In Love With Two Brothers

In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48  

Flora left the building and went towards the pool, she saw him sitting on a bench close by, his head on his palms. She felt sorry for him, blaming herself for putting everyone in this mess. Why will she always be the one to create ugly scene. Right from when she was born she hasn’t really enjoyed the life she has; living in the slum was a mess not until she met Axel, who came as a savior.

But she couldn’t give him back what he had given her, the life she has today is because of Axel, she felt like cursing herself but also thought of her mother. She is being someone’s puppet so as to protect her mum, but no one knows about this, and she just doesn’t how to get out of this dilemma. Axel noticed her presence; he doesn’t have to raise his head before recognizing her footsteps, her smell, and everything about her is just making him crazy.

“What are you doing here” He asked coldly

“Axel…” She whimpered

“I need to be alone Flora” He muttered, cutting her words. She gulped down nothing, going closer to stand before him.

“I know I have hurt you, and I really blame myself for that. But I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you that I love Aiden…I was just so….” She paused, not knowing what else to say.

“How long have you loved him” He asked, raising his head to stare at her this time

“Erm….right from the first day you introduce him to me as your twin brother..” She muttered, sniffing in. he scoffed

“That was a long time ago, perhaps when we started dating, like seriously, Flora, I have been dating you but you loved someone else behind my back. And not just someone else, my own brother..gosh..” He snapped, getting up on his feet. He turned to the other direction, trying to cool down his arousing anger.

“I’m sorry…it was actually a crush at first, not until we broke up that it became stronger”

“So you were already anticipating our breakup, huhn… so that you could be with him, is that so?”

“No Axel….i didn’t plan all that to happen, I didn’t mean to break your heart” She wept

“Then f**king tell me the reason why you cheated on me with Michael, how does this have to do with your loving Aiden, huhn…..don’t tell me you are a whore, and have been f**ked by  other guys” he yelled, his eyes getting wet with fury

“No… Axel…no..i’m not a whore, I have never been one…I just…” She cried more, whimpering in between

“You just what huh….Aiden knows about this too right, he knows you loved him and kept it away from me…huhnnn…talk to me Flora…does he know about it” he snapped

“No..he doesn’t, not until today…I couldn’t bring myself to tell him. I was scared he will turn me out…”

“But you were not scared of Michael banging your hole….you knew I and Michael are rivals but you still went ahead to that as***ole, making him touch your body” He muttered angrily, remembering the scene of how he caught them. He knew there were more to this, but he can’t just place his hand on the truth, and Flora is not helping matters.

“I’m sorry…..i really am” She pleaded. He scoffed, turning away from her to face the pool again

“Get out of here Flora, I don’t wanna see your face. You have succeeded in reviving the dead beast in me, and I don’t wanna use it on you first. Go to bed” He stated, turning to leave after some minutes, without her moving away from the spot. He headed towards the garden while she watched him still crying, not until she heard her name.

“Flora…” Karl, who had been standing behind a pillar for some time listening to their conversation, called. She turned to look at him as he drew closer.

“Hey…Flora…we need to talk” he whispered, holding her hand

“Come on Karl…I’m not in the mood for that” She replied, trying to leave, but he held her still, cupping her cheeks in his hand

“Hey..look at me…I can help you, just trust me, and please be free with me. We need to solve all this; I’m really heartbroken seeing you this way. Don’t cry ok” He cleaned her tears. His reaction made her to break down the more, she held onto his shirt, hugging him to herself, while he pats her back

“It’s ok” he whispered

“He called me a whore Karl…he called me a whore, and I’m beginning to see myself as one. I’m a stupid b!tch” she cried

“Hey stop that, you ain’t any whore, and you won’t be one”


“Shhh…lets go in, it’s late already. I want you to go to bed now, take a good rest, and we will have our talk later…okay..” He cooed. She nodded

“What about Axel, he is gonna catch a cold”

“He will take care of himself, just go in” he insisted, as they both went into the building.


After spending some time in the garden to clear off his mind, Axel decide to head in to have his rest. He knew the other rooms would have been filled by now, so he had no choice than to head to Aiden’s. He opened the door only to find the light still on. He knew Aiden won’t be asleep by now, and would wanna start a talk with him, but he wasn’t ready for any talk this night.

“I will just turn him down or snub him” he thought in his mind, before going in. He met Aiden at the piano, playing soft note. He paused when he felt his entrance but continued afterward. Aiden has always loved playing the piano right from when they were little, but he chooses to work in the movie industry, due to his charisma acting skills.

Axel went towards the wardrobe, taking out on of Aiden’s pajamas as he headed towards the bathroom. He took a brief warm shower, and changed into it. Coming back to the room, he met Aiden still at the usual spot. None of them said a word as they minded their businesses.

Aiden on the other had been feeling really guilty, he couldn’t bring himself to face his brother after the unholy act he had with Flora few minutes before the party started. He knew he was not in his right sates of mind when that happened, but who will believe that he couldn’t resist her because he was damn h0rny. He knew flora on the other hand might also feel some guilt, but was she also in the same state as he was earlier, or did she just have her way with him because she loved him just as she confessed.

But what was she doing in his room anyway? He thought. All these kept lingering in his mind, and he had no answer to all. All he knew was that what happened between him and Flora was not intentional, neither as it out of lust, if so he would have succeeded in ignoring her. But what happened might be an effect of some drug, which he couldn’t fathom how it got into his body.

He noticed Axel going towards the bed, not saying a word to him; perhaps he is still angry, but he also know nothing of all this, Flora caught them all unaware. He closed the piano and joined him on the bed. Axel was lying on his back, facing the ceiling.

