{ Melt into me... }

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{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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Valentina walked in the restaurant and wore an apron round her waist then picked up the towel which she hung it on her right arm. She has already tied her hair in a ponytail.

“I’m ready to work” Valentina smiled.

“Tina, this food needs to be served at table 45 VIP slot” A cook handed the food to her.

She took it and rushed out to place the order…

“Emilia… Where are the files that I asked you of?” Ricardo asked glancing through the files he had at hand.

“Here boss” Emilia handed it to him with a smile on her face.

Ricardo took it and glanced through it, he frowned. The R-B Corporation are at it again.

Strangely, this company has been stealing their technology ideas. They produce the gadget and then release it out before they can do it.

“This is confirmed.. There’s a mole in my company, but who could it be?” Ricardo thought.

He closed his eyes trying to think things through but he just couldn’t. He sighed and rubbed his temples. It’s early in the morning and he was already having migraines

“My coffee please?” Ricardo said.

Emilia nodded and went to the coffee brewer just at the corner of his office. He brewed him some coffe and then gave it to him…

He took it and sipped on it, while clicking and scrolling through his laptop.

“What are you still doing standing in front of me like a portrait. Get back to work!!” Ricardo snapped.

Emilia quickly rushed out of the office.

“I need to get my hand on this spy as soon as possible and the person won’t have it easy with me” Ricardo said inwardly…

That’s Logan’s fashion industry where he is the CEO..

“Sir, Miss Jade Brooklyn is ready for shooting.” His PA said.

“Alright, let her wear out best collection” Logan said going through some files of the new applicants.

“Alright boss” He said and left.

Jade Brooklyn is the top model of the industry, she’s just too perfect at what she does.

Logan scanned through the various files with his eyes. He pressed on a button and not long after, his personal assistant came in.

“Yes boss?” He said.

“These new applicants are they already there?” Logan asked.

“Only three are there.” He said.

“Alright, let them come in one after the other for review. Reject the others who aren’t yet there. I hate tardiness” Logan said.

His personal assistant nodded and left…

Not long after a lady entered with short brown hairs and slim figure.

“Good morning Sir” She smiled.

“Good morning, please have a sit” Logan said and began the interview.

Minutes later

“You’re hired!” Logan smiled.

“Omg… Really?! Thanks so much!!” She jumped up and down.

Logan simply smiled. She’s cute but not his type of girl if not he could have been flirting already with her.

“You’re welcome miss Felicity” Logan replied.

She bowed and left the office before continuing her jubilation.

The next person to enter was another lady. She was dressed in a b*tchy style, her b**bs were almost popping out of the dress she was wearing, half of her butt were out.

“Good morning…” Logan furrowed his brows. He thought, it was a mad woman…

“Good morning Sir” She smiled seductively at him then sat down.

Minutes Later

“And if you want to, I can let you have a taste of heaven” The lady whispered, rubbing her p*ssy.

“Security!!” Logan yelled.

Two huge men walked in and carried the girl out of the office.

“Let me go!! You’re hurting!” She ranted while they took her away…

Logan pinched his brows and sighed. He’s a playboy yes, but he hates women who think they can have everything by offering their body to men…

“Next” He said.

The door opened and Logan’s eyes almost bulged out. A lady with long black hairs walked in the office.

His gaze traveled through her body. She was putting on shades with her small kissable lips painted red.

She was equally dressed in a black tight short leather skirt with a white T-shirt which she fitted in the skirt and a designer’s belt round her stomach.

“Look at that body” Logan thought still staring at her.

“Good morning Mr Daniels” The lady greeted.

“Uhm…good morning please have a seat” He said and flashed a seductive smile at her.

She sat down and removed her shades, shaking her hair in the process before crossing her legs.

Logan looked at her résumé and looked back at her. She was more beautiful in real life than in the photo.

“Kristina Thornton” He read out her name. Somehow, the name seems really familiar to her but he didn’t know from where.

“Yes, that’s me” Kristina replied and smiled. Only her smile made his hard…

“So tell me why you wanna be our model” Logan stylishly looked at her thigh.

Kristina looked at him for a long while. She was shocked when she entered this office but kept a composed look on her face.

“I’m sure he doesn’t recognize me… Logan” She thought and then cleared her throat.

“So it’s been my dream to be a world wide known model and that’s what I’ve been working for. I studied modeling for three good years and I was an apprentice in one of the best modeling institution for one year… I believe I’m fit and able to walk my path for being a world wide known model.” Kristina said.

