{ Melt into me... }

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{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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Iris and Charlotte headed to class while chatting about random stuffs. They walked in class and almost all eyes turned to her.

👥 Another hottie in our class

👥 Yeah, just look at her pretty and cute face. I hope she’s single…

👥 Who cares if she’s single or not. Imma make her mine.

“Come here” Charlotte pulled her to her seat, making her sit beside her.

Iris looked at her and smiled. For a long while now, she has never met any classmate who treats her nice so it’s all kinda weird to her now.

Almost immediately a man walked in the class and went to his place.

“Good morning class” He smiled and wore his blouse.

His eyes scanned through the students and then landed on Iris.

“The principal told me we have a new student here. Please come and present yourself to us” He gestured.

Iris stood up and walked front. She turned to the class and smiled cutely.

“Good morning class, I’m Iris Williams” She said.

“Iris, like a beautiful flower. Please make sure you all are nice and welcoming to Iris. Please take your seat” The teacher smiled.

Iris nodded and went to her seat….

“So Iris, I’m Mr Thomas. Your biology teacher” The teacher said and turned to the board then wrote the topic of the day.

Iris flipped to the page and focused her attention on the teacher. She kept answering almost all the questions which were been asked to them.

“I like you vibes Iris, continue like that” Thomas smiled.

👥 Tsk…what a show off

👥 I like her personality, calm and composed

👥 Well me I don’t.

The class continued smoothly till the end..

“Wow, the classes of this morning were sweet.” Iris smiled.

“Yeah, Mr Thomas classes are always the best. He is the class favorite teacher” Charlotte smiled.

Suddenly, girls swoon around Iris and Charlotte chair starring at Iris.

“I love your hair color. And your bangs”

“You’re so pretty!”

“Can we be friends?”

“I want to be your friend too!!”

Iris stared at them in surprise. Since when did she become a superstar.

“Uhm… Okay, thanks everyone.. Sure I’ll be your friend” Iris said.

The girl squealed and giggled to themselves.

“You’re so brainy”

“Can you teach me maths?”

“Everybody out of my way!” A voice said from behind. The girls immediately dispersed away from iris’s seat.

A very beautiful girl came to view. Her uniform was extra short with some makeups on her face.

She walked to Iris with a mocking look on her face.

“Look who we have here. Another stray dog” She said and smirked.

Iris stared at her, completely unfazed with the look she was giving her.

“How did you gain admission to this school. You offered your body to the principal?” She asked.

The girl was none other that Riley, the popular brat in the school. She’s among the prettiest in the school but also the most b*tchy and arrogant.. A bully too.

Charlotte looked at Iris worriedly.

“Iris let’s leave” Charlotte stood up and made to leave but what followed next was a slap from Riley to Charlotte.

“How dare you stand when I’m talking” Riley snapped.

Iris glared at her…

“Don’t slap my friend again” Iris said calmly.

“If I do then what?” Riley smirked.

“You’ll manage whatever I’ll do to you” Iris said.

Riley raised her hand and slapped made to slap Charlotte again but Iris caught her hand midair.

Iris slowly rose from her seat and before Riley could record anything, a resounding slap landed on Riley’s cheek.

The class gasped. No one has ever talked back to Riley, talkless of having the guts to slap her.

“If you’re crazy or arrogant, pack that craziness and arrogance somewhere. No one, I repeat no one in this class should dare pick on my bad side or else you’ll see craziness in all it’s color” Iris said and pulled Charlotte out.

“I like her attitude. She can be a good person to bully.” Someone said and smiled.

Once Valentina was done with the files she was asked to work on, she stood up and went in Ricardo’s office.

“Here’s the file sir.” Valentina said.

“Where’s my coffee?” Ricardo said, typing on his laptop.

“Coffee? You didn’t ask me to brew you a coffee” Valentina furrowed her brows.

“Then that means you haven’t gone through the rules I sent you.” Ricardo said and looked up at her then back to his laptop.

“I’m sorry.” Valentina rushed to the coffee brewer and brewed his coffee.

“You’re lucky I’m in my good moods today if not, it will be complete sacking” Ricardo said as Valentina placed the coffee on the table.

