{ Melt into me... }

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{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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Fiona ran to her table and hit her hand angrily on the table. Ricardo looked up at her with a surprise yet confused look on his face. Not only him but the others eating at the VIP sector…

He couldn’t apprehend what happened to her. Not long ago, she was fine but now she looked like a deranged person with her hair all scattered and her cheeks red like they slapped her…

“What happened to you?” Ricardo furrowed his brows…

“Time to seize this opportunity” Fiona thought.

She sniffed and and blinked then suddenly bursted in tears…

“Some drunk men tried to r@pe me at the restroom… Luckily a waiter saved me” Fiona cried.

“So sorry Fiona. Hope they didn’t hurt you that much” Ricardo said out of human sympathy.

She nodded still crying…

“Let’s go back home” Fiona whispered.

Ricardo nodded and placed the money to pay their meals on the table before leaving.

She hugged his arm and buried her face in it. A smirk broke on her lips as they walked out…

“What took you so long?” Ryan asked when Valentina came and sat down near him.

“Just had some things to settle” Valentina smiled sweetly. He mirrored her smile and they continued their meal…

Ricardo parked his cat in the garage and got down the car. He dropped Fiona home before coming back.

She insisted on sleeping at his house but Ricardo denied flatly. He hates when people he isn’t close to, come and sleep at his house…

Ricardo took a glance at his numerous cars and sighed before going in his house.

“Logan…” Ricardo called when he entered the living room but got no reply. He shrugged and decided to go and check up on his kids.

He first entered Minnie’s room. Her room was painted pink and yellow with Teddie bears here and there plus her dolls too.

She was sleeping soundly with her hair sprawled on the pillow.

Ricardo covered her properly and kissed her hair before stroking it fondly. He stood up and then walked out of her room, closing the door.

The next stop was Myles’s room which was the next door. He opened it and walked in. Unlike Minnie’s room, his own was painted blue with alot of action figures lying around. Myles is a huge fan of superman…

Ricardo was surprised to see Logan sleeping on Myles’s bed. They were both cuddling each other while sleeping.

He shook his head and covered Myles and Logan properly. He smiled as he looked at Logan.

Logan is his best friend, he’s even like a brother to him. They practically grew up together so much that they were regarded as twins. He’s always been there for him in bad and good times.

Ricardo turned and left the room. The final stop was his room. He opened it then walked in. He removed his tie and coat as he walked towards the bathroom to take a shower…

Once he finished undressing, he run the shower. Ricardo ran his hands through his wet hair while the water poured on his body.

He closed his eyes and suddenly, memories of him kissing someone under the same shower flashed through his eyes.


It was a rainy night, Ricardo was seen sitting in a bar while drinking up the sixth bottle. He was drunk as F!!

“How I’m I gonna tell Evelyn that I lost all my wealth?! How did it happen?! How I’m I gonna raise our one year old kids!!” Ricardo kept speaking to his self.

“Sir you need to go back home. The bar will close up in the next minute” The bartender said.

Ricardo stood up and paid the man before staggering out of the bar. He entered his car and managed to drive home safely….

Ricardo kept thinking of ways to tell Evelyn (his wife) how he lost all the money he has…

He entered the house and went to their room, to his surprise Minnie and Myles were left alone. They were both crying and crying.

Ricardo who was confused as to were Evelyn could be, went and succeeded to lull them to sleep.

He staggered back downstairs. One thing with Ricardo is that he is alcohol resistant. He can drink till he gets drunk but will still remain conscious.

As he made to enter the kitchen, he saw a note climped on the lamp nearby…

💌 If you are reading this then that surely means I’m abroad right now. It’s so funny to see how easily you can be fooled, all because of love hahaha… Well for your information, I’m the reason why you’re poor now, shocking news right? Well I’m sure going to miss your d*ck burried deep down my p*ssy maybe that was what made me conceive those children. Don’t cry too much, I left the kids for you so you won’t forget about. Bye forever cardo oh and I also signed the divorce papers you can find it on the bed…💌

Ricardo froze, a drop of tear fell on the paper he was reading this. He was fooled, duped… The woman he was ready and willing to sacrifice everything just to be with her did this to him…

He even defiled his father just to be with her and look at what she did to him…


Ricardo opened back his eyes, it was already red. He punched the wall angrily and hurt too.

Five years has passed but the wound is still fresh. Memories of how she promised him heaven and earth, how she told him she loves him, their passionate nights together…

He held his head tightly, trying to shrug off those thoughts.

“I hate you Evelyn” He cried…

No matter how much he tries to forget about her… No matter how much he hates what she did to him… He still do loves her till date and that’s what paining him…

As usual, the alarm began beeping, waking up Valentina. She yawned and got down the bed then staggered sleepily to the bathroom where she began brushing her teeth, bathing afterwards.

Once Valentina was done with her bath, she got dressed in a white top with blue jeans and her only flat shoes. She tied her hair up in a ponytail before going downstairs with her handbag…

“Good morning mom…Iris” Valentina smiled and sat down…

“Morning sis, you look hot today. I’m sure it’s because of Ryan” Iris teased and wiggled her brows.

“Shut up!!” Valentina said making Iris to laugh…

Peggy finish dressing the table then took her seat. They served themselves and began eating with Iris and Valentina picking on each other like they were still kids…

Once they were done with their meals Iris and Valentina walked out of the house.

“I still have enough time in front of me so I’ll escort you to school” Valentina smiled.

“Thank you sis” Iris smiled.

They began walking to iris’s school whole discussing and debating on random topics till they got to iris’s school.

“Bye Iris, remember. Ignore the bullies okay?” Valentina said.

Iris forced a smile and nodded then left. Valentina furrowed her brows…

“Iris will never leave without asking some money from me… Something is not right” Valentina thought.

Ricardo was already in his office, engrossed in his work. Since he left early yesterday, work were been complied for him.

His door suddenly swung open. Ricardo sighed without looking up, only one person enters his office without warning.

“Big bro…!!”

Ricardo stood up with a smile and went to hug her before pulling her hair.

“How’s my favorite trouble shoes doing?” Ricardo smiled.

“I’m good, came back from Paris yesterday. I came to your office but your Secretary said you left already. Since I didn’t know your new house, I went back home” Kristina smiled

“I missed you so much Titi” Ricardo pinched her cheeks.

“Don’t worry you won’t miss me again, I’m done with my studies” Kristina smiled.

“So were are my cute nephews” Kristina said…
Iris walked to her locker and brought out her English textbook. She closed it and froze when she saw Xander smiling at her…

“You passed out before I was done, I didn’t have the time to tell you how sweet and tight you were” Xander licked his lips.

Iris took a step back till her back hit her locker, right now she was already trembling.

Xander placed his hands on the locker, caging her.

“Why tremble I don’t bite…” He smirked and leaned closer to her ear.

“I only eat p*ssy” Xander whispered and looked at her in the eyes…

“Why are you doing this to me…” Iris cried.

“Because you humiliated me. No one dares say no to the great Xander Tyson” Xander spatted.

Well, Xander once asked her out but she turned him down, that tattered his ego.

“Remember what I said… Dare open your mouth and you’ll see what will happen to you” Xander said and left his way.

Iris’s knees gave up. She sat on the floor, crying her eyes out while the students walked pass her like she didn’t exist…


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  1. Sorry about your past Ricardo, but you need to move on
    Iris, don't allow your mates to continue to intimidate you, you need to stand up and fight for yourself
    Next please

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