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The Housemates – Episode 29

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A story by Kennedy C Katongo




– What If the sky was turning red! – I know you would be safe, right here in my bed.

– Laying face to face!

Maluba was busy singing as she sat in her car. Little did she know that someone was listening to her sing.

“What song is that?” He said sharply. Almost hitting her head on the dash board by the sound of the unexpected voice.

“Am sorry I scared you…” He said with a smile.

“It’s okay don’t worry. Its 2012!” She responded. The shiver and awkwardness that rushed through her body knowing that someone had been listening to her, but that wasn’t it, the thought of him watching her was more awkward.

The man that spoke to her was in his mid 30s, by the look of things he was a family man as the ring was very much lucid. However, he kept smiling at her.

“Am sorry, can I help you?” She asked him.

“Oh, am very sorry – didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.” He responded, “My name is Mr Matumbo, am one of the senior teachers here. I believe you new.” He said as he continued to smile.

“Oh! My bad, Yes, am new here.” She responded without telling him her name.

Mr Matumbo was legendary among the female teachers and pupils alike, rumours of him sleeping with new stuff members and also with pupils in the name of providing leakage for them was his speciality. Yet, no one had ever reported him directly: But the rest of the male teachers new him, once he had his eye on a girl… he was willing to do anything to just make her join the list of his conquest.

After all, Mr Matumbo had plenty of money to spare on girls in order to have his desired met.

“Everyone is in the staffroom, why are you in your car?” Mr Matumbo asked.

“Am not used eating in front of a large number of people. I prefer eating like this…” She responded.

“I see, am sure you will get used soon. Its just a matter of time.” He said with a smile.

“Thanks! I will look forward to that time.” She responded. She wasn’t at ease having him talk to her but for some reason, he kept lagging behind and asking her questions.

“Am sorry sir. But I need to eat and also prepare for a class.” She finally said.

“Class? Big MP has got you teaching evening classes already? you have to be good.” He exclaimed.

However, she just gave him a strong stare without saying a word, that acted as Mr Matumbo’s exit signal. With a sluggish step, he left the door side and went his way.




“What did you tell Doris?” Max asked Samuel as they walked to the class were the debate teaching was going to be held.

“Nothing.” He laughed.

“You can’t do that again, you know how these school girls are… next she will be crying for attention when am suppose to be working. I don’t want Teachers getting all suspicious.” Max said.

“By the way Mr Matumbo is back.”

“What are you trying to say?” He asked him.

“Am just saying you better play your cards right. Otherwise his going to be on your tail once he finds out that Doris is involved with you.” Samuel said.

“What does Doris have to do with Mr Matumbo?” He asked.

“You seriously don’t know! Let me tell you then – I heard from one of the teachers that he was after are, she went to complain to the teacher concerning his behaviour every time he called her to his office.” Samuel explained in a low faint voice.

“You joking right?” Max asked with a concerned face. Him and Mr Charming had never been in good terms from the day he reported for work.


After what seemed like 30 minutes of waiting, the class was full with Max and Samuel seated behind, as Maluba organised her papers in front to prepare for the teaching.

“Since when did debate have classes? As far as i know every debate meeting is meant for either preparing points for a motion or getting a motion.” Samuel said acting surprised.

“Actually this only happens here. Non of the other schools do this.” Samuel smiled as he answered.

Mean while, Maluba was shocked by the attendance of the pupils. With her strong commanding voice, she greeted the class and silence swept across the room like sand in the desert.

Without wasting time she gave her salutation, the pupils gave her a warm welcome that was accompanied by applause.

“She’s good. isn’t she?” Max asked Samuel.

“Good? Nah, she’s great.” He responded.

“Ain’t you just saying that because of our little secret.” Max laughed.

“You making noise. Ain’t you suppose to be writing down what she’s saying or something?” Samuel asked.

“I am, don’t worry. But right now am worried about you.” He said as he looked in front to continue listening to Maluba.




Back home, Bwalya wasn’t having such a productive day, his was filled with frustration and the struggle of coming to a common agreement with his girlfriend.

“Listen Bwalya, I don’t care if you will be working all day. Am coming and that’s that.” Eunice said.

“The thing is you don’t want to hear me out. You can just come next month. At least then I will be doing well.” Bwalya said in his low upset voice.

He knew very well that nothing was going to change her mind. On the other hand, Bwalya just didn’t want her to visit.

“I don’t need you to approve anything, I’ve told you my mind is already made up. Last time it was the same issue of you letting me know.” Eunice shouted.

“Don’t you raise your voice on me!” Bwalya commanded.

“Ah! I know what you trying to do. You just want us to argue so that you can have an excuse of me not coming to Chililabombwe.” She responded with a lowered tone.

“Thats out of this world. What makes you think I can do such a thing?” He responded as a way to counter Eunice’s statement of him wanting to argue.

“Bwalya am not a child. If you know you seeing someone better tell me now because you won’t like what will happen once am there.”

“Girl you better watch your mouth. Are you trying to threaten me?” He asked her.

“Am not trying to do anything. Am just letting you know and that’s all.” Before Bwalya could say something the line cut. His Soche package had just run out.

‘Just when things start looking up between Maluba and I then she want to come visit. What kind of witchcraft is this now?’ He said to himself as he walked around the room.

‘If only she could agree to sleep at a guest house. Now the way she is, I might end up getting into trouble. I need to make sure there is nothing suspicious between me and Maluba.’ He thought to himself.

Bwalya knew better than to break up with Eunice, not only because he feared the father, but now that she had raised the topic of marriage… that was something on another level.

‘Look at me, am still sharing a room with my friend and she’s asking me about my thoughts on getting married. Mxxxm, these same Facebook people who are making us look like we not serious boyfriends.’ He complained bitterly.

Just as he was lost in thought, there was a knock on the day. He knew who it was but couldn’t believe she was already home.

“Chongolo! What you doing home?” He called out as he walked to the door.

“Hey!” He said as he opened the door.

“Gash Bwalya, you need to learn to put your shirt on. This isn’t the gym you know.” She said with hands on her face.

“Okay its fine. you can note open them.” He said as he out on a blue shirt with the tag “Dinosaurs” on it.

“Isn’t that for kids?” Chongolo giggled as she spoke.

“Says the lady who kept the same song on repeat the whole night. What happened?” Bwalya asked sounding a bit sarcastic as usual.

“Yellow bone.” She exclaimed in a whisper.

“I heard that… you know.” Bwalya responded.

“Anyway, I just came to check on you and tell you that me and Peter are planing on having a child.” She smiled.

“Say what! A child! Since when did you change your mind about having kids?” Bwalya asked. Chongolo just laughed, despite liking him, she always saw him as a brother and nothing more even when he tried to kiss her once.

“Yes, Peter and I think it’s the best time for us to have a child.”

“Max needs to hear this…” Bwalya said as he got his phone. Chongolo laughed.

“Yaba. His in one of his debate clubs. He doesn’t answer. But that’s great you know…” Bwalya said with a blush.

“You seem hurt than happy.” Chongolo commented.

“Well, you know I like you and all that.” He giggled.

“That mouth of yours will get you into trouble. Like I told you before you knew I was married, you a player. I wouldn’t risk being your girlfriend even if I was single.” Chongolo said as they walked down the hallway heading outside.

“Girl you need to have breaks. You too direct and that hurts.” He said as he followed her behind.


Sorry guys, was changing my phone. So had a bit of a pickle on backing up my chapters. Stay Blessed.


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