Unbreak My Heart – Episode 2

{ Melt into me... }

{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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Iris gulped down in fear and made to walk away but he held her forearm.

“When I talk you reply to me butterfly” He said with a smile on his face.

Iris yanked his hand off her body and ran off…

“Let’s go Xander, we’ll be late for class”

The one who held Iris and looked at the direction Iris ran to.

“I’m not yet done with you” Xander thought and walked away with his friends


Iris was seen sitting on the floor while crying her eyes out.

“Is being poor a disease? Why must I be bullied around…. I hate this school! I hate my life… I hate you Xander!” She screamed in tears…

The electronic bell rang, signalling them that it was time for her first class in the morning but she cared less…

All what she wanted at that time was to be alone. She hugged her knees and buried her face in it.

“Here’s your order Sir” Valentina served a man with a smile.

She bowed and walked back in the kitchen. Her feet were already aching from the excess movement and her cheeks were hurting to due to the long smile she had on her face.

Luckily, her working hours here is from 8AM to 2PM and judging from the time on her wristwatch, it was 1PM so one more hour to go!

“You can do it Tina” She said inwardly and took deep breaths.

“Tina! Quit slacking around!” The chef yelled jolting Valentina back to reality.

She hurried and continued serving the customers who came.

As Ricardo stepped foot in his company, he was welcomed with greetings…

“Good morning boss”

“Good morning Mr Ricardo”

They greeted with deep respect while walking pass Ricardo.

“I need you to review all those files I sent you. Accept the eligible ones and reject the rest” Ricardo said with a straight look on his face.

“Yes Mr Thornton” Emilia replied.

“Good” He said and walked in his office.

Emilia went to her seat which is just beside his office, she began reviewing the files he asked her to do, rejecting the ones who were not profitable…

Out of the company, a car stopped just in front of it. The driver opened the car and two kids came out of it.

“First to reach to dad’s office wins!” The boy said and began running.

“Hey! That’s not fair!!.” The girl yelled, running behind him…

They both ran pass the workers and then pass Emilia who had her head stick into the files.

Ricardo was busy pressing his laptop when the door swung open.

“Daddy!!” They exclaimed and ran to him then hugged him tightly…

“Myles… Minnie! How’s my two precious darling doing” Ricardo smiled.

They both sat on his thigh. Myles (the boy) stared and the laptop while Minnie played with Ricardo’s tie.

“Dad… Myles fought again in school” Minnie pouted.

“It wasn’t intentional dad. The boy was bullying Leslie” Myles said.

Minnie leaned closer to Ricardo.

“Leslie is his crush” Minnie whispered

“She’s not my crush!!” Myles exclaimed while obviously blushing.

“I see…” Ricardo laughed.

Minnie and Myles are what we can call two cases of trouble. They are funny, so adorable, stubborn, yet kind. All in one…


Emilia opened the door to Ricardo’s office and paused…

She couldn’t help but stare at his face. He never smiles except around his kids.

“So handsome…” Emilia smiled, hugging the files close to her chest.

“Emilia?” Ricardo called when he noticed her standing by the door…

Emilia coughed awkwardly and walked in the fully.

“Here are the file you asked me to work on boss…” Emilia said and placed the paper on the table.

“Alright, call the driver to come over” Ricardo said.

“Alright boss” Emilia said and took one last glance at Ricardo before leaving.

“I think she likes you dad” Minnie blurted out.

“What do you know about like and love. You are just 6!” Ricardo said.

Minnie scoffed and flicked her hair behind.

“I’m a young woman dad.” Minnie pouted. Ricardo couldn’t help but laugh.

“On a serious note, I think she has a crush on you dad” Myles said.

“Too bad I don’t like her one bit!” Myles and Minnie chorused.

Almost immediately, a knock came up.

“Come in” Ricardo said…

The door opened revealing the driver.

“Good the driver is there. Minnie, Myles… Time to go home and rest” Ricardo said.

Myles climbed down his thigh and waved to Ricardo. Minnie pecked Ricardo’s cheek and came down too

“Bye dad!” Myles said while leaving with Minnie and Ricardo.

“Bye champion” Ricardo smiled.

He heaved out and looked down at the files he was working on.
“Finally!!” Valentina groaned while walking out of the restaurant.

Her phone began ringing. She brought it out and sighed. The phone screen was all cracked and black lines were seen on the phone display screen making it difficult to read things out… Unfortunately she’s saving her money for Iris’s education and the other expenses…

“Hello?” Valentina said putting her things in her handbag.

“Tina?” A voice said.

Valentina smiled widely when she heard the voice.

“Omg! Kristina!” Valentina exclaimed.

Kristina is her best friend. Back to when they were still in elementary school till highschool. They called themselves the ‘Tina Twins’ or ‘TT’

Unfortunately Kristina had to go and further her education abroad making them to loose contact.

“I missed you so much Tina!!” Kristina said. She was sitting in a luxurious car while the driver drove her home.

“Me too” Valentina replied…

“Where are you right now?” Kristina asked.

“Uhm… Just in front Nelly’s restaurant” Valentina replied…

“Cool! I’m just by. Don’t move I’ll come pick you up” Kristina said and hung up.

“Drive me to Nelly’s restaurant please” Kristina said.

“Okay ma’am” The driver replied and made a U turn.


“Tina! Omg is that you!” Valentina said and hugged Kristina.

“You’ve grown up to become more pretty than me. And hot too…” Kristina winked.

“Come on…” Valentina said…

Kristina chuckled and winked.

“I’m serious” Kristina said and held her hand.

“Come on, let’s go to our favorite spot. You have to tell me all what happened when I was away for four years” Kristina said.

They both boarded the car which drove off…

“You have a boyfriend??” Kristina exclaimed.

“Yeah” Valentina smiled dreamily.

“I hope I meet him one day. I’m sure he must be cute and handsome” Kristina winked.

“Of course he is! His name is Ryan and he’s a business tycoon or something like that” Valentina said.

“And you are still living in poverty!! Sorry for the word but I’m just surprised” Kristina exclaimed

“Yeah, you don’t get it Kris… I want my family to feed from my own money. I don’t need help from anyone” Valentina said.

“Still stubborn as usual” Kristina smiled.

“And crazy too” Valentina winked.

They continued eating their pork meat, their favorite meat…

Suddenly, Valentina’s phone began ringing. She picked it up and stuck it to her ear.

“Hello” She said while chewing on her meat…

“Babe…” A sweet voice said from the other end.

Valentina cleared her throat and smiled.

“Babe, how are you doing? Are you back from your trip to Paris?” Valentina asked.

“Yeah, I’m currently driving home now” Ryan said.

“That’s good. I missed you so much!” Valentina pouted.

Kristina simply eyed her. Bryan chuckled and smiled…

“Me too darling. How about a date tonight” Ryan said.

“Alright hun! 7pm at the place i work at” Valentina said.

“Alright, have to hang up now. Bye, love you!” Ryan said and hung up.

Valentina blushed and kept back her phone…

Kristina sighed loudly.

“Poor us the single! Oppression everywhere!!” Kristina pouted…

Ricardo heaved a sigh of relief. Finally! He was done with the work he had to do.

He stood up and picked his coat then wore it.

He closed his laptop and made to leave when someone knocked on his door.

“Who’s it?” Ricardo said rather pissed off. He was really tired and wanted to go home and rest.

The door opened and two person walked in. An elderly man with a pretty blonde lady near him.

“Not again…” Ricardo cursed inwardly…


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