In Love With Two Brothers

In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

Red Fox Clan

Brad’s POV

“How is your arm now?” Brad asked, placing soft k**ses on Brittany’s arm. They are currently in his room, enjoying their lovely moment. She rested her head properly on his chest, smiling at the way he treats her like a queen. Brad picked up the remote control from the side stool close by and changed the station of the Tv. It displays the past event of the Hybrid contest, showing the judges and those that were performing.

“The black girl is really good. I love her stage management” Brad muttered, referring to Ariel who was busy singing on stage, as cameras capture her. He noticed that Brittany wasn’t paying attention to him, so he turned to look at her face

“Don’t you like the station, or should I change it to…”

“No no, it’s ok…. Just zoned out, don’t mind me” She smiled faintly. She eyes lingered on how Ariel performed and she was marveled, but didn’t show it out. The camera showed her brothers in their glamour, smiling diligently; this made her frown. She suddenly felt nostalgic, remembering her past life with a lovely family, well, excluding her father. She wished she could re-unite with them and make life easy for her. But she had been initiated into the gang and no going back, the penalty is death.

“So you have refused to tell me about the girl who help in finishing our plans of saving Mr. Jenkins. Who is she to you, and why did you save that Mr. Jenkins.” Brad asked, turning to face her properly. She sighs

“Mr. Jenkins doesn’t deserve to die, he is a good man, and has helped lots of lives. I can’t watch and see him suffer in the hands of our boss. And as for Elsa, she is just a friend who doesn’t know about my work” She stated, not wanting to go further. Brad doesn’t know anything about her family; she made him believe that she was a runaway from home, but didn’t give details about her family being influential, and Brad didn’t bother asking. If he gets to know, he might try escaping with her to them, which will be running into their grave yard, and she doesn’t want that.

“I need to get that waitress, she is the only one that can lead me to the culprit” She whispered, caressing his chest. He heaved a sigh.

“We are all free this week, so I think we need to nap her now that we have the chance. I will make some research on her, let’s make it this week” Brad replied


*Dung Town*

Elsa was just returning from her first job where she works in a restaurant. She sigh tiredly, dipping her hand into her pocket to bring out the key, and dipped it in the key hole; but was shocked to find the door open. She walked in gently, holding her breath, when she sighted Brittany sitting on the couch with a certain young guy beside her. They seem to be having lunch, while watching one of her favourite station.  She tried leaving gently, but paused when she heard her name

“Elsa….hmm…never knew you will be back this early, I thought you work into the night” Brittany muttered, stuffing her mouth with food, as she glance at here Elsa stood, bewildered

“Oh…..yea….i just….good afternoon” She greeted, walking in fully, as she close the door. Her eyes locked with Brad who gave her a short smile.

“Were you trying to run away earlier, oh, you didn’t know that I’ve seen you right?” Brittany teased.  She chuckled

“Perhaps, I was shocked to see someone in the house, and you know that I need to be really careful. You asked me to, right” Elsa stated dropping her bag on the second couch. Her eyes went back to Brad again, and his features suddenly look familiar to her

“Oh…meet Brad…my boyfriend, the guy who came here the other night” Brittany helped her out, knowing what was in her mind

“Oh…..yea…he was on a face mask, so I couldn’t see his face then” She replied, faking a smile, as she waved at Brad, who winked in return

“I made lunch, you can go freshen up and eat; when you are done, we have something to discuss” Brittany muttered, as Elsa nodded. She picked up her bag and went into the inner room.


“So you also work as a nanny” Brittany asked. Elsa had finish having her lunch as they all settle in the living room to have a talk.

“Yea…but the family is out of town, I won’t be working there until they come back. I only have to work in the restaurant for now, as a waiter.

“Ok….now erm…Elsa…there is something I really need you to do for me” Brittany stated, staring at Elsa to see her reaction. She kept an expressionless face, making her to continue

“Do you know this lady, heard she works in your restaurant” She stated, collecting a device from Brad as she shows her the picture of a lady, displaying on the screen. Elsa stiffens for a moment, looking at the picture briefly and turn to stare at her

“Yes…..that’s Laura, she is my co-worker.  But how did you get this picture, I mean, she took this in the restaurant, and…wait a minute, why do you ask If I know her” Elsa rushed her words. Brittany smiled

“How long has she been working there” She asked, ignoring Elsa’s question

“Quite a while, I met her there”

“Do you guys have shifts, or go on leave”

“Yes we do, she was on leave about two weeks ago”

“Did she tell you were she was going to”

“No…we ain’t friends, and only the manager will know that…I always mind my business at work. I’m not ready to mingle with b!tches”

“Well, this is what you are gonna do for us” She whispered some words into Elsa’s ear, making her eyes pop out

“That’s crazy, Laura is my rival at work and she won’t agree to what you said. She is a b!tch and…gosh I hate that girl”

“And that makes our work easier. Come on, you will do it for us”

“But why do you need her, what work are you both into. Are you secret agents or what…Brit” Elsa whispered with a bit of fright.

