{ Melt into me... }

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{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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Iris looked around in pure confusion. What’s happening?

“Get out of this school!!”

“How much for a blôwj*b??”

Iris looked around, still not understanding why they’re calling her those words…

“Iris Williams, Iris Williams… Your presence is needed at the principal office” The voice blarred on the electronic bell…

Iris began walking to the principal’s office while the students cursed and threw things at her.

She knocked on door once we got there.

“Come in”

Iris took a deep breath before opening the door and going in. She met the principal with other board of directors sitting there. Some where giving her a look of disgust, while some of pity.

“Iris, we saw something posted on the school blog which we don’t like” The principal began…

“What?” Iris asked.

A teacher brought out his phone and played the video then handed it to Iris. Shock was an understatement as to what Iris was feeling at that moment.

“It’s fake!! That wasn’t what happened!!” Iris yelled in tears.

“But that’s what we see” A female teacher snorted.

“I believe you know this strongly goes against our school rules and regulation” The principal added.

“I swear, this isn’t what happened. Xander r@ped me!!” Iris yelled.

“The video says otherwise….”

“This is unfair, this fr*aking world is so unfair!!” Iris yelled and ran out of the office.

She ran out of the school and began running to wherever her feet could take her.

“Xander… Xander… Xander…” Her mind kept screaming his name.

He destroyed her life… He ruined her life… He r@ped her, traumatized her, now he tarnished her school reputation. What has she ever done to him…

She made to run and cross the road but unfortunately a car was driving towards her.

Before she could apprehend what was happening, it already hit her.

“Miss…miss, miss!!” That was the only thing she heard before passing out.
Valentina groaned out of frustration while walking out of a company. This is the third one and she’s also got rejected here.

She began dragging her feet to wherever it could take her when suddenly, a bicycle rider rode beside her splashing the stagnant water all over her leg.

“Hey!! Watch where you drive motherf*cker!!” Valentina yelled…

A paper flew and rested on her face due to the wind. She removed it out of anger and made to fold it but stopped midway.

She looked at it and saw it was a flyer. Her eyes bulged out when she saw it was job vacancy flyer and the next thing she saw was Thornton Investment.

She didn’t bother to read anything else as she began running to the company. Even a blind man knows that Thornton Investment is the best technology producing company in the country.

By this time there must be at least hundred of volunteer. She hailed a cab and boarded it.

“To Thornton Investment. Please be quick…” She said impatiently…

“Why is everyone going there. Is there a party or something?” The driver asked while driving.

“Everyone!! God, I hope I don’t miss this golden opportunity” Valentina prayed

The cab stopped in front of the company and she rushed to the entrance but the security blocked her way.

“I’m here for the interview” Valentina said.

They looked at her and let her go in. Valentina literally flew in the company. She ran to a receptionist and banged her hand on the desk.

“I’m here for the interview” Valentina breathed heavily.

The interview looked at her disgustingly and rolled her eyes….

“Take the elevator to the first floor” She said.

“Thanks” Valentina smiled and rushed to the elevator. She entered and pressed the button which lifted her to the first floor.

All through, she kept tapping her feet impatiently. Once the noise ticked signalling she got to the first floor she rushed out of the elevator but stopped when she saw a long line.

Iris slowly opened her eyes and closed them back due to the light. A gasp escaped her lips and she spranged up.

To her surprise, she was laying down on the bed. Not any bed, a very fancy and comfortable one…

The door opened and someone walked in the room. It was a maid with a plate of food. She placed it on the bed and bowed then left…

“You’re awake” A voice said.

She turned to the voice and gasped at the cuteness of the person. From his looks, she could tell he was around her age or more.

“Are you deaf or mute?” He furrowed his brows and stood up then began walking to her.

Iris quickly shifted away from him while holding tight unto the sheets.

“Don’t touch me!” Iris said at the verge of tears.

“Wow, relax. Who said I was going to touch you.” The person said and smiled then sat down at the edge of the bed.

