” He gave a mischievous giggle as he spoke. “I can’t compete with that, I just can’t. ” He said as he sighed heavily.

“Guys and their egos. Instead of you being happy and proud that your girlfriend is doing well you busy being jealous and competitive. Am glad Peter is not like that.” Chongolo said.

“What! Now you comparing me with your husband.” Bwalya shouted.

“The only problem you have is you don’t like learning from other people. You lucky she believes in you and hopes that you can see beyond these small girls you keep chasing after.” Chongolo commented.

“Now you sounding like an informative. Whose side are you on?” Bwalya asked with a blank facial expression.

As they were talking Rose walked in from the main gate in her school uniform. She looked smaller than she normally did.

“Tiny!” Bwalya exclaimed happily.

“Nakana (I’ve refused)! I can’t have you calling me that as well.” She said.

“Hi…” She said to Chongolo with a smile.

“How was class?” Chongolo asked her.

“It was good. I feel fresh. Being single is strange.” She commented as everyone began to laugh.

“What happened to that young man who visited you when…” Chongolo asked.

“How do you know about that?” Rose asked her.

“My husband told me that he almost shouted at you guys when he found you seated at the road side when you had just moved in.” Chongolo laughed.

“Ah, I didn’t think that would news to everyone.” She said as she covered her face.

“This is the House, everyone knows everything.” Bwalya responded.

“Since that’s the case, what was with the music on repeat last night?” Rose asked.

“What! Not you as well.” Chongolo laughed.

“I told you. We all heard the music.” Bwalya raised his hands as he spoke.

“You guys are for Mulomo (gossip) ah!” Chongolo exclaimed. “Peter had cooked supper, it was more like a romantic dinner – that’s why our favourite song was on repeat.” She giggled.

“Oh! That sounds romantic. I wish I could find me a man whose down to earth. Not these savages.” Rose comment.

“Savage’s mmh.” Bwalya murmured.

“I don’t know what it takes to find a good girl in this age. Seems like men just want to get some these days. Lord your sons just want to have some then dump us.” Rose said dramatically as they all laughed.

“What! That’s not fair. Lord your daughter’s want us to be Bill Gates.” Bwalya said jokingly as the two ladies began to laugh.


“I’ve been waiting for you like forever.” Maluba said as Max walked up to the window.

“Am sorry, I wanted to give you and Samuel some time together.” He said as he entered inside the car.

“Why does that sound the way it sounds?”

“What do you mean?” Max laughed.

“You making it sound like there is something between me and Samuel.” Maluba said.

“Not really. I just think he likes you.” Max said passively.

“Come one, I don’t think am his type.“ She said as she drove off.

“You don’t think, I thought you might say his not your type… That’s a close one.” Max laughed.

“That’s not funny and what was with you and the sudden seriousness in the office?”“Oh, let’s start from… Why didn’t you tell me you had an office Mr?” She asked him.

“I wasn’t serious, that was me working and this is me not working. About the office, I don’t like talking about it that’s all.” Max responded.

“And what’s between you and the cute secretary?” She asked.

“There is nothing between me and her, she’s a friend that’s all.” Max said.

“While, it seems like your friend has feelings for you.” Maluba commented.

“I wonder why people say that, even Samuel once said the same thing. She’s just a good people person that’s all.” Max said defensively.

“Have you guys gone out before?” Maluba asked.

“Big MP has been very lucid about dating within a work place. So to answer your question, nope, I haven’t taken her out.” Max smiled.

“You need to read between the lines Sir, Otherwise you might miss a shooting star right in front of your eyes.” Maluba commented.

“Oh, So now she’s a love guru – you better be careful not to miss a shooting star yourself… ” Max laughed.

They both began laughing as they were on their way home. If only Max knew that he was going to find himself in hot soup once he got home.

“Is Bwalya dating?” Makuba asked.

“I think that’s a question you need ask him.” Max said as he looked out the window.

“That means his dating and you just don’t want time be the one to tell me… I get it.” Maluba said.

“Am not answering that as well.” He smiled.

“You guys and your stupid guy code. Busy calling a lady semeki semeki (Sister in-law) when you know she’s not the only one – fire fall on you.” Maluba commented.

Max began to laugh, as he did, Maluba kept one eye on him and another on the road. For some strange reason she remembered how she acted towards him the first time they crossed paths at the House.

“I never apologized for being hash on you the first time we met. I would like to say sorry.” Maluba giggled.

“Wait a minute, you don’t just drop apologies on a brother like that.” Max said as he looked her in the eyes, there eyes had locked without even paying attention it.

Maluba silently looked away as she made a turn at Four Stars.

“I thought we making a stop at Shoprite… What happened to the plan?” Max asked her.

“Nothing, just wait here I want to with draw money.”

“Thought am the one whose paying today?” Max said with a surprised look on his face.

“You still paying.” Maluba said as she walked to the ATM machine.


“Maluba isn’t back yet!” Rose said.

“Not yet. I think she’s with Max. He was invigilating her for his debate club.” Bwalya responded.

“Max, but why him?”

“That’s because Max happens to be the founder and patron of the debate club at his school.” Bwalya responded.

“Not only that, his the District President of the debate club in Chililabombwe.” Chongolo answered.

“Say what! But his young. How did he become president even?” Rose asked, her mouth wide open and her face in awe.

“That’s what everybody says…” Bwalya said passively.

“He looks so simple… Am sorry but it’s just weird. I wonder if Maluba knows.” Rose said with a smile and concerned look on her face.

“The way I know Max. Am positive he hasn’t said a single thing.” Chongolo responded to Maluba’s statement.


“Are we getting ice cream?” Maluba asked him.

“I thought it was a pride bucket with a lot of chips.” Max responded.

“That’s exactly what we getting. The ice cream is for me.” said Maluba.

“That’s not fair…” Max nagged.

“What’s not fair is you wanting to hijack my ice cream.” Maluba laughed.

Max began laughing, it was like Maluba knew just what to say to have him laugh.

“Am going to get back at you for this!” Max exclaimed.

“There is nothing to get back at.” Maluba laughed. “Just get some ice cream as well that’s all.”

“I don’t want, We going to share the same one.” Max said with a smile.


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