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(Her quest…)

Genres: Revenge, Business, Romance, Family.

Tags: Love triangle, Revenge, Betrayal, Jealousy, Hatred.


By: Victoria


She’s cute, adorable and… just name it!!! She’s drop dead gorgeous and rich but her heart’s filled with pains and hatred for the LEE FAMILY. She believes they’re the ones who ruined her love life and because of that, she’s vowed to make them pay for every single thing they did to her… she’ll pay them back with their own coin even if that’s the last thing she’ll get to do on earth…

Well the name of this beautiful but pained lady is LYKA CHOI…

Want to know the reason behind her pains and quest?

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Then come along… this is going to be really thrilling so get your popcorns ready guys ???.

got my hands tied else…” Vera gave Ara a knowing look which she returned with a pitiful look


They returned their gaze to the couples who were already exchanging wedding vows.

A slum in Busan,korea

* * * * *

Lyka tried all she could to make the baby stop crying but all to no avail, she kept crying louder and louder

“Please angel stop this,am going to cry too” lyka said as tears formed in her eyes too

“Where will i get money to buy your drugs huh? Where? Am a worthless mother right? I can’t even take care of my child” she released the tears slowly

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“Hey lyka… child what is it?”old mother Brenda asked

“Ma’am am very pathetic my daughter is sick and am helpless, I can’t even buy her drugs”she cried

“Oh no… she’s burning…take this money and go buy her drugs, i’ll take care of her until you return ok”mother Brenda said as she took the baby

“Eomma gamsahabnida(thank you mum)” she wiped her tears

“Hurry up and get the drugs”mother Brenda said and lyka rushed to the pharmacy.



A young man on black sat quietly in his car watching the residents of the slum Walk around

<b>she’ll be dying soon.

He wrote on his phone

“How many minutes do we have left?”he asked

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“Just three”a guy from the back seat said,he noded and brought the engine to life. Soon he was out of the slum area


Lyka paid the lady, took the drugs and started running back to her house

“Thank God for mother Brenda, my child won’t have to cry all day again” she said as she kept running but all of a sudden,a blast was heard from afar off making the earth shake.Lyka fell as a result and hit her head on a stone… she could hear thuds and screams as she laid helpless on the floor with blood oozing from her cracked head

“My child…”that was the only thing on her mind before blacking out.



Lyka's Revenge

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  1. Woow it's really going to be interesting, I can't wait…
    Pls bring it on,I'm seated with my popcorn ready!!!

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