{ Melt into me... }

{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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“Babe” Valentina smiled.

“Tina… You look so beautiful” Ryan smiled.

Valentina walked to the other side of the car then opened it before entering. She turned and faced Ryan then smiled…

“You’re forgetting something here” Ryan pouted.

Valentina chuckled and leaned closer to him. She pressed her lips on his, he used the opportunity to deepen the kiss…

“I missed you” Valentina said once they broke the kiss…

“Me too babe,” Ryan said and looked front. He roared the engine to life and then drove off..

Ricardo got down his car and looked at the restaurant in front of him. He sighed and walked in with.

The people in there were all murmuring and whispering while looking at him..

? I think I’m dreaming.. Is that Ricardo Thornton?

? He’s more handsome than on TV. Looks like it was a good idea coming here..

? I wish he could just look my way..

“Good evening Mr Thornton, how may I help you?” A waiter bowed politely at him with a smile on his lips.

“On which table did miss Fiona jay book?” Ricardo asked.

“Over there.. Please follow me Sir” The waiter said and began walking away. Ricardo followed behind with his hands in his pockets…

They reached the table where Fiona was sitting. She was dressed in a navy blue gown matching with Ricardo’s. Looking so beautiful and pretty.

“Ricardo..” Fiona smiled looking up at him.

She stretched her hand for him and he took it then kissed the back of it before sitting down opposite here.

“How are you doing Fiona?” Ricardo asked, faking a smile…

“I’m good, it feels so good to be back in ones home country” Fiona smiled sweetly.

“Yeah” Ricardo replied and picked up the menu. His eyes brushed through the menu.

“Have you made your order yet?” A waiter asked to Fiona.

“Yeah, I’ll go with lobster soup and a bottle of wine.” Fiona said.

The waiter jotted it down and turned to Ricardo.

“A simple beef steak will do” Ricardo said. The waiter jotted it down and curtsied then left..

“So tell me more about you” Fiona asked, placing both her hand on the table which stylishly touched Ricardo’s own.

Ricardo looked at it and stylishly removed it the raised his glass of water to his mouth which he sips from.

“Well… As you know I’m Ricardo. Well I’m 27 with two kids of my own. CEO of Thornton investment and owner of Deluxe Hotel with many other institutions” Ricardo said.

“You’re married?” Fiona asked a little bit surprised.

“No, I’m divorced” Ricardo replied.


Two waiters came to their table and placed their order on the table. One poured the wine in two glasses then kept it there before leaving.

Ricardo picked up his fork and began eating. Fiona looked at him and smiled then looked at her food.

“He’s handsome, intelligent, filthy rich and I bet he is good in bed too. I need to make this date work” Fiona thought.

Meanwhile, a car just parked infront of the restaurant. Ryan got down the car and opened the door for Valentina to come down too.

The murmurs began again…

? Is there something special today? Ry Browns is also here!!

? Who’s that girl near him. Look at her clothes.

? Don’t tell me they’re dating!!

Well Ryan is also a famous business tycoon too. Valentina hugged his hand and they walked in like that…

“How may I help you Sir?” A waiter bowed.

“I want to book a VIP table for two” Ryan said.

“Okay, please follow me” The waiter gestured and walked in front with the couples following behind.

“Here’s your seat”

Ryan pulled out a chair for Valentina. She smiled and then sat down. Ryan sat down afterwards.

“So tell me how was your trip?” Valentina asked

“Well… It was nice and super interesting, the best trip ever though I missed you” Ryan smiled making her blush.

Only God knows how fast her heart races each time he compliments her.

“Your orders?”

They went through the menu and then placed their orders before continuing their discussion.
Ricardo supported his jaw with his hands as he stared boringly at Fiona was telling him her life story. He was just seeing her lips moving but the words wasn’t entering his ear.

He really felt like yawning but that will be rude so he nodded making her think he was following up.

Logan was seen sitting on a couch I the living with his ear pieces plugged on while watching something on his phone.

The kids already finished dinner and he always helped them bath, brush their teeth and equally put them to bed.

He was currently watching the movie ’50 shades of gray’ on his phone while waiting for Ricardo’s return.

He was busy smiling while watching a s*x scene in the movie when suddenly a hand just came and unplugged his ear piece from his phone.

He looked up to see it was Myles smiling at him, dressed in his ‘superman’ pajamas.

“Uncle Logan, what are you watching? And why is the lady crying?” Myles said trying to take a look at the phone.

Logan quickly stood up from his seat and paused on the movie.

“Uhm…she is been tortured by the bad guy” Logan said, smiling awkwardly.

“I love it! Can we watch it together?” Myles said trying to take his phone but he quickly put it in his pocket.

“Uhh…no my phone is very low right now” Logan said and held his hand.

“You should get some sleep right now. Tomorrow is school for you” Logan said.

“I’ll only sleep if you tell me what happened in the movie” Myles pouted stubbornly

“Oh f*cking sh*t…! Someone save me from these kids” Logan begged inwardly…

“Okay, let’s go” Logan said and went to Myles’s room with him.

He laid him on bed and began telling Myles the story he just formulated..
“I need to use the restroom, will be back babe” Valentina said and stood up then left

Ryan smiled and shook his head then sipped on his drink while looking at other people.

He furrowed his brows when he saw someone familiar but couldn’t see the face since it was only the back exposed to him.

He simply shrugged and continued sipping his drink.


Valentina opened the door to the restroom then walked in. Someone was busy doing her makeup in there.

She walked pass the lady and went in the cabinet to urinate.

Fiona closed her mascara bottle and glared at her reflection on the mirror.

“It’s been one hour I’ve been trying to flirt with him but still..! No man can resist my charms why him?!” Fiona yelled angrily.

She sighed and began packing her things in her purse.

“This time I’ll use all my weapons” Fiona thought.

Valentina came out of the cabinet and went to wash her hands. She opened the water to much making water to splash on Fiona’s body.

“B*tch!! Look at what you did to my gown!” Fiona yelled. She thought that Valentina was a waiter in the restaurant.

“I’m so sorry Miss… I didn’t mean to” Valentina apologize sincerely.

“You didn’t mean to. I’m sure you were just envious of me… Take this!!” Fiona said and before we can tell, she landed a slap on Valentina’s face.

Valentina held her cheek and looked at her in confusion.

“This is what you deserve… Worthless f�ol” Fiona spatted. She was indirectly transferring her anger to Valentina.

She rolled her eyes and made to walk away but Valentina held her by the forearm.

“What?! Want more? I can gi….”

Valentina cut her shut with a blinding and resounding slap. She grabbed Fiona harshly by the hair…

“Who do you think you are huh? Calling me a worthless fool… Do you think you’re better?! I’m sure behind those fancy clothes lies a b*tchy sl�t” Valentina said angrily…

“You’re hurting me…” Fiona winced.

Valentina chuckled and shook her head.

“I thought you were strong but no… You’re just a crayfish. Listen and look at my face very well… Each time you see me passing by just shrink and disappear okay? I take down toothpick like you for desert!” Valentina said and slapped her again before releasing her.

Fiona ran out of the restroom in fear.

“She’s a real psycho” Fiona thought while rushing to her table. Her hair were all messed up plus her cheeks were so red.

Valentina stood with a smirk while watching her run away…

“Next time don’t mess with psycho like me. I don’t tolerate nonsense from anyone” Valentina said and walked away.



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