In Love With Two Brothers

In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

Ariel’s POV

I kept breathing hard as we do the morning exercise. If I say that I’m concentrating on this, then that will be a big lie. It’s been two days now after the fourth audition, and I haven’t heard anything from Aiden, but that isn’t really my concern. I have been damn worried about Axel; well I can’t say why I am for sure. But as the hours passes by, my thought just kept going towards his direction. I shouldn’t be worried about him, but here I am, getting drowns; worrying about someone who doesn’t think of me one bit. Tsk…such is life. I thought, but jerk back to reality on hearing my name. It was the female spectator

“Ariel… you are leaving your lane” She yelled

“Sorry ma’am” I replied her, not looking back. I can’t believe that I had already left my lane just thinking of a guy.

“What’s wrong with you” Mia asked, jogging towards me

“Nothing…just tired. I need to take a rest” I huff. She shrugged

“Heard that Aiden is back in the company….he arrived this morning” She grinned. It was my time to shrug, because I wasn’t even feeling the vibe to go check on him and ask why he missed the contest two days ago.

“I missed his face so much, can’t believe I’m going crazy for that guy” Mia continued talking, but I wasn’t really paying attention. My mind was filled with crazy thoughts about Axel

“You are kinda lucky you know…Ariel” She said. This time, I had to look at her. We are now heading back to the direction we came from.

“Why do you say so” I asked, looking at her

“Well because you once lived with Aiden, and with the look of things after this contest you will still go back to his house, though, that’s if you are not going back to your country. I wish to be in your shoes, living with one of the hottest celebrity is the prayer of every girl, not to talk about the twins. Gosh girl, you also lived with Axel, remember” She grinned, I chuckled

“Yea…but that doesn’t make me lucky” I replied

“Do you have a crush on any of them?” She asked. And that question took me off balance. I sighed, not knowing what to reply her. To be sincere, I have huge crush on the both of them, and right now I don’t know who I love, but still gonna keep it low. I shook my head, displaying my disapproval

“Thank God” She mumbled softly, letting out a sigh more like she had been holding her breath waiting or my reply. I heard her, but pretended not to. The other time when I was I her room and Aiden called, I decided to keep our conversation short and ended the call after telling him that I was feeling sleepy. But right now, I’m beginning to feel that Mia had a clue about Aiden loving me, or should I say, me, having a crush on him also. I don’t wanna lose her trust, but how am I gonna do that with breaking her heart, and right now that I’m confused about who I like most between him and his brother, what am I gonna do.

“Don’t you think Jack loves you” I blurted out. She frowns

“I don’t like that cow, and I don’t care if he likes me or not, he is such a player. Tsk” She cursed. I laughed out

“Well, your face is saying the exact opposite. Jack is handsome, and he got the vibes you know, why not give him a chance…”

“The only guy I will give a chance to right now is Aiden…I’m not interested in any other guy” it was my turn to frown

“What if I tell you that I like him too” I stated, wearing a serious look

She paused a bit, then continued the jog “Wait…you mean Jack”

“Hell no….I mean Aiden”

“Oh no….you can’t like him…stop teasing me” She laughed

“What if I’m serious Mia” I resorted, still wearing that serious look

“Well, I won’t believe that, because if you should like anyone, then it will be Axel” She stated

“What!” I exclaimed, shocked at her outburst

“Yea…come on girl, I do read your mood a lot. Any time we talk about Axel, your eyes always glint and sparkle. And the way he do stare at you too do marvel me, I think he likes you, but can’t say for sure. You love that guy and I knew it, but just wanted you to tell me yourself. That was what prompted my question earlier, but damn, you denied it, without thinking twice. Remember I’m your best friend Ariel, you shouldn’t keep things like this away from me, it hurts when I find out about things you should have told me but kept it secret. I just don’t wanna seem too forward, I want you to tell me your mind on your own.

So my dear friend, you like Axel, and not Aiden, don’t try to break my heart please” She laughed, tapping my shoulder, as she jog ahead to join the others. I stood frozen on the spot, as chills run down my spine. I know that my name will be called again by the lady tiger over there watching over us, but I gat no time to move from this spot. Mia’s word really got to me, I’m being secretive, and I’m not open minded, due to fear of trusting too easily.

She caught me off guard; how did she know about all this, and how sure is she that I love Axel and not Aiden. Fine, I might have a thing for the two, but I haven’t really been close to Axel, and talking about how I react each time his name is mentioned, I can’t remember reacting strange. Perhaps I was just too dumb to notice. And until lately, Axel and I haven’t been in good terms, but his sudden change also marveled me. Was Mia right about the way he do stare at me during my performance, but I don’t really notice all those stares.

Hmmm, I think I know what to do to solve all this mysteries, but Mia also needs to believe me when I say that I also like Aiden, just don’t know how to make her believe.