“Honestly, what were you thinking. Crossing the road like that…” He said.

“You should have just let me dïe. That would have solved a lot of problems” Iris said sadly.

“Don’t say that ever again. Don’t ever wish you were dead… I don’t know the problems that you may be facing but there are people facing problems bigger than yours. Think of the people who’ll cry when you are gone” He said

“You’re right” Iris said and folded her fists.

Like they say, its the drop of water that makes the cup to overflow.

“I’m done being the holy Mary in this story. From today whoever looks for my trouble gets it in full color. I’m gonna live my life for no one else but me” Iris thought with great determination.

She looked at the person and smiled.

“Thanks, thanks for saving me and also for the words of encouragement” Iris smiled.

“No problem. I’m Luca…and you?”

“Iris” She replied.

The boy named Luca stood up and looked at the time.

“I was on my way to school before I hit so I had to made a U turn. I’m sure I’ll be late by now but that’s no big deal. Should I see you off…?” Luca asked.

Iris nodded and stood up from the bed. She arranged her uniform and stood straight.

“Let’s go” Luca led the way out of the room. Iris stopped and gasped.

“Almost forgot the food” She said and rushed back then carried the plate and began eating while following him.

“Looks like you’re a foodie” Luca smiled as he led the way.

“Miss, it’s your turn.” A female said to Valentina.

Valentina rejoiced inwardly and went in. She saw a man, typing with one hand while jotting something down with the other hand.

Ricardo looked up at Valentina with a scrutinizing look.

“Good afternoon Sir” Valentina greeted.

“Have a seat” He said with a serious expression on his face.

“So I believe you know why you’re here for. What are your qualifications which makes you think you are fit enough to work for my secretary” Ricardo asked.

Valentina brought out a file from her bag and handed it to him. He took it and began flipping through it.

“You studied business in university, interesting” Ricardo said flipping through.

“What was your former occupation?” Ricardo asked.

“Uhm…I was a waitress at Mella’s restaurant” Valentina replied.

“Alright, so before I think of employing you. Here’s a test” Ricardo said an turned his laptop to her.

“Here are a list of countries my company can export its technology to. Which one do you view best and proffitable” Ricardo asked.

Valentina looked at it for a while then closed her eyes, reflecting.

“I will choose the only African country there which is Cameroon. Cameroon is lacking behind in technology and so will be willing to buy your goods at the price you desire” Valentina proposed.

“Hmm” That was all Ricardo said.

He tore a paper and a brought out a pen then Placed it in front of Valentina.

“Your account details and email address” Ricardo said.

“Jace?” Ricardo called.

A man entered the office and bowed.

“Yes boss?”

“Dismiss all those outside. The interview is closed” Ricardo said taking the paper Valentina wrote in it.

“Okay boss” Jace said and left.

“Huh?” Valentina blurted out.

Her phone beeped twice. She picked up her phone to know what it was.

Her eyes almost fell off and her mouth too.

“I just sent some small money to your account. That money is… let’s say a motivation. Your salary will come at the end of each month. I have specific rules i love my employees to follow. My schedule will be sent to you later on. You can start work tomorrow at 8AM. If you’re one minute late, just consider yourself as fired” Ricardo said.

Valentina still couldn’t get her eyes off her phone. The money he calls small money is enough to settle all their debts. What will her salary now be??

“Thank you so much Sir, I’m really grateful!” Valentina bowed..

“You may leave now, have other things to do” Ricardo said.

Valentina stood up and picked her bag then left his office. She began jumping up and down once she got out of the office.

God knows how happy and lucky she felt…

“Finally, we’ll be able to move to a new house and I’ll be able to change iris’s school” Valentina smiled and jumped happily heading out of the company.

The workers looked at her with confusion on their faces. Upon all the classy ladies who came in, the boss saw her to hire…


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  1. Congratulations Valentina
    Iris be careful please, though you need to fight for yourself, but don't take irrational decisions

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