Sins Of My Father – Chapter Six

Sins Of My Father.


Written by Peace Ifunanya.


Chapter Six.

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Dedicated to Betty�really appreciate the comments love.


He walked into the aisle where milks were stalked. His eyes searched the shelves for the particular liquid milk Sire had told him she wanted. She�s going �to bake cupcakes for his mother as her birthday is coming up. He also wants to use the opportunity to officially introduce Sire to his mom.

The thought of Pemisire makes him smile while he still search for the milk.

It has been months since they met, and things have been going really well for them. He had taken her on a few dates and had gotten to know a lot about her. Sola was convinced he had found his missing rib.

Sire isn�t just beautiful, she�s also smart and ambitious. A woman that doesn�t depend on her father�s wealth despite being the only child. Most of her accomplishment were due to her hard work. She�s one of the most passionate persons he has ever met.

And a wonderful cook too.

He smiled broadly recalling how he got home to find food on the dining table. She cooked dinner and it tasted heavenly.

She made him realized not all ladies from a wealthy background were rude and arrogant.

I really need to stop watching Nollywood.

A lady walked into the aisle and began stalking the exact milk he wanted.

The greeting from behind made Amara turn. She had decided to help out in her aunt�s supermarket that day. She was just recovering from an illness.

Amara dropped the carton of milk in her hands when she turned to find Sola standing behind her. She didn�t realize she shouted as she jumps on him hugging him tightly.

Sola was shocked to see her too and was even more stunned when she hugged him. He laughed at her reaction and reciprocated. It was almost like she didn�t want to let go.

He covered her small frame with his body wrapping his hands around her, not making any attempt to pull back or break the hug. He was certain they were attracting the attention of other customers but he doesn�t really care.

It�s almost been a year for crying out loud.

When they finally broke the hug, Amara couldn�t stop talking of how good it is to see him. She tells him she saw the news months ago and is really happy for him.

�I mean after all these years�

Sola laughed at how she exaggerated it.

It does feel like years though.

She complimented him not failing to notice how good he looks.

How wealthy.

Sola asked if she still works at C.S.A, she gave a positive response explaining why she was there and told him the supermarket belongs to her aunt.

After a few moments talking, he decides to take his leave as he was already running late. He told her of his mother�s birthday.

�I would really be happy you would make it. Both of you�

Amara laughs telling him how Dora doesn�t take social gatherings well. She walks him to his car making sure he doesn�t pay for the milk. She gives him her contact after which she bids him goodbye.

The glow on Amara�s face didn�t fade even till the end of the day.


Please do read the chapters well�every chapter leaves a clue to some mystery that is to be solved.




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