“Alright, that’s a lot of qualifications needed in this company. I believe you’re gonna excel in it so you’re hired” Logan said.

“Thanks, I’ll do my best not to dissapoint you” Kristina said.

“You begin tomorrow at 9AM. Make sure to be here on time” Logan said.

“Okay Sir” Kristina replied and stood up…

They shook hands and Kristina picked up her handbag.

“Can I have your number hottie?” Logan whispered to her ears.

Kristina smirked and leaned to his ears with the table separating them.

“I’m sorry, I don’t get too personal with my boss” She whispered back and wore her shades then walked out.

Logan stared at her butt till she left his office. He sat back down on his seat…

“You don’t get too personal with your boss huh? We’ll see about that” He smirked.

Valentina walked back in the kitchen. Her stomach growled by scenting all the delicious food prepared there.

“Tina, here. An important customer needs this to be served to her” The cook handed it to Valentina.

She nodded and walked out of the kitchen heading to the VIP slot.

“Here’s your lunch ma’am” She smiled.

The person lifted up her face and Valentina gasped…

“You??” They chorused.

Fiona smirked, so she was right about Valentina working here.

“We still meet again poor thing!!” Fiona smirked scanning her from head to toe. What irritated her the more was that Valentina was so pretty…

Valentina simply kept quiet. Rule No 1 was not to disrespect the client especially the VIP ones. Though she doubts that she can keep her calm for long…

“I vowed to myself you’ll regret it. Just look at my face, the handprint are still there” Fiona yelled at her…

“You started it” Valentina blurted out.

Fiona smirked and picked up her glass of coffee.

“Hope you’ll end this” Fiona said and poured the coffee on herself then screamed…

“Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! It burns!!!!!” She screamed.

People turned to them and the manager rushed in the VIP slot.

“What happened here?!” The manager asked, panicking abit. Fiona was an important client to them…

“This useless waitress of yours poured hot coffee all over me. It’s burning” Fiona cried…

Valentina’s eyes widened.

“I… I did nothing to her I swear” Valentina retorted.

“Valentina!!! How could you!!!” The manager yelled angrily.

“I didn’t do-”

“She needs to be fired… And also taken to the asylum!!” Fiona yelled…

Valentina lost her patience this time around.

“That’s it!! Will you shut up useless thing!!!” Valentina yelled and slapped her real hard making Fiona to fall down.

She bounced on Fiona and began hitting her, pulling her hair here and there.

“Help!!! She’s gonna kill me!!!” Fiona yelled.

The other customers were busy making videos and taking photos. A celebrity being humiliated by a waitress is something we don’t see everyday.

Fiona’s bodyguards came and pulled Valentina away from Fiona. This time around Fiona’s dress, makeup, hair were all messed up!

The manager walked to Valentina with an angry look…

“Valentina!! You are…”

“I know the song!!! I’m fired!!! But mark my words.. Just because people are poor doesn’t mean justice doesn’t exist… Remember Karma is a b*tch” Valentina said fighting back her tears.

She just lost the only job that helped her to feed her family…

“And you Fiona. Mark my words… You wanted to see what crazy looks like?! I’m gonna show you what it means by being crazy each time we cross path” Valentina spatted.

She walked back to the kitchen and picked her things then left the restaurant. Just like that, she just lost her job…

She walked for a short distance then sat down on a bench and began crying…

“What do I do now?” She thought while crying…

“You need to fight” Her subconscious mind said to her.

“Yes” She wiped off her tears and bolded her fists in determination.

“Fight!!!” She muttered and stood up then began heading home. It was 2PM anyways…

On her way back she heard some muffled cries.

“Stop please…” Someone cried..

That picked her curiosity as she branched at the quiet hallway were cabbage were usually kept.

“Oh My God!!?” She almost exclaimed when she saw a man trying to force himself on a girl who was wearing a school uniform….

She quietly ran away and came back with a huge log of wood in her hand.

“Take this bloody r@pist!!!!” She exclaimed in anger and hit the person hard on the head twice

“Ahh!!!” The person fainted on the floor, blood oozing from his head.

“You’re safe now….”

Valentina froze completely. The wood fell off her hand as a drop of tear fell from her eyes…



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  1. That was ur sis u saved right der….
    U gave Fiona what she deserved but unfortunately u ve lost ur job,too bad!!!

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