He took a sip of it and crunched his face in disgust.

“Too sweet, you want me to have calories” He snapped. Valentina bowed apologetically and went to brew him another one.

“Too bitter”

“Too sour”

“Has no taste”

Those are the complaints he keeps giving to Valentina at each coffee she brewed. Valentina who has a quite nasty temper was now red in anger.

She placed the mug of coffee on the table and glared at him…

“Too salty” He frowned.

“If it’s salty then add pepper maybe it will turn to soup.” Valentina blurted out in anger.

“What did you just say?” Ricardo raised a brow.

“You heard me right. Fire me if you want, this is not the first time I’m been fired anyways” Valentina snapped and left the office.

She sat down on her chair and sighed loudly, trying to calm down.

“Like who does he think he is? God? It’s too sweet, too sour, too salty. I mean since when did coffee become sour or salty?” Valentina kept talking to herself that those walking by looked at her like she has lost her mind.

“Miss Williams” Ricardo called her from the speaker on her office.

Valentina stood up and went in. She met him signing on the papers she handed to him.

“All signed, you can now finalize the exportation of our techs” Ricardo handed her the files

She took it and nodded then made to leave.

“I usually tell my workers this before I hire them. It’s so unfortunate that I didn’t get to tell you. I’m a perfectionist and I also have a very nasty temper.” Ricardo said with a cold look on his face.

“Well for your information too. I have a very nasty temper too and if you flare up in anger for no reason, I’ll handle your anger with my temper too. If you’ll excuse me Sir” Valentina said and left his office.

Ricardo was suddenly reminded of something which he wished to forget….

“Nice pose Kris!!” The photographer said and took a picture of her.

She was wearing a very s*xy bikini while holding a surf board.

“That’s all… You really amaze me, it’s your second day of work and you nailed it just right” The photographer said.

“Thanks Shane” Kristina smiled and covered her body with a towel.

She walked away, heading to her room to hey dressed.

Once she got there, a frown settled on her face when she saw Logan sitting on a table in front of the mirror.

“What do you want boss?” Kristina said.

“Well,, just wanted to see you” Logan blurted out.

Kristina chuckled and sat down on a stool.

“You wanted to see me? Why?” Kristina asked.

“I don’t know” Logan smiled.

Kristina smirked and stood up.

“Well if you don’t know then please leave. Or you wanna watch me strip” Kristina said.

“That will be an interesting show” Logan bit his lips.

Kristina rolled her eyes and shook her head. Logan laughed and stood up then left…

Kristina finally bursted out in laughter.

“It’s just three days and you are already falling for me Logan? Don’t worry, I’ll make you learn a lesson… Never to play with a woman’s heart. Playboy you say? Well we’ll see about” Kristina spoke to herself and leaned on her table.

She still can remember how humiliated she felt when he told her that she wasn’t his type. That was her first heartbreak and from there, she promised to change him using the iron fist. Not because she hates him, but because it’s for his good.

Valentina smiled when she printed out what Ricardo asked of her. Being the secretary of the owner of the most successful company in the country isn’t easy at all…

“Is Ricardo here?” She heard a voice.

Valentina looked up and was met by a surprising face.

“You?!” They chorused.

Fiona couldn’t believe her eyes. So she made Valentina loose her job just to come and find her here again. Whats wrong with fate?

“I see you have found another low life job. Well I don’t care, tell Ricardo I’m outside” Fiona said

“No” Valentina said, writing out something.

“What did you say?” Fiona asked in surprise.

“Are you deaf? I said no, my boss doesn’t accept first class sl*t in his office” Valentina smiled.

“How dare you!” Fiona flared up and banged her hand hard on the table.

“Just turn and leave… If I say no then it’s no” Valentina smiled.


“Security!” Valentina called and two muscular men came to her.

“This lady here has been bad-mouthing our boss, please dispose of her. She’s an eye pain to me” Valentina said.

The two men picked Fiona up and began dragging her to the exit.

“Let me go! How dare you place your filthy hands on me!”

Valentina smirked and bit her lips while looking at Fiona…


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