Unbreak My Heart – Chapter 3

{ Melt into me... }

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{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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“Not again…” Ricardo cursed…

“Son…” The man smiled.

“Dad, afternoon” Ricardo frowned and looked down, he already knows what his father came here to do.

“Thanks son. I came here with Fiona, do you still remember her. You guys studied at the same university” Ricardo’s dad (Evan) said.

“Yeah… I do” Ricardo said simply.

“Wow, that’s great. Fiona, here’s my son Ricardo” Evan smiled.

Fiona smiled elegantly…

“Greetings Ricardo” Fiona said.

“So I brought her here because she is just new here and I wanted you to show her around and maybe you’ll get to know each other more better.” Evan said.

“Finally he has landed” Ricardo thought.

That’s his monthly routine. Each month, his father will bring a new specie of woman to him and try to hook them up together but it’s never working…

“Sounds interesting…” Ricardo said with a fake smile on his lips…

“Great! I booked a dinner for you two at Deluxe Restaurant” Evan smiled…

“Thanks dad… You shouldn’t have” Ricardo said sending him a knowing look…

“I’ll get leaving Ricardo, have a lot of things to do” Evan said.

“See you later Ricardo” Fiona smiled seductively at him then left with Evan.

“Sh*t!!” Ricardo cursed and ran his hand through his hair. He sighed and walked out of his office.

“I’ll be leaving now, lock the door to my office. If any other work are to be done my me, send it to me through email” Ricardo said.

“Alright sir” Emilia said.

Ricardo nodded and walked away with a straight and cold look on his face…

“Who was that lady that the chairman brought here?” Emilia wondered.

She sighed and pinched her temples. Deep down she just wish it’s not another hookup…

“Why I’m I been jealous and possessive? I worked for him for two years yet he never noticed me. Not like he will do now” Emilia said to herself…
Ricardo walked out of his company heading to the parking lot. He brought his car key from his pocket and pressed the unlock button.

A frown settled on his face as he saw someone leaning on it…

“You aren’t even happy I came to pick you up…” The person said, walking to him.

“Why should I be? I’m not your girlfriend for you to be picking me up. Go get one” Ricardo said.

“So uptight as always.” He smiled.

“I saw your dad leave with a hot lady. Is she one of your suitors again?” The man asked and Ricardo nodded.

This person talking to Ricardo is non other than Logan, owner of the most successful modeling industry and also Ricardo’s best friend.

“Man… You’re lucky bro! Each month you have the opportunity to see hot looking ladies yet you just reject them. If I was the one I’ll make sure I f*ck the living hell out of their p*ssy before dumping them” Logan said…

“Still the same as always. Thought you quite your playboy life” Ricardo said, opening his car and placing his suitcase inside…

“Once a playboy, always a playboy! You too you were once a playboy too but all that change when you met-”

“Enough! I don’t want to speak about her” Ricardo cut him shut.

Logan simply nodded. He held his shoulder, looking serious for the first time.

“Bro, you have to move on… Try and forget about her” Logan said.

Ricardo nodded…

“What’s with the serious face. You’re scaring me” Ricardo frowned.

Logan laughed…

“Always got that funny yet serious sense of humor” Logan laughed and opened the door of his car then went in.

Ricardo went in too and buckled his seatbelt.

“Been long I’ve went to your house. Missed those two troublesome rats” Logan smiled.

“Alright but you will stay with them. I have an ‘important dinner’ to go by evening” Ricardo sighed.

He roared the engine to life and drove off…

“Today was super fun Tina. All thanks to you…” Valentina said and hugged Kristina.

“I’ll have to get going. I’m getting late already… Don’t worry I’ll drop by to greet Iris and aunt Peggy tomorrow” Kristina said, breaking the hug.

She blew kisses at Valentina before entering her car and the driver drove off…

Valentina smiled and entered the house. She met Peggy watching TV while knitting a sweater.

“Good afternoon mom” Valentina smiled.

She looked at the time and it was 6PM. She was supposed to go to her part time job at 3PM but seeing Kristina made her forget about it…

“Morning baby, how was work?” Peggy asked.

“Was super cool. Kristina is back, she said she’ll drop by tomorrow”Valentina smiled removing her shoes.

