In Love With Two Brothers

In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

(Getting the waitress)

Elsa had managed to copy some files from Laura’s phone. Her messages, call logs and other necessary files. She was given a code by Brad, which she will use in getting all the information. Laura could be seen at the other end attending to customers; she was unaware of the fact that her phone wasn’t present in her pocket where she usually keeps it. The day’s work was hectic being that they had lots of customers to attend to, and didn’t give her access to operate her phone.

Elsa was in the kitchen section this time, so she had the opportunity to do all that she was asked to without anyone’s notice. They had finished preparing enough food, so the chefs where resting now, only those who are taking others were working. After copying the whole details, she locked the phone and kept it somewhere close to where Laura’s bag is. On a second thought, she picked it up and placed it inside her bag to avoid her curiosity of how it got out.


“Is this all you managed to get from the phone” Brittany asked her. Elsa nodded her head. She arrived from work about half an hour ago. They just finish going through all the detailed of her messages and phone call record.

“Hope she didn’t notice that you took her phone” She inquired

“Nope, she was too busy to notice. I did a clean job” Elsa replied. Brittany nodded and faced Brad.

“With what we have gotten, I have a strong proof that she worked with those who tried to kill me. Take a look at these messages, it looks odd. We need to nap her, she is our target” Brittany stated. Brad nodded

“Yea…that’s right. She needs to tell us who sent her, and if she is related to the other lady who came for you in the restroom” Brad resorted. Elsa only watches them as they spoke before chipping in

“Are you sure we ain’t gonna hurt her, fine, she might be my rival but I don’t want any problem, neither do I want to hurt anyone. I’m only doing this because I believe it’s the right thing to help catch whosoever wanna hurt Brittany” Elsa stated, having this kind of fight look

“We ain’t gonna hurt her Elsa, only if she agrees with us though” She rolled her eyes. Elsa sighs while Brad chuckle.

“We aren’t gonna do anything to implicate you, trust us” He spoke, pecking Brittany on her cheek. Elsa just sighs, watching them. She was happy seeing Brittany to be a grown lady, although she doesn’t know how much she loves this guy, but she has vowed to keep the secret of Theo liking her to herself. Theo likes Brittany so much, though Brittany knows nothing of it.

She also wants Theo for Brittany, but Brad seems to be a cool guy to her. She is ok with him, as long as he doesn’t try to hurt her Brittany. She smiled inwardly as they kissed each other, not even minding her presence in the room. She decided to excuse them.

“Oh…sorry Elsa….we are done with the discussion, and ermm…we will just tell you the next plan later” Brittany stated, Elsa chuckled

“I was just about leaving, you too can continue your lovey dovey” She rolled her eyes

“Don’t tell me you are jealous” Brittany teased

“Whatever, lemme alone” Elsa smiled, going out


The Next Day

“Good bye Chef, I’m leaving” Laura muttered. She just finished her own shift for the day. She picked up her bag, bringing out her phone as she made a call.

“Hello, where are you, this boy won’t let me be, he kept asking for his mum, geezz…” her sister screamed into the phone. She rolled her eyes

“What is Emmy, what happened” She asked, going out of the restaurant

“It’s Dwayne, he is making a fuss here, wait, speak with him. Hey Dwayne, your mum is on the line” She snapped

“Mum….” A tiny winy voice came up from the other line, making her heart flutter

“Baby, what’s it? Why are you making your aunt Emmy angry?”

“Mummy, I missed you. I want you to come home, you promised not to leave me, but you haven’t come home for a long time” He whined. She suddenly felt sad for leaving for so long without going to see him. She has been the one taking care of him and her sister, since she had no other person to look after them.

“Baby…..I’m sorry okay, guess what?”


“Mummy will be coming home tomorrow, just be expecting me okay”

“Ok mummy, please buy me a lot of things” he grinned

“Sure….trust your mummy, I will get you a big spider man toy and many other things. Remember the bicycle I once promise you, I’m gonna bring it along, okay.”

“Ok mummy, you are the best”

“Yes baby, make sure you eat your food and don’t get aunt Emmy angry again, okay”

“Okay mummy, love you”

“Love you too baby, muahh” She blew kisses, and ended the call with a sigh. She wiped the strand of tears coming down from her eyes and went into the street. She boarded a taxi and headed to her little apartment.