“Trust me…you wouldn’t wanna know the work I do, so just stay clear and do what we ask of you. You are in already, no backing out” Brittany stated, getting on her feet as she exit the room. Brad sighs briefly, rubbing his temple.

“Just do what she asked of you. She was almost killed as at that time Laura took a leave, and we need to get the killer, Laura might be the one to lead us to the culprit” Brad note, as Elsa’s eyes went wild.

“What!!!” She whispered


Mr. Jenkins Mansion

“Where are you, meet me in my study” Sophia muttered into her phone. She sighs briefly, typing into her system when she heard a knock on the door. A grin came up on her face as she ordered the fellow in

“Good Evening miss…” The young man greeted, alongside a lady who walk in just after him

“Hey Thomas, are you here with what I need” She asked, ignoring the lady behind

“Yes ma’am, it’s in the flash” He noted, bring out a flash drive. She collected it and plugged it to the port of the laptop. The file came up, as she installed it, deleting it from the flash.

“Hmm…all done…dispose this” She stated, giving it back to him, which he humbly collected

“And you Alice, have you carried out the job” She asked the lady behind

“Yes, my sister went to his mansion, applying as a new maid to replace me. I told her about where the camera was installed and she had taken it away. She gave me the report of her success last night. She will be leaving the mansion today, and that’s if she hasn’t let already.” Alive replied. Sophia nodded.

“That’s good. Hmm… so your full payment will be given to you in a second. But remember, this secrets should be between the three of us, if you let it out, then be ready to dig your graves” She threatened. They nodded

“Yes ma’am”

“You can leave, I have sent it to your accounts” She muttered. They both smiled and left, before she would change her mind.

“Oh my gawd…now I will see how Flora will be able to get out of these. I have everything I need to pin her down if she tries to sell me out. She will just end up killing herself after a long time desperation…haahaahaa” She laughed, playing the video clip, with a smirk on her face.


“Do you think we did the right thing” Alice asked Thomas as they walk out of their study.

“We had no choice, if we didn’t do as she asked, then our family will be in trouble. I’m not ready to face Miss Jenkins’ wrath. Remember what she did to me the last time?” He stated. She sighed

“Well, if she gets to release that video, then it will really put those two into depression. If she hadn’t drugged Aiden, I believe he wouldn’t have slept with that girl” She stated, as they take a U-turn.

“Well, that’s celebrity life for you; they always get on one another. We have played our role, so let’s leave the rest for them to sort out.”

“What about the flash drive, is the video still in it”

“I think she deleted it, but there is a possibility that it is still in one of the files. I will just dispose it here”

“What I someone sees it”

“I don’t care, she had formatted it. She is not a fool you know, she will think we have another agenda to do with it. I don’t wanna get into trouble” He muttered, throwing it into a trash can close by.

“Fine….let’s leave here before someone sees us” She muttered as they left. Unknown to them, Michael had been watching them for a while. He planned on giving Sophia a surprise visit, and on getting to her room, he couldn’t find her. He decided to check her study, and got to eavesdrop on their conversation indoor. He could grasp all that they were saying so he decided to wait for them to be through. He hid at the back of a large pillar when they came out, and heard all that they said.

He couldn’t comprehend what they were talking about, but knew that Sophia has something to do with it. He went forward to the trash can and picked out the flash, dipping it into his pocket before heading out.

“I will just visit her another day” He muttered to himself


Flora’s House

Flora just finished taking her night shower, she plan on sleeping earlier, even if it’s not late. She covered herself in towel, leaving the bathroom. She was about creaming herself when a knock came on the door.

“I thought I ask Helen to not to report here any longer” She thought, sighing as she ordered the person in

“Come in” She muttered, going to sit in front of her dressing table. She heard the banging of the door as the fellow entered.

“I think I asked you to skip all other schedules for today Helen, I really wanna take my sleep early, today” She muttered, picking up a lotion as she applied it on her body. She noticed that the person didn’t reply her, so she had to look at her back. Lo and behold, it wasn’t Helen but Karl, standing few meters away from her, his hands tucked in his pocket. A smile was plastered on his face.

“Karl” she called, getting up on her feet. He walked closer to her, stretching forth his hand which she took reluctantly, not knowing his motive for it. He drew her closer to himself, hugging her, not minding the fact that she is in just a towel. She hugs him back for some minutes, as none of them spoke a word.