“Awwn I missed that sweet soul.” Peggy smiled.

“Where’s Iris?” Valentina asked.

“She’s upstairs. She hasn’t come downstairs since she came back from school… She says she is doing her homework and needs to concentrate” Peggy said.

Valentina furrowed her brows. She couldn’t help buy notice that Iris has been acting really strange lately.

Iris told her about her classmate bullying her but she asked Iris to ignore them and that’s what she’s been doing but now…. Something is really not right and she’ll find out one way or the other.

Valentina went upstairs and stopped by Iris’s door. She knocked on it and waited for awhile…

“Yes?” Iris said.

“Iris is anything wrong? Mom said you never came downstairs since you came back from school” Valentina said.

“I’m fine… I just have…a lot of homework to do” Iris replied.

“Okay dinner will soon be ready” Valentina said and left.

“Something is definitely not right” She thought.

Iris who was standing by the door all along wiped off the tears that were streaming down her cheek.

She walked to her bed, limping in the process then sat down.

“How do I do to tell mom and Tina about this? Will they hate me? I don’t want to add to their problems” She wiped her tears off…

She picked up a small mirror and looked at herself on it. Hickeys, and handprint were all over her neck. Handprint were on her wrists too…

Ricardo and Logan walked in the living room while discussing. Myles who was sitting on the couch while playing with his toys stood up with a smile on his lips…

“Daddy is back!!!” He screamed and ran to him then hugged him.

Ricardo smiled and lifted him up. Minnie who heard that rushed downstairs…

“Uncle Logan!” Minnie smiled cutely and hugged him too.

“Just look at how big you’ve grown” Logan carried her and walked in.

“Uncle.. You asked us to be good kids for you to buy us toys. I’ve always been an angel but Myles fought today so you’ll give me his toys too…” Minnie said and smiled.

“Hey!! That’s not fair!! I didn’t tell dad that you broke his favorite watch and hid it at the backyard” Myles frowned.

“What?!” Ricardo exclaimed.

“Myles… You big mouth” Minnie frowned.

“Look who’s calling me big mouth!” Myles said.

Logan was busy laughing….

“I wish I had kids like yours” Logan laughed.

“Well go get married” Ricardo rolled his eyes.

“I already told you… I love f*” He paused and looked at the kids then cleared his throat.

“I mean I love to eat spaghetti with fork” Logan said.

Ricardo placed Myles down.

“Myles, Minnie… Go wash your hands, dinner will soon be ready.” Ricardo said.

They nodded and ran away…

“You have to stop coming here Logan or else you’ll corrupt my kids with your vulgar words” Ricardo frowned.

Logan raised his hands up in defeat.

“I’ll leave you with Minnie and Myles for tonight. Let me change and go for that st*pid dinner. Will be back by 9” Ricardo said walking upstairs already.

“Sure man” Logan said and headed to the dining room.

Ricardo went upstairs and stripped then took a shower and began dressing up for the dinner. Once he was done, he styled his hair neatly and smirked looking please with his look. He was wearing a navy blue suit.

Once he was done dressing up, he went downstairs and branched to the dining room.

“Minnie, Myles… Dad will be leaving for a meeting. Will be back by 9PM, Logan will be you nanny for the night” Ricardo smiled.

“Bye daddy!!” They chorused.

Ricardo smiled at them, he looked at Logan and nodded before walking to the exit.

“Let’s see how this will work out” He thought and sighed.
Valentina walked out of her room with a smile on her lips. She was wearing a purple gown with her flat shoes and a black purse plus she had her hair tied in a bun.

“Wow you look so pretty sis” Iris smiled.

They already had dinner and she was sitting at the living room, watching TV as always… Iris was wearing turtle neck pullover to cover the marks..

“Thanks baby sis” Valentina said and headed to the exit.

“I’ll be leaving now for my date with Ryan. Mom is sleeping Already so you have to check up on her before going to bed too okay?” Valentina said and Iris nodded.

“Bye!!” She blew a kiss and went out.

A black Lamborghini was parked in front of her house. The window scrolled down revealing a very handsome face.

“Babe” Valentina smiled…


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