“She is out already, are you tracking her” Elsa muttered into the phone she was holding. She had been watching Laura all along, as she left the restaurant. She was not yet done with her duty but almost done. She placed a call to Brittany to inform her about the plan.

“Yes, we are trailing her now. Finish up in time and meet us at the schedule location, Bye” Brittany hung up. She sighed

“I hope I’m doing the right thing” she thought, taking off her apron. I’m done for today, Bye chef. She muttered and left


Laura bade the taxi driver goodbye as she walk down the street towards her apartment. She stopped abruptly, looking at her back. She felt the presence of someone following her but couldn’t see anyone. She shrugged it off and continued walking. But this time the presence was obvious, she saw the shadow of the person and was about hasting her step. A spark of fear erupt her, as she turned to her back and sighted someone in black just behind her. He hits her with his hand, making her all to the ground, she was about screaming when a handkerchief covered her nose.



Laura woke up the next day with a spark of headache. She groaned slightly as she tried moving her body, but it seem stuck to something. She opened her eyes but shut it back immediately the headache hits her. She tried opening it again, moving her body too, but all seem futile. She glanced at her environment, trying to remember how she got there. Her body was firmly tired to a chair in a room which she hasn’t been in before. It suddenly became dawn on her that she was kidnapped remembering the scene of the previous night. She tried freeing herself but the more she tried to free herself, the more the rope become firm.

She gave up and waited for what fate has in mind for her. Just as she was thinking the door to the room opened revealing someone; a lady in black short, white shirt and white sneakers. The lady came closer with a guy behind; his dressing was similar to hers, just that he was putting on a face cap.

“Who are you and what do you want from me” She asked; a bit scare but didn’t try to show it. Her voice actually betrayed her though. The lady smirk, coming to squat before her

“Huff…can’t believe you still have the guts to speak up this way, even after finding out that you are not in your home. Hi….i’m…whatever, you don’t need to know my name. But I believe you know this face” Brittany spat. Laura’s face was suddenly filled with horror. She remembered Brittany’s face and was scared for the worse. How did Brittany manage to find her? She thought

“Surprised right, or cat got your tongue. Well, I’m not here for chitty chat; I just want the truth from you.” She noted, pausing to see Laura’s expression

“Just ask your questions and get me out of here…this place stinks” Laura spats

“Ok…let’s start like this” She drew a chair close and sat on it, facing her

“The drink you served me that night, what is in it?” She asked, Laura furrowed her brow, feigning innocence

“What are you talking about; I’m just a damn waitress, ordered to serve drinks that night. What do you mean” She resorted

“I won’t repeat myself, answer the damn question peacefully” Brittany growled already getting annoyed

“I don’t f**king know what you are talking about” Laura snapped but was follow by a resounding blow

“Harghh” She screamed, spitting out blood. Brittany’s punch had a huge effect on her making her dizzy for few seconds

“Hey, look at me, do you think I’m here for jokes, tell me the damn truth b!tch” Briattany snapped, holding her face closer to hers. Laura let out a frail cry

“Why do you wanna know the content” She lamented

“Because you gave it to me and I almost drank out of it if not being bumped into, making the drink spill”

“The drink was poisoned, trust me I know nothing about it, I was only asked to give it to you, please let me go”

“What sort of poison” Brittany asked, not giving in to her pleas

“It was meant to destroy your inner organ, making you bleed to death” Laura creied, sniffing in

“Hmmm….so tell me, who sent you, and why were you are the party that night when you should be at your work place”

“I was on leave”

“A personal leave, or just an excuse to carry out the job” Brit asked. This time Laura was really crying, she tried to stay strong but it wasn’t helping her. She has to say the truth to save her life. Looking at Brittany, she knows that she won’t release her until she hears the whole truth.

“And don’t try to lie to me, cause I’m gonna make sure you dig your grave with your own hand” Brittany threatened. Brad only watched the whole drama, amused at how Brittany is handling the matter.

“Trust me, I never wished to do this…but she forced me to. Her name is Tina. I saw her in one club and she gave me the job to execute you with the drink” She yelled in anger. Brittany was already boiling with rage

“And why did you do it, did you know me before, why did you agree to kill an innocent person….answer me you b!tch” Brittany slapped her again

“Harrhghhh….call me whatever, fine I am a b!tch and I know that, but I’m doing it for my son” She yelled, Brittany calmed down a bit. She stared at her puzzled

“What do you mean?”

