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The $eductress – Episode 14


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WRITTEN BY: Pamela James

©Youngicee stories


Chapter 14

Anastasia p.ov

I wanted to roll my eyes, but I didn’t break my flirtatious expression as I arched my back more to shake my as$ more in their faces.

When I looked up though, I caught a glimpse of his face.

I couldn’t hold back my smile when I saw him standing there with the others that were crowding around the platform.

I’m sure he could give me more money than all these people combined.

I kept my eyes on him as I moved.

Other people were staring at me, touching me, putting more money on me, but my attention was on him.

I wonder if the other people make him jealous.

He knows I’d spend all my time with him.

He motioned for me to come closer with his finger.

When I did crawl over to him, I noticed the notes in his hand one hundred pounds. And he doesn’t even have to sweat to put that down, he’s lucky I like him.

My attitude changed immediately.

I sat up on my knees and spread them, exposing myself for him so he could put the money anywhere he wanted. I let him touch me, pulling the gold string that was pressed into my waist to give me hundred pound notes. He kept his eyes right on me, and I didn’t look away either. I licked my lips as my hand pressed over his, making him grab me so he knows what gets me excited.

By the way he looked at me, I knew we had to be somewhere private. I shouldn’t show favouritism but no one else was here putting hundred pound bills down, so I have a preference.

I like him.

A lot.

Way too much.

I brought him back with me somewhere more private, so we could be alone. It was quieter, and it was just us. That’s how it’s been the other times he comes over.
I wanted to know more about him. I can’t just let him fvck me without even knowing his name.

This is his third time here, he can’t stay mysterious for long.

“So you came back?” I asked as I swung on the pole. I didn’t lift myself up to do any fancy tricks. I just wanted to keep my eyes on him.

“I had a good time before.”

“Why?” I laughed.

“Because I let you put it in me?” I asked.

I’m not as easy as other people would think. However, this man has money, so for him, I could be as easy as he wants me to be. He had a good time before because he got to fvck me. It was good, I’ll give him that, but he can’t expect me to spread my legs for him again.

I saw him lick his lips and look down, trying to hold back his smile. So now he wants to play shy. I’ll admit that it’s séxy, but that’s not how he’s going to win me over.

“I don’t even know your name.” I stopped moving and kept my gaze on him.

“I don’t know yours.”

“You’re right, you don’t.” I said.

I considered telling him my real name, not some stupid stage name I use. I smiled at him while he waited.



“What no last name?” I asked him.

“Give me one.” He said.



“Well Mr Arnaldo Phillip, what brings you here for your third night” I ask him, still smiling, as I walked over to him slowly.

“Your wife not putting out?” I sat down on his lap and moved my legs over his.

“I’m divorced.”

“Mhm. So you’re lonely?” I assumed.

“So you came to the strip club to find something to do, or someone to do?” I played with his hair.

“I found you, didn’t I?”

“You did.” I smiled as I looked into his eyes.

“Well Mr Arnaldo, unfortunately you know that I’m not supposed to have séx at work.” I reminded him since we both forgot last time.

It was actually convenient for him wasn’t it?

” I’m not paying for séx.” he said, just as quietly as I spoke.

” And we can go back to my place, if you’re interested.” he said in my ear.

I closed my eyes.

That sounds like a good and bad idea.

I barely know him.

What makes it seem like a good idea to go home with him?

How am I going to get out of it?

How do I know it’s safe?

I actually had to think about this one.

I may like him, but I’m not trying to get myself into trouble.


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