After the exercise, I went in to freshen up and headed for the private studio where Axel is usually stays to rehearse. I don’t know why my legs are taking me there, but I just need to see him. If thoroughly Aiden is back to his lounge then Axel might also be around, and if he isn’t in his lounge then the studio will be his next place. I went into the studio only to meet it empty, no one was in sight, as I sigh sadly. I was about taking a step away when I heard my name. I froze on the spot, but that voice doesn’t seem like Axel’s. I turned to see Theo smiling broadly at me

“Axel was right…never knew you will come” he muttered, delving his hands into his pockets

“Erm….i..” I shuttered, not knowing what I meant

“You were expecting to see Axel here right?” he asked, coming closer

“Y…es…I mean..erm…just came for rehearsal” I muttered. He chuckled

“Rehearsal? Indeed!” he blurted. I frown. “What does he mean by that statement” I thought

“Here….he asked me to give this to you, he believes it’s yours” He said, handling me a bracelet. Reality struck me on seeing it; it was the bracelet Aiden got for me a long time ago. I always made sure I wear it around but it suddenly got missing and it kept me thinking where I had misplaced it, without knowing

“He saw it on the floor some weeks ago when you came here for rehearsal. He believed it’s yours”

I collected it, thanking him, with a smile

“Yes…it’s mine. I’ve been looking for it for a while now.” I replied, wearing it on my wrist, while he watches me. I looked back at him and our eyes locked. He had a smirk on and the next word that erupted from his mouth wasn’t what I was expecting

“You love him right?” he muttered silently, more like a whisper

“Huh????” I intoned. He laughed

“Just pulling your legs dear, Axel won’t be coming, he is a bit down” He noted, turning to leave

“Is he here in the company lounge…or in his house” I asked, he stopped to face

“Nope he is not here….” He replied. I nodded, not knowing what else to ask

“I will tell him you asked of him, and perhaps send a greeting” He winked, leaving the studio. I gave a loud sigh, staring at the bracelet, and it suddenly reminds me of Aiden. I think I need to see him too.


Mia’s POV

I groan as my phone rang for the umpteen times. Jack won’t just stop disturbing me, and it’s annoying. I didn’t wanna pick it at first but with the look of things I think I would have to. I was about getting the phone when it stopped ringing. I sighed remembering what I told Ariel earlier, was she right about liking Aiden, or just trying to play with my feelings since she knows about my likes for him.

I tried not to think about all that is happening, cause if I do; I will just end up getting heartbroken, which I don’t want. I remembered what Aiden told me sometimes ago when we met after the other night and it got me thinking. I tried linking it by asking Ariel those questions to know where I stand but her answers are also not impressive. Hmmmm, I think I know what to do.


Zach’s House

A soft music could be heard playing in the background as the two lovers made their day caressing each other, as they felt the warmth of their bodies. Nina smuggled herself into Zach’s body the more, laughing a bit as he tickled her

“Hey stop that” she laughed, he chuckled

“You know what I want, just give it to me and I will stop” He stated, k*ssing her shoulder simultaneously

“What do you want” Nina groan. It seems like a dream to her, being this way with Zach. Ever since the day she agreed to date him, she hasn’t regret it at all, perhaps what she had for Aiden was just a crush, it wasn’t love, cause  right now, she can’t feel anything for him; only Zach is occupying her heart, and he has been playing the role of a good boyfriend that he is.

“I need a k**s” He noted. She climbed on top of him taking his lips into hers. They suck on each other or a while, enjoying the flavor and rhythm of their lips. She peck his lips briefly after breaking the k**s, trying to get off his body but he held her still.

“Don’t move…”


“Shh….I loves it this way” He smirked. She giggled, forcing herself out of his grip and sit up, on the bed

“Zach…do you think Axel will wanna make out with Ariel?” She asked, and this made him frown

“No…but why do you ask such a question, did something happen between them” he asked, suddenly getting interested, as he sit up. She shrugs

“Well, Sophia said something about seeing them make out in the studio” She noted, having a sorry look. Zach frowns more

“What? That’s not right. Judges shouldn’t have a thing with the trainee and even If they do; it should be kept till after the contest”

“Yea, I thought so..but I’m having a feeling that she is jealous of Ariel; don’t get me wrong, Sophia is my friend but there are just some things I don’t like about her. She was really angry when she came in that day, telling us about the encounter, you know, she has a thing or Axel, but he isn’t paying attention to her. So she wasn’t happy seeing him with another girl, I pray she doesn’t hurt the poor girl” She explained. Zach sighed

“Sophia will do no such thing, and as for Axel, I don’t think her story is true” He noted. She arched her brows

“Why do you say so?”