“Axel….” He called softly, trying to touch him

“I don’t wanna talk about it, let’s have our sleep and I will be out of here tomorrow” Axel snapped quietly. He nodded, understanding his plight

“Ok…goodnight” Aiden muttered, but got no reply


*Fourth Audition*

~The Next day~

The whole contestant assembled back stage, as they watch from the screen how the judges were called to their seat. They were all expecting to see the five of them but were shocked to their bones when they saw only three. The twins were not present, and it got the audience murmuring not until the stage director, spoke about them not able to come due to some certain reasons which won’t be mentioned.

“Strange…why will it be the two of them” Ariel asked Mia who was sitting beside her. Mia shrug”

“I don’t know…perhaps one is sick and it affected the other” She chuckled. Ariel gave her a puzzled look

“It used to be like that for some twins you know” She noted.

“Ohh…”Ariel mouthed

“Three contestant are gonna go home today, I don’t wanna be part of them” Jack muttered to himself, thought audible enough for Mia who was sitting beside him, to hear.

“Yea….” Mia whispered. He turned to look at her, surprised

“Did you just reply me” He asked, smiling. She faced him and scoffed.

“Just because I replied you doesn’t mean I’m gonna strike up a conversation with you, remember you are still my enemy” She snapped. He chuckled

“Well, it’s a good thing you decided to speak to me today. After meeting you that night, you became so cold and distant. I’m sorry about that night okay; I was just caring for your safety. I didn’t mean to be harsh” He pleaded. She smiled this time. The almighty Jack is begging her, such is life.

“Just leave me alone…I need to concentrate” She gruff, trying to hide her blush

“We will see after the performance, meet me at the public garden” he whispered into her ear as they were all called out for their first performance.


Aiden just finished going through some files about the private investigations he made about Ariel. He got to know about her mother’s location but couldn’t reach her. Her location kept changing from time to time, as the investigator couldn’t provide the exact place she resides. He wants her to be through with the contest first and decide the step to take, while he supports her. He is not ready to make decisions for her, which he might end up regretting. He remembered last night situation and prayed she never find out about it, else he won’t be able to also face her. He wanted to tell her about his feelings for her and even propose, but postpone it to after the contest.

He doesn’t wanna seem like he was just after her body and wanted to make her his by doing all, that he did for her. He wants her to love him for who he is, and is ready to change from his usual playboy character which she is oblivious of. He knew she feels the same for him also, so there was no point rushing things. He just needs to resolve the rift he has with his brother and settle down for good. He couldn’t go for the contest, due to guilty conscience; he really needs to free his mind. He was not surprise when he noticed that Axel was also not present; perhaps he is still fighting heartbreak.

He was still in thought when the door to his study room opened, revealing Josephine. She was holding a tray, as she placed it on his table, after few greetings.

“Ermm…I brought you this coffee” She smiled, dropping it gently. He returned her smile

“Thanks Josephine” he stated. She was looking bright that morning, and just staring at her, he noticed she changed a bit. In character, beauty, and her curves are getting more visible than it used to be. He stared at her lips and the lustful thoughts came up again. He picked the cup and drank out of the content, ignoring his thoughts, while she stood, still looking at him.

“What is it: he asked, when she wasn’t ready to leave

“You didn’t attend the contest” she stated

“Yea….just a bit tired” He lied, She arced her brows

“You don’t seem like it. You look worried” She resorted calmly. He nodded, in agreement

“Was it about last night” She muttered, going to sit opposite him. She placed her hands in the table and picked up his hand in hers, caressing it softly. He seem shocked at her moves, and how did she know about last night, was she eavesdropping

“You can talk to me about it” she pestered. He stared lustfully at her, but tried controlling himself. Her touch just created some spark in him, and that got him thinking

“No…Josephine is still just seventeen, I can’t have a thing with her” he rebuked his lustful thought

“But you are just four years older than her, she will be eighteen soon, remember” his subconscious noted. He removed his hand from hers, looking away from her face

“Ermm….I’m sorry Josephine….but I need to be alone now…please” He pleaded, his breath already getting hot. She sighed sadly, getting up on her feet.

“Ok….I will be back for the tray then” She stated, leaving the study

“Jesus….what’s wrong with me” Aiden wondered, rubbing his temple. “Why would I lust after my maid too?”


TBC… word for Josephine.


About my other stories, I am just a new writer, i started writing last year, and i have written two completed books, while the last one isn’t completed; it is still on hold.  I posted those stories on face book, but it would be difficult to find them.

I will post them on this website when i’m through with this one, because it still need lots of editing and proofreading.

The current new story i’m writing won’t be posted until it has enough chapters. Just be patient, you will get to read all my books, when the editing is completed.


Love y’all

Vickie Dora

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  1. Thanks dora. I think josephine is doing a foul play and i think ariel won't win the contest due the absence of the tiwns brother

  2. Thanks Dora for the prompt response, will be waiting.
    Why is Aiden looking at Josephine lustfully like that, after regretting his action with Flora. Or did Josephine also drug his coffee?
    But in my opinion,I would prefer Aiden and Ariel to end up together. Though it's a story, anything can happen
    I pray the absence of the twins won't affect Ariel's stay in the contest
    Next please

  3. Huuuun probably Ariel will lost out due to twins absent and Aiden you need to be very careful from your resent lustful act. I pray what happens between you and Flora won't cause rift between you and your brother. Vickie next episode please

  4. This is strange

    Why is he feeling horny all of a sudden? Who is behind this fishy act? Josephine,an eye on you

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