“I was forced to do it. I work as a waitress in the restaurant, and also a call girl in a club. I became a b!tch just to fend for my little boy and sister. I can’t watch them die. I had to work, and that was how I met Tina. She do come to the club to have some threesome. She is a lesbi@n. She gave me the job to execute you with the threat of killing my son if I didn’t do it.” She sobs

‘And where is this Tina”

“She is dead, she was killed that night; after I carried out my duty I had to leave the party. I didn’t hear from her again until I heard about her death. I think she belongs to a gang or so and perhaps they killed her” She explained. Brittany heave a sigh, Tina might be the lady who came after her in the restroom. She looked at Brad and he nodded at her

“Did she tell you the reason for trying to kill me, or perhaps the person that sent her” Brad asked, coming closer this time

“No she didn’t”

“Think Laura, she might have said something”

“No she didn’t….she….wait I think I remember something” she muttered. This made Brad and Brit pay more attention to what she was about saying

“She said something about Celine coming after me if I try leaking out this information”

“Celine?” Brittany frown

‘Who is Celine, do you know her”

“No I don’t, but I think she was sent by this Celine, I don’t know any more of her plans, only what she asked me to do. Please I’m sorry for trying to hurt you, but it wasn’t intentional, I was forced to do it. She threatened to kill my son and sister” Laura sniffed in

Brittany faced Brad this time

“I think we have found what we are looking for.” She whispered to him, while he nodded. She face Laura again, who was shivering, fear clearly written on her face, and smiled

“Thanks so much for your time, if you had cooperated from the beginning I wouldn’t have hit you and given you this scar. But don’t worry, as long as all you have said are not lies then you are free to leave” She smirk. Laura heaved a sigh of relief, thanking her stars for not lying.

“Thank you” She mumbled sincerely


<Back in the house>

“I believe you heard all her confessions” Brittany asked Elsa, who nodded. She heard been behind the door listening to them while Laura was been questioned. She couldn’t show her face due to safety reasons. Laura will surely recognized her

“So what are we gonna do with her, are you just gonna release her. What if she tries to inform those bad people” Elsa asked

“She won’t, she is saying the truth. And whereas I drugged her water, she will lose her memory of this moment” Brittany replied

“She’s got amnesia?”

“Kind of…just partly; she will forget what happened in the past 48 hours, she won’t remember meeting with me, or even the torture.”


“Now, I think Celine is behind this, but the confusing thing is that I don’t have a rift with her, why will she try to hurt me” Brittany asked

“Perhaps to get back at what you did to her friend” Brad replied her

“You mean Clara”


“What if Clara is the one behind it”

“Clara was in the party that night carrying out the clan’s mission, she can’t probably be watching over her own plans. But Celine wasn’t part of those chosen for the mission”

“Hmmm, I think I’m getting something here; Clara might be the one behind it, while Celine helped her in carrying it out. Then we will have to deal with the two of them” She snorted. Brad shrug

“But you still need to be careful, if truly they are the ones behind it, then the clan isn’t safe for you either, as long as they are still there” Brad noted

“I think I know what to do”


Brittany sighed briefly as she made her way to her room, greeting colleagues on the way. She just arrive the clan since she has finished her mission of getting the waitress; now she is back to clarify something about the other two devils. She was about opening the room of her door when she noticed Nora speaking to someone.

“She hasn’t used the cream, what do you want me to do, it’s been a week now, and I can’t force her to use it when her cream is still remaining. Hm.…I will just call you back,, need to use the bathroom now” She hung up and she heard the bathroom door opening. What is Nora planning to do with the cream she gave her? She sigh, entering the room as gently as she could and went towards her table. She picked up the cream and broke the seal. She took that of Nora which was already broken and replaced it with hers; she took Nora’s cream and placed it on her table.

“Now I will see why you really want me to rub this cream after you rub it thinking it yours. Too many mistake Nora, you shouldn’t have gotten us the same cream” Brittany chuckled and left the room.



Fifth Audition coming up in the next chapter. Haha…who else believes that Nora is playing with fire.


Love Y’all

Vickie Dora

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this episode. So Nora is an enemy too. But why does Brittany have so many enemies in the clan or is it because Macho love her and want a baby with her?
    I think there is more to this hatred that needs to be unraveled
    Thank you Vickie, you are a darling, can't love you less 🥰🥰
    Next please

  2. Wow! That's a brilliant move Brittany, let's see how Nora is gonna escape this with her evil plan. Nice work Dora

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