The $eductress – Episode 27


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WRITTEN BY: Pamela James

©Youngicee stories


Chapter 27

Anastasia p.o.v

The sound of people was always a distraction.

They would provoke us, wanting us to keep going, cheering us on, getting excited.

This was normal.

I got a glance at Elecia, and she was posed like I was, I almost wanted to smile.

She looked more graceful than I was, but she has been doing this much longer than I have.

We both moved again, gripping the pole harder and moving our legs down to keep spinning.

I kept going until my feet touched the ground and I spun around slowly before grinding against the pole.

There was money falling from up high.

I glanced up to see who was throwing it.
There were a lot of people watching from up above.

I saw a couple throw a few notes in with the money that was raining down.

But I knew when I started it.

My eyes went straight to Arnaldo, and I could see that he was watching me too.

He was throwing me money.

He could have waited till I got home with him, but he will always tell me that money isn’t an issue for him.

I believe him.

I kept dancing because that was my job.
The night ended really well, better than it usually does.

The club was cleared out at four in the morning.

I was already dressed in ordinary clothes.

I wasn’t going out in black lingerie, I kept my jacket closed up because I got cold easily.

All this money was giving me chills.

I stayed away from the others so I could count in peace.

I shoved my money in my bag when I was done.

I just wanted to get out of here and get some sleep.

Working nights constantly can be tiring.

I pulled my bag over my shoulder and got up to walk over to Jennifer who was just about finished and ready to leave.

“Going to fvck?”

She was quick to turn around and shush me.

She seemed paranoid.

“Anastasia, stop.” She freaked out.

“So are you fvcking or not?”

Jennifer yanked me off to the side so no one else would hear what she was about to say. She did not seem very happy that I was teasing her.

“The dumb drug lord has me as his look out for some stupid sh*t.” Jennifer said.

Right, sometimes I forget that a drug lord and jennifer have been doing some business togetherhe whole drug business.

I don’t know how jennifer got involved, or when, or why.

She must have her reasons, and the drug lord is the type to be an a$shole if I bring it up, so I wasn’t going to say anything, but I did have issues, I stared at Jennifee plainly.

She can’t honestly think I’m stupid.

I saw how close they were, I saw what they were doing.

“Okay.” I said.


“I said okay.” I got defensive.

“I don’t know nothing.” I said to make her feel better.

“Thank you.” She breathed out, relieved.
Jennifer gets so worked up about everything.

She hates the drug lord too.

At least that’s what I thought.

Maybe I’m wrong.

It’s definitely my business but I was too tired to pry into her life about it.

I was going to leave it alone for now.

We walked outside with the others.

I saw the black Porsche that was parked not too far away.

Arnaldo was waiting for me.

I had to hold back my smile.

I nudged Jennifer so she knew I would be leaving with someone else tonight.

“Be careful.” She managed to get out quietly as I walked away.

I waved to him as I headed over.

As much as I wanted to sleep and rest, my night begins when I’m out with Arnaldo, I definitely wanted to go home with him and have a little fun.


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