The $eductress

The $eductress – Episode 11


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WRITTEN BY: Pamela James

©Youngicee stories


Chapter 11

Anastasia p.o.v

I certainly didn’t say anything.

I stopped moving and took a breath.

If he wants to, he can, and I won’t stop him.

When I didn’t, I felt him push inside me slowly.

I mashed my lips tightly so I wouldn’t groan out loud, but it did hurt.

I shifted upwards slightly when the pain got to me.

My hands moved down on his thighs, my fingers gripping hard as I did my best to hold it in.

I hadn’t realised what I was dealing with until now.

It hurt like hell.

It’s not my first time, but I sure have not done this enough to be used to it.

I know that it is not smart to do this here.

My judgment was clearly cloudy.

I had to totally hide me shaking.

I had to hide the strain.

But my fingers were digging into his thighs still, as he was all the way inside me.

If I knew it would be this difficult, I would have prepared for it.

I closed my eyes and took another deep breath.

I can certainly handle this. That is what I told myself over and over again for a second.

My job was to dance, that is what I was going to do.

When I could handle myself.

I opened my legs slightly and moved my hips on my own.

No matter how hard I tried.

I couldn’t get my thighs to stop shaking. I hoped that he couldn’t notice what I was feeling.

I know what I’m doing.

I can do this.

It might have been a strain but I continued to move on him. His hands were at my waist, holding me to him, but he didn’t move me.

He didn’t even move with me yet.

Was he waiting to see what I could do?

Or was he not excited enough?

I almost felt disrespected at that point.

I lifted myself of him so I could move my hips.

I just underestimated how good it would feel for me.

Now the pain was nearly gone, I could feel him filling me up.

I can definitely say I haven’t had this challenge before.

My thighs began shaking again, when I had just gotten them to stop.

I couldn’t keep moving anymore, I stopped, sitting right on his lap, all the way down on him. I could feel him so deep inside me that I definitely needed to take a second.

That is when his hands moved to the insides of my thighs.

That is when he could definitely feel me shaking. But that wasn’t it. He spread my legs a little more, though that made it worse for me.

I bit down on my lip to remind myself not to be so loud.

My heart was beating so hard in my chest that I could feel it.

It wasn’t that I was nervous, but I haven’t had séx here before. And I certainly haven’t had sex with a stranger before.

I know I have met him once, but this is different.

I wasn’t used to this.

I wanted to hide what I felt, but it wasn’t working.

To cover it up, I started moving again, but this time he moved with me.

I couldn’t dance over him, especially with the way he was moving in to me. I was bouncing on his lap, feeling his côck pulse inside me more, it wasn’t till then that I noticed.

Does he like this more?

He wouldn’t say anything.

I could feel him breathing….


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  1. I love the story its very interesting and amazing
    and can you please three episodes per day or week

  2. Enticing,awesome i enjoy the story so much.
    Thanks authoress pls dont us waiting u almost broke my heart gosh it hurts so much pls dont do it again.

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