{ Melt into me... }

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{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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“Jace…” Ricardo called.

“Yes boss ” A guy walked in his office.

“I need you to print out flyers and post it around. I need a new secretary” Ricardo said. Jace nodded and left…

“Good afternoon ma’am” Jace greeted someone on his way out.

“Thanks” Kristina replied and walked in with a smile.

“Kris?” Ricardo called. She just left earlier this morning, what’s she doing back here.

“Big bro” Kristina sat down on a long couch in his office.

“I’m so tired” She groaned and looked at Ricardo.

“Can you believe that I got a job today?” Kristina smiled.

“Really? Wow, I’m proud of you. It shows that the Thornton are no quitter.” Ricardo smiled…

“Of course! I got a job as model in your friend’s industry” Kristina said.


“Yeah, can you believe that he doesn’t recognize me any longer? Geez! He’s still that playboy… He flirted with me!!” Kristina ranted.

Ricardo chuckled..

“Well aren’t you happy? I still remember when you ranted over and over about him not noticing you” Ricardo smirked.

“Hey! That was like six years ago. I was still young and immature back then.” Kristina said.

“Oh, so you mean you’re matured now?” Ricardo mocked.

“Cardo!!” Kristina snapped making Ricardo to laugh…

Kristina stood up and fixed her gown then picked her handbag.

“I’ll leave now, here’s the address to my new apartment” Kristina handed him a paper..

“So you don’t longer live with dad?!” Ricardo asked.

“Yeah! Dad is a real pain on the neck… I want to be free, I’m an adult now” Kristina said and winked..

“Bye!!” Kristina waved and left his office.

All eyes turned to her as she walked out of the company. She’s completely unfazed with the look because she knows that she has a body to die for.

That doesn’t stop her from dressing at her taste. Kristina is someone who doesn’t care a damn about other people’s opinion maybe that’s why she’s been friends with Valentina for so long…

She pressed the button on her car keys once she got at the parking lot.

“Hottie?.” A voice said.

She turned to see it was Logan coming out of his car.

“Boss” She said.

“Come on, you can call me my name when we are out of the company” Logan said.

Kristina shook her head in denial.

“No, I am that type of person who takes my job seriously. It will be unethical to call you by your name” Kristina smirked.

Logan smirked too. She’s trying to play with him, well let’s see how it’ll turn to be.

“If you excuse me, I gotta go” Kristina winked and entered her car then drove off…

She began laughing while driving off…


“Tina are you sure he’ll accept it?” Kristina asked Valentina. They were both standing by Kristina’s locker.

“Just try, we won’t know unless you’ve tried” Valentina said.

Kristina nodded and stood up then left. She walked to the senior block and went to were Ricardo and his gang use to stay.

As assumed, she met Logan there looking hot in his school uniform and younger than present date.

“Um Logan” Kristina looked down.

Logan looked at Ricardo who shrugged. He looked back at Kristina.

“Can we talk?” She said.

“Okay” Logan said and stood up then walked to quiet corner with Kristina. If Kristina wasn’t Ricardo’s sister, he could have bullsh*tted her.

“Here” She stretched her hand to Logan with a blush on his face.

“Happy valentine’s day” She said and looked up.

Logan slowly collected it with a frown on his face.

“Um Logan, I… I… I like you” She stuttered shyly.

Logan sighed and pinched his brows, he saw it coming but tried to ignore it.

“Kristina, listen you’re really pretty but… You aren’t my type, I’m sorry” Logan said.

Flashback ends

“It’s funny how the table suddenly turned around” Kristina said while driving out of the company.


“How’s ma bro doing?” Logan said, walking in Ricardo’s office….

“I’m so damn tired. My secretary just left making loads more heavier for me. I just hope another comes tomorrow” Ricardo said.

“Sorry bro. By the way, who’s that hot chick that just left this company. She gat killer curves” Logan licked his lips.

Ricardo creased his brows.

“You mean my sister?” Ricardo asked…

Logan hit his head hard.

“Now I know why that Kristina Thornton sounds so familiar… So you mean it’s little Kristina?” Logan asked and Ricardo nodded…

He still can remember how he rejected her. Well back then she was flat and so not his type but now…

“Nature has a funny way of making things” Logan muttered.

“Also Logan I don’t know if you know that but I don’t joke with two things… My kids and my sister, I don’t care what you have with her after all she’s a grown up and it comes a time she’ll feel urges to have s*x but don’t make her fall for you and then break her heart again” Ricardo said seriously…

Logan slowly nodded…

“Finally, we’re back home” Valentina smiled as they entered with iris. She was discharged today since nothing was wrong with her…

“I’m hungry” Iris muttered, she has been quiet althrough.

