{ Melt into me... }

{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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“Yeah baby!!!!”

“Ouch faster!!! Give it to me!!!”


Those were the noises coming from the CEO’s office, luckily it was sound proof so no sound could escape from the office.

The secretary could be seen holding onto the table for support which the CEO banged her from behind.

Her skirt and pantie could be seen loitering around on the floor.

“Ouch…mmm…oh yes!!!” She moaned out.

He pulled out of her and turned her to him. She knelt down and took his d*ck into her mouth sucking on it. He threw his head back and groaned in pure pleasure.

He then pulled out of her and made her sit on the desk.

“Boss, what if your girlfriend comes in?” The secretary asked.

“Like I care” He simply replied and slammed his lips on hers, rubbing her cl*t with his fingers.

Ricardo sighed tiredly once he was done typing on his laptop. He stood up and went to brew himself some coffee.

He slowly sipped on it while reviewing the papers in his hands.

“Bro” Logan peeped in his office.

“Logan? The rate at which you’re coming to visit me is suspicious. Don’t you have a company to manage?” Ricardo asked.

“What? I have less work to do so I think it’s better to come waste it here or do you prefer I go flirt with your sister?” Logan said while entering.

“That literally concerns you two” Ricardo replied.

“So I heard you hired a new secretary. That was so fast!” Logan said…

“Yeah, at this moment I need a fast thinker. Someone who can help me find out who that snitch is… The person I choose had that qualification. I hope she’ll be as competent as Emilia” Ricardo sipped from his coffee.

“Are you sure you haven’t fallen for Emilia?” Logan smirked.

“Tsk… Come on” Ricardo said making Logan to chuckle…

“So, how about we go grab a bite or something. I’m farmished” Logan groaned.

“Alright but we’ll make it snappy” Ricardo said and picked up his coat then wore it before walking out…

“Great news!! I got a job!!” Valentina exclaimed immediately she got in the living room.

“Really?! Wow, I’m glad!!” Iris smiled. As usual she was watching a movie while eating popcorn.

“Thanks baby sis. What are you doing at home? Your school hours doesn’t end this early” Valentina asked and sat beside her.

Iris sighed and shrugged then stuffed her mouth with popcorn.

“Well that bloody Xander framed me. He took a video of him r@ping me and made it look like I enjoyed it” Iris said.

“What?! It looks like the injuries I gave him weren’t enough” Valentina said and almost immediately her phone rang.

“Hello” She said on the phone.

“Yes, I’m Valentina Williams” She replied to the person speaking…

“What?! No way!!” She exclaimed.

“Wait…!!” Valentina exclaimed but the person hung up already.

“F*ck!!” Valentina cursed and ruffled her hair.

“What’s wrong?” Iris asked.

“That b@stard you call Xander succeeded in escaping. It looks like he showed the video to court and so the accusations levied on him were lifted” Valentina said angrily…

Iris sighed and leaned on the couch. She was expecting something like this to happen, maybe his parents bribed their way out of it.

“Tina, don’t let it stress you. I know that karma is a big time b*tch” Iris said.

“I’m changing your school” Valentina announced.

“For real?!” Iris asked in surprise and Valentina simply nodded.

“I’m enrolling you in a better school.” Valentina said.

“Gosh!! Thanks so much sis!!” Iris hugged her.

“By the way which job did you get?” Iris asked while breaking the hug.

“I’m the new secretary of the CEO of Thornton Investment” Valentina smiled.

“Pinch me!! Are you for real?! You’re so damn lucky!!” Iris exclaimed.

“I know right? Can you imagine that he gave me money as a motivation. The money was so damn much but he called it small money?!” Valentina said.

“That’s cool Tina, at least you’re smiling now. Not like in the morning” Iris smiled.

Valentina stood up and arranged her dress.

“Come on Iris, we have a long afternoon ahead of us. First thing first, let’s get you registered in a new school and then we can look for a new apartment” Valentina said.

“Alright, just give me one sec. Let me change” Iris said and rushed upstairs.

