Unbreak My Heart

Melt Into Me

{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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Tags: Office romance, jealousy, betrayal, secrets, and many more!!


Ever loved someone so dearly that you are ready to give up everything for the person just to find out that the person isn’t worth your love?? Valentina knows how it feels…

Ever trust someone with all your heart, with all your soul so much that you made her the Queen of your life, just to find out that the person isn’t worth your love?? Well Ricardo knows how it feels…

Valentina Williams is a 22 years old lady. With inky black hair, a model-like body, and also a very cute face. She works as a receptionist in a restaurant and it’s through it that she feeds her kid sis and mom with.

Ricardo Thornton is a 27 years old young and dashing gentleman and one of the richest billionaire in the country. He’s the eye candy of all the women. With a gorgeous and well built body, godlike face but there’s still one more thing….He’s a single dad.

Yeah, you heard me right a single dad of twins, a boy and a girl.

Let me stop here in order not to reveal the whole story plot?

Join me, let’s watch how fate will bring these two people together.

We’re in for a wild and crazy office romance. I’m sure you won’t wanna miss it.

Get your popcorn?, your chilled juice? and settle down on your sofa? let’s enjoy this ride! Brought to you solely by #Chidimma_M

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