“I’ll make spicy spaghetti, just wait up” Peggy said and went to the kitchen…

Valentina rubbed iris’s shoulder and smiled.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine” Valentina smiled and sighed.

“I couldn’t help but notice… You’ve been so silent althrough, what’s wrong?” Iris asked.

“Nothing just that…” Valentina paused and made sure that Peggy wasn’t eavesdropping.

“I lost my job” Valentina said sadly…

“What?!” Iris exclaimed but Valentina blocked her mouth..

“Keep quiet, I don’t want mom to worry” Valentina whispered.

“That’s bad… What of your part time job as a nanny?” Iris asked.

“Well, you know it’s not everyday someone needs a nanny. I don’t think I’ll be able to feed on the money talkless of you guys” Valentina sighed and sat down on the couch.

“I just don’t know what to do” Valentina added…

“Don’t worry. Tomorrow after school, I’ll look for a part time job too” Iris said.

“No, I don’t want it to disturb your studies” Valentina said.

“No, don’t worry. I’m a brainy” Iris smiled for the first time in weeks.

“I love it when you smile” Valentina smiled.

“Fight!!” Iris said.

“Fight!!!” Valentina smiled.

Peggy who was eavesdropping on them sighed sadly and went in the kitchen.

“I feel useless…” Peggy thought. Well Peggy is a patient, diagnosed with heart problems.

“Myles, the driver is waiting for us. Hurry, I’m hungry!!” Minnie said.

“I’m coming, stop acting like my mom” Myles frowned, packing his bagpack. When he was done, he wore it and headed outside.

Both of them walked out of the class. Myles kept looking at a blonde girl who was been carried by her mother.

“Stop starring at Leslie, you’ll see her tomorrow” Minnie said.

“I wasn’t starring” Myles frowned and blushed.

Two little kids came and blocked their way. One was chubby while the other wasn’t, little bit taller than Myles.

“Look, the motherless twins” The chubby one said.

“Shut up! Elephant” Myles frowned. Minnie held his hand and gave him a ‘calm down’ look.

“At least we’re not motherless. You don’t even know who your mom is… It’s too bad, my mom always takes me to the amusement park every weekend but what of you.” The slim one laughed.

Myles began breathing really fast, fighting back his tears. He gets angry really fast, just like Ricardo.

“Dad said my mom will come back, she went to a vacation” Myles said.

The boys laughed.

“My mom told me that your mother abandoned you. She doesn’t care I you’re alive or dead. She hates you!”

“Shut up!!” Myles cried and threw his backpack down then pounced on the chubby guy.

“Myles…! Myles!!” Minnie called trying to separate but was not possible.

She spotted their driver out and rushed to call for him…

Ricardo got down his car and walked in the house.

“Welcome back Sir.” The maids greeted. He handed his suitcase to one of them and removed his coat then handed it to her too before heading to the living room.

He met Minnie watching her favorite cartoon which is non other than Mr Bean.

“Daddy!!” Minnie exclaimed and jumped on him.

“How’s my princess doing?” Ricardo asked.

“I’m good” Minnie smiled.

“Where’s Myles? I know how he loves Mr Bean, why isn’t he watching it with you?” Ricardo asked.

“Well…he hasn’t come out his room since we got back” Minnie pouted.

“Hum…let me see” Ricardo dropped her down and went to Myles’s room.

“Myles” Ricardo knocked and opened the door. He met Myles sitting on the floor, playing with his toys while sulking.

Ricardo walked to him and sat down beside him.

“Myles?” Ricardo called again.

“Is it true that mom abandoned us? Is it true that she’s never coming back?” Myles asked.

“Who told you that?” Ricardo asked, surprised.

“Some kids in my class” Myles pouted.

“Is it true?”

Ricardo looked away, unable to answer him.

“I knew it” Myles looked down and teared up. Ricardo pulled him closer and hugged him.

“Don’t cry. You have me” Ricardo muttered.

“I know, but that won’t be the same if mom was here” Myles cried.

Ricardo sighed and stroke his back with a distant look on his face..

“Are you sure you’re ready for school. You can rest for a week” Valentina said. She accompanied Iris to school then after that, she’ll go look for a job.

“Hmm… I’ll be fine, don’t worry” Iris smiled. Valentina hugged her and waved.

Iris wave back and went in the gate. Immediately she stepped in, junk food, drinks were thrown at her…

“Go away!!”

“Sl*t!! Whôre!!”

“Not only you’re poor but you’re a cheap sl*t”

“We don’t b*tches in our school”

Iris looked around in pure confusion. What was happening.


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