{ Melt into me... }

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{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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“Here’s the file you asked me to print out sir” Valentina placed it on his table.

Ricardo simply nodded with a frown on his face. He had his eyes glued on the screen of his laptop.

Valentina looked at him, wondering why his face is like that?

“Come here” Ricardo said.

Valentina furrowed her brows and walked then stood beside him.

“Take a look at this” Ricardo pointed at his computer.

“What do you see”

“Well that’s the drone created by R-B corporation, it’s amongst the best selling in the market” Valentina replied.

“That’s our design, I hope you know that R-B corporation is our rival. For some reasons, they have been stealing our design then they create and release it making them look like they are the one who did it.” Ricardo frowned.

“That’s bad, that will make Thornton investment look like a cheap fraud if we produce the same tool.” Valentina said.

“Yeah, there’s a spy in this company. We have to find the person soonest but who could it be?” Ricardo said and leaned on his chair.

“I have no idea about that. Don’t worry boss, I’ll try my best to find him or her” Valentina said determinedly.

Ricardo simply nodded. Valentina curtsied and walked out of his office. She slumped on her chair and sighed. R-B corporation is Ryan’s company, so she’s working for the rival company of her boyfriend…

“What do I do?” Valentina thought for a way to catch that spy.

Iris and Charlotte walked in the lunch room and went to buy their lunch. Someone wrapped her hand round Charlotte’s shoulder.

“Kimberly?” Charlotte smiled.

“It’s not fair, ever since morning that Iris came you have forgotten about your best friend” The girl called Kimberly pouted.

“I’m sorry Kim, the principal asked me to be her guide for today” Charlotte said.

“It’s okay, was just teasing you. You’re Iris right? I love your personality, so much my type especially the factory resetting slap that you gave to Riley” Kimberly said.

“I’m glad you love my personality” Iris smiled.

It got to their turn and they placed their orders then went to sit down on an empty table.

“So tell me more about your former school” Kimberly asked, sipping from her milkshake.

“Well, it’s a school I’ll advice no one to go there… The stu…”

She was cut short when someone covered her eyes from behind.

“Who’s this?” Iris muttered and almost immediately, the person removed his hand.

“Luca?! You’re a student of this school?!” Iris exclaimed.

“Yeah, your classmate too.” Luca said and came to sit beside them.

“You know Luca?” Charlotte asked.

“Yeah, he knocked me down but also saved me I think it was last three days” Iris said.

“Wow, I thought you were a dummy now I know your blind. Knocking down Iris, seriously” Charlotte rolled her eyes.

“If I’m blind then you’re a complete moron” Luca said and took two of her chicken wings then went away

“Hey?! Give me back that!” Charlotte screamed.

Kimberly simply shook her head.

“Why don’t you just confess to him?” Kimberly said.

“Hey!! I already told you, I don’t like him!” Charlotte said…

“Oh…so Charlotte likes Luca, Nice” Iris smiled.

“Are you two even listening to me?!”

Iris and Kimberly laughed loudly….

“I can see it through your eyes, you like him. You heart screams his name… You lips yearns for his” Kimberly laughed.

“So which couple name should we give to them?” Iris asked.

“What of Lulotte or Loca yeah I know…Lucalotte” Kimberly said and nodded.

“You two!” Charlotte said, obviously blushing.

Iris laughed, it feels so good to be welcome to a school with two cheerful persons like Charlotte and Kimberly.

Valentina got down the cab and looked at R-B corporation. She was on her 30 minutes break.

She walked to the entrance and since the receptionist knows her, they simply let her in.

“Poor girl” The receptionist said, feeling pity for her.

Valentina took the elevator which to took her to the floor where the CEO’s office was. She walked to his door and knocked on it.

At first, she was hearing some slight sound but it suddenly stopped.

“Come in” He said.

Valentina opened the door and walked in. Ryan held a look of surprise on his face when he saw Valentina.

“What… What are you doing here?” Ryan asked in surprise.

Valentina scoffed loudly, what kind of question is that?

“So i need a permission before coming to see my boyfriend” Valentina said and took a step closer.

“I’m sorry, I’m just really busy…mmm” Ryan said and release a soft groan at the end.

“What’s happening Ryan, I don’t understand you any longer. Ever since oir last date you haven’t been calling like you use to do, you haven’t yet come to pick me up like you use to, you have come to visit my parents like you use to.” Valentina frowned and stood akimbo.

“Like I said, I’m really busy” Ryan said, sweating a little.

“Busy stealing people’s ideas” Valentina said in her mind.

“Please I have some really important things to do now. Can you drop by my house tomorrow, we’ll sort things out please?” Ryan said.

Valentina looked at him for a while. He’s definitely hiding something from her.

“Okay, tomorrow by 7pm” Valentina said.

“Thanks babe, I love you” Ryan smiled.

“Love you more” Valentina said and walked out of his office.

Ryan pressed a button and his office door locked. He pushed his table away and looked down.

“She almost caught us, can’t you be calming down?” Ryan said.

Earlier, she sucked on his d*ck that’s why he groaned.

“I don’t care, why are you still lying to her. Tell her that I’m your girlfriend” His Secretary frowned.

“I will but I have to know how to tell her babe. Don’t get angry please?” Ryan lifted her up making her sit on his laps.

He kissed her fiercely. A moan escaped her lips when she felt him slid into her.


Valentina looked around to see if someone was following her. She secretly sneaked info the company’s manufacturing sector.

Valentina slowly walked looking around, she could see various technology which were been produced.

Just at her right, a computer was standing nearby. A picture of a robot could be seen there.

Valentina walked to the computer and looked at it. She brought out her phone and took a picture of it.

She then looked around to see if no one was coming before sitting down on the chair in front of it.

She typed some things on it, which deleted the whole algorithm…

“Done” She smiled and stood up.

“I’m sorry I had to do this Ryan. I love you so much but I’m against fraud, what you are doing isn’t right” Valentina thought.

She stood up once she was done and turned to leave, immediately she stepped a foot out of the room.

“Hey, what are you doing here!!” Valentina froze.

“Today was really fun” Kimberly smiled.

Their classes were over and right now, they were going back home. A black shiny limousine stopped in front of them.

“Looks like my driver is here. Really wanted to spend more time with you guys” Kimberly sighed.

“Your driver?” Iris asked.

“Yeah, what do you expect from the president’s daughter” Charlotte said.

“You’re what?!” Iris exclaimed.

“Yeah, the president’s daughter. Though it’s kinda boring to me, wish I was a normal girl” Kimberly sighed.

A guy suddenly walked pass them. He entered the car and sat down then brought out his phone and began manipulating it.

“Who’s he?” Iris asked.

“My brother Gavin, he’s so annoying” Kimberly sighed and waved at them then entered the car.

“Let’s go, I want to know where you live” Charlotte held her hand and they began walking while chatting and laughing.

“So what does your father do?” Charlotte asked.

“I’ve never seen my father, mom said he died when I was a baby. It’s my sister Valentina who support and binds our family together.” Iris smiled.

“That must be tough. Well mine, my father… It’s another story, I don’t wanna talk about him” Charlotte sighed

“Okay, but just know that family over everything,” Iris said.

Iris squinted her eyes when something flashed at the corner of her eyes. Like someone took a picture of them.

She looked at the direction and saw no one. That’s weird….


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  1. Ricardo will be grateful to you Valentina if what you deleted is what they stole from him
    And Iris, be careful Xander might still be stalking

  2. I knew Ryan was just playing with Valentina's heart….
    If Valentina is able to stop dis spy n thievery, Ricardo will be indebted to her forever!!!

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