“I’m glad to see you recovering from your depress state. Heard you went to work today” he whispered into her hearing. She nodded and broke the hug.


For the past one week now, after the incident at Aiden’s house, she had given strict orders to her guards not to allow anyone in, and Karl had been coming to check up on her, but couldn’t meet her, just because she wanted to be alone. She knew the implication of what she did with Aiden, and if anyone gets to know about it, then her life is surely gonna be ruined. She doesn’t want such to happen, and all the thinking of how she got the sudden urge for s*x that day made her sick. She regrets ever going to his house earlier than when the others were asked to come.

But what baffled her was that, the message was sent by Aiden himself, and why will he ask her to come earlier than the others. Why was he also surprise to see her that day? Why couldn’t he resist her also, was he also under the same spell she was struggling with? All these questions got her thinking, making her stay away from work for few days; but the days went by with no answer.

“So how do you feel now” he asked, releasing her

“Ermm…a bit good” She noted, feeling uneasy as he stares at her

“Dress up quickly, I wanna take you out” He muttered

“Huhn…but I was just about sleeping…”

“You need some cool air to ease your mind.  And whereas, it’s just 6pm, it’s not that late. Come on, I will be waiting for you.” He stated, going out of the room.


“Have this milady” Karl muttered, handling a cone of ice-cream to Flora, why she laughs at his gentleman style. She collected it from his, having a taste.

“Hmmm…this taste so good” She intoned

“Yea…I know you will like it and I believe you love it here” He asked, staring at the number of people roaming around the street, wearing colourful attires. They are actually in an entirely different street where a carnival is going on. Young adults could be seen, wearing different masquerades clothes, while couples wear matching outfit.

“Let’s go over there; let’s go watch the fireworks” He nudge, as she agreed. They spent their whole time watching fireworks, laughing at crazy performance from some funny clowns, eating road side foods, ice-creams, participating in some carnival games, and taking few alcohols. For the first time in many months, Flora felt happy again. She could feel the surge of joy hovering round her; she felt free form certain burdens, and suddenly feel nostalgic about the life she once lived in the slum. This place was more like a slum, though not filled with luxury; but has a calm life on its own. She felt like a child again, not getting worried about the hardship of life, and problems the future will bring.

After a few moment of enjoyment, they decided to head home, since it was getting late.

“Thanks so much for today…I can’t express how I feel right now” Flora stated, after she got to the house. They are in her room, currently.

“It’s my pleasure to make you feel good. I don’t like seeing you sad, and if we have more time, I will like to take you to more places” He replied her. She sighs

“Why are you doing this Karl, why do you care so much for me” She whispered, but he heard her clearly.

“Because you are my friend; friends are always there for each other. Though you might be having a rift with my boss, Axel, but that doesn’t mean that I should neglect you. I know that all that you did was for a reason, even if you decide not to tell me about it. But all I know is that you are not a bad girl Flora. When you first came into Axel’s life and he introduced you to me as his girlfriend, you were full of vibes, and that got me closer to you. Not until you started distancing yourself. I felt hurt all those while Flora, but I will be there or you no matter what” He stated.

She felt like crying, all that he said are true. She didn’t know when she went closer to him, embracing him to herself.

“Thank you Karl, thank you” She mumbled

“You are welcome”

They stood that way in each other’s arm for some minutes, not letting go. Karl broke the hug and stared at her face. The sudden urge to k**s her came and he didn’t resist it this time. He went for her lips, cupping her cheeks in his palm. She felt her heartbeat beating hard as his face drew nearer; she knew what he wants and won’t resist him this time. Her lips met with his as a spark of butterfly filled her stomach. She drew him closer, dipping her hand into his silky hair, caressing it down to the nape of his neck. She felt the feeling she hasn’t felt before, when she was with Axel, or even when making out with Aiden. This feeling is strange, it’s different; not the feeling of lust or crush, but this is love.




One word for Karl….


I believe this chapter is clear enough…Try to comment

Sorry i couldn’t post yesterday. I needed to relax my brain


Love Y’all

Vickie Dora


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  1. Through Elsa,I believe Brittany will be able to get those behind her attack and deal with them
    Sophia!Sophia!!why are you this bad, what is your plan, but with Michael eaves dropping on her and having the flash,I pray it all turn around against her
    I think Karl is the one that have genuine love for Flora,I wish Flora will give him chance and leave the twins once and for all
    Good job Vickie
    One more episode plssssssssssssssssss

  2. Hmm…!This Sophia is baaad! But the good news is that, there is a reward for eveything we do, weather good or bad, at the end, you must surely reap what you sore.

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