“Because Axel is not Aiden, even if he has a thing or that Ariel girl, he won’t show it, not to talk of making out with her. He has a way of controlling his feelings and he could keep it for a very long time. If it were to be Aiden, then I would have believed that story” he muttered, laying his head on her laps as she caress his hair

“Are you saying Aiden can’t control his feeling, come on, that guy is also hard you know, he is just using his playboy attitude to cover up.”

“Babe…you are getting me wrong. I’m not saying Aiden can’t control what he feels, but despite the fact that they are twins, they have different personalities. I am Aiden’s best friend, and I know him real well. One is open minded, and can tell you his mind, feelings even without asking, and that’s Aiden. If he hasn’t express his feeling to the girl due to not wanting to rush things, then he might have k**sed her or go down with her. But Axel is cold hearted, he keeps things to himself, well he wasn’t that way before, just changed all of a sudden. Axel will never tell a girl he likes her until after a very long time. So if it was Axel who k**sed Ariel, then it must be a mistake, cause he wouldn’t do that, and he goddamn respect the rules too”

“So are you saying that Sophia was lying?”

“You said it before that she had a thing for Axel, so it’s true that she is lying, what do you expect from a jealous freak” he slam. She tapped his cheek fiercely

“What was that for…” he whined

“Just know that she is still my friend” She scoffs. He rolled his eyes

“Just be careful with her, I don’t trust that girl. She might land you in trouble someday. Forget the fact that you both are in the same band, just play your role and be yourself. That’s the main reason why I like you, you ain’t like the other two” He muttered, making her blush. He covered her lips with his, but cuts it when the door suddenly bangs open, with his sister stepping in.

“Mara…..” he yelled, while Mara gasps

“Don’t tell me you are still in bed brother, for damn sake it’s almost noon” Mara yelled back

“Haven’t I told you countless time not to bang into my room without knocking?”

“I did, but you were so engross in your…hum…whatever…good Jesus…I don’t wanna be corrupted at this young age. Hi aunt Nina” She muttered, greeting Nina, who smiled nervously

“Just get out Mara” Zach yelled

“Hey..babe calm down” Nina cooed

“Don’t tell me to get out, you get into the bathroom and take your bath. Geez, look here aunt Nina”

“Huhhnnn” Nina intoned

“This little brat here didn’t like taking his bath, sometimes he could go a week without touching water. He is lazy, annoying, and dirty. You are just too pretty to date a buffalo like him…he is…”


“I’m still talking….he is…” She couldn’t complete her statement when he threw a pillow at her, she dodged it, laughing hard as she leaves the room.

“Mum said you should meet her downstairs, so get your a$$ out and enough of the k**sing. You have had enough last night, and gosh I couldn’t sleep till mid night” she yelled from outside

“Haarrghh” Nina gasps, covering her mouth, holding in a chuckle. Zach just rolled his eyes

“I’m out of here…I will be back…ouch…your room stinks” she mumbled, going down the stairs

“Remind me of your sister’s age” Nina inquired

“She’s eight”

“Seriously; but wait a sec, was I that loud last night”

“Yea….like a cow” he smirked. She frowns. He laughed

“Hey…just kiddin…you look cute when angry” he pecked her lips

“Hmmm I think I should be prepared for a crazy sister in law” she huff. Zach smirked

“So you have finally agreed to marry me, even when I haven’t proposed” he grinned

“Stop that..let’s go have our bath” she stated, getting off the bed. He kept smiling and she got the point

“We will just bath pervert, we’ve had enough last night” She scoff entering the bathroom, chuckling as she remembered Mara’s words

“Such a crazy girl” she thought




Author’s Note

Ok…i think i need to say this, some of you are confused about the plot of the story. It’s clear that the female lead is in a dilemma on whom to love, the title of the story has explained it all. Please let’s take note of that; and someone was confused about Brittany being pregnant.

That is a no. She isn’t, she was just asked to stop taking the usual pills she do take after a section with macho. he needed a baby which she doesn’t wanna have with him, and that is what’s making her worried.


Please try to read the chapters properly and understand the plot. I’m really sorry for posting late, but it’s not really my fault, cos the editors will also have to go through the story before updating it, and that will take a while. I have other things to do during the day which means i will only get to type late in the evening. just remember that i love you all, but God loves you more.



Love Y’all

Vickie Dora

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  1. We love and God loves you too
    This chapter touched so many aspects that needs to be cleared which I also need clarification on

  2. I think Ariel's heart only beat for Axel alone and not Aiden. She likes Aiden bcos she is very close to her (same house) and he have made physical advances towards her "kiss". And for Axel, despite they don't get along well, yet she still think of him and same as Axel too, that means one thing, AXEL&ARIEL are inlove with each other. Mara is too much. Next!

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