Valentina continued eating the popcorn while waiting for her. When Iris was done, they both walked out of the house. Luckily Peggy was having her nap so they didn’t disturb her.

They hailed the cab and went in…

Valentina googled for the best highschool in the area and the name Twilight High showed up. She scrolled down looking at the various studying method.

“Driver, to Twilight High” Valentina said. The driver nodded and began driving to the school.

Valentina was still scrolling through when a notification appeared on the screen.

“Ahh!!!!” Valentina screamed in excitement making Iris to block her ear.

“What’s wrong?” Iris frowned.

“I’m just going through the benefits enjoyed in working with Thornton Investment and guess what? They are the ones who’ll pay your school fees and all school equipment, they are the ones who’ll settle our house rent for three months and others” Valentina read out the benefit sent to her through her email.

“Wow, that company is so damn rich!” Iris smiled and Valentina nodded.

“Miss, we are here” The driver announced. They both looked out and was amazed by the beauty of the school.

Valentina and iris got down and paid the driver before concentrating back on the school..

“Let’s go” Valentina said and pulled Iris in the school.

Iris could see students discussing while walking around dressed in their outstanding school uniform…

Valentina asked for guidance and was shown where the principal’s office was.

“Good morning” Valentina greeted

“Good morning and welcome to Twilight High” The principal smiled.

“We are here to register my kids sis, to your school” Valentina gestured at Iris who was standing behind.

“Please have a seat” He smiled.

Kristina walked in the filming studio and looked around.

“Good day Miss Kristina” A makeup artist greeted.

“Call me Kris or Tina” Kristina smiled.

“Okay, I’m your makeup artist. The boss asked me to help you get dress for the shooting.” She said.

“Cool, what’s your name?” Kristina asked

“Anita” She replied and led the way, Kristina followed behind.

Kristina was handed and brand new s*xy gown to wear. Anita did her makeup

“Done” Anita smiled..

Kristina looked at her reflection on the mirror and smiled.

“You have magical hands, just look at how pretty I am” Kristina smiled and stood.

She looked at her reflection and smiled. The dress fits her so perfectly…

Kristina left and headed to the studio.

? Damn… Is that the famous Ricardo’s sister?

? Look at those hips…

? I’m gonna flirt with her afterwards.

? Bro,,, don’t think about it. The CEO in person said we can see her but don’t touch her. Looks like she’s one of his bed warmer…

? F*ck!!

Kristina sat down on a chair waiting for her turn. Meanwhile, a pretty blonde was on stage getting her pictures taken with a s*xy lingerie on her.

“That’s good Jade, to the left… Perfect!!” The photographer said.

“You are WOW!” He said.

He took one last picture and it was over. Her PA came in with a towel which she covered Jade’s body with.

She walked down the stage holding a proud look on her face with her hips swaying sideways making the workers there to drool over her.

“Miss Kristina” The photographer called.

Kristina stood up and walked to the stage. She sat down on the stool there and closed her eyes.

“3, 2, 1…”

She snapped her eyes opened and flashed at the camera and dangerous yet s*xy look…

“Wow. That’s it!!” The photographer smiled, taking as much pictures as possible while Kristina kept posing for the camera.

Logan was just coming back from his lunch with Ricardo. He walked in the shooting room and his jaw almost fell when he saw Kristina on stage.

“That’s all…” The photographer announced.

Kristina came downstage with a smile on her lips.

“How was I boss?” She asked to Logan who was coming closer to her.

He took a last glance at her smooth legs before looking Back at her face.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were Ricardo’s sister?”

Kristina looked at him and chuckled…

“What’s the point of finding out? Now that you know, will it change anything?” Kristina smirked.

Logan leaned closer to her, not minding the stares and glares he was receiving.

“Of course it changes a lot of things… Do you still remember six years ago?” Logan whispered to her.

“Of course I do. That was just my puberty stage, was still believing in that sh*t called love. Now is different” Kristina said and smiled.

“Have a nice day boss.” Kristina bowed and walked away…

Unknown to them that jealous eyes were glaring angrily at them.



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