Her Last Wish

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Zeemah Writes

She had three wishes;

?️Being free of the hate charged towards her by standing up for herself.

?️Getting to kiss the hottest guy in school whom almost every girl had a crush on.

And her last wish☄️

?️Dating him,the hottest guy in school just like every other girl wanted but what happens when her last wish took a twist.

Of course she isn’t someone to have three wishes in which two of them center around a ‘guy’ but as they say ‘there’s a reason behind every action’

Layla Moremi Williams is an African American who resides in Las Vegas, her father Michael Ajagun Williams is African,a Nigerian to be precise. While her mother Celine Marton Williams is an American.

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Obvious to this fact,she was mocked by almost everyone who knew of it,she was always taunted and avoided in school for having a black father.
The mockery got so deep into her that it left her weak and timid.

“What happened?” Was the question on everyone’s lips when the weak-hearted Layla suddenly turned fierce and dauntless,ready to crush bones and rip hairs.

There’s more to the new Layla than everyone knows.
The reason behind those wishes is more than the eyes could even tell.

This is not just about her last wish,it is much moreeeeeee?

Story setting: Nigeria/Las Vegas.

This will be the first African American novel i’ve written and even though a night with him almost sucked out all my juices?, i made sure to put in great effort in this novel to make it worthy of reading.
Trust my novels to always have lessons to learn at the end and this won’t be an exception.
And i know some of us are already excited to be having an African setting?

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Let’s go on this journey guys, let’s explore??
Are you as ready as i am???



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