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Chapter 20 – Anna is Activated

Eric and Eva disengaged quickly and she rushed to pick up her bra and shirt.

“Eric?” Jonathan’s eyes widened in surprise. He couldn’t believe that Eric was breaking the Clan laws.

Eric heaved a sigh of frustration. Of course, only Jonathan could come into his office that way. But even at that, he felt embarrassed that they were in the act. He rose from the table slowly and turned to his seat behind the table.

“Get the f**k out of here!” Jonathan snapped at her.

She hastily put on her shirt and headed for the door.

“What the heck is wrong with you, Eric?” Jonathan glared at his friend after Eva had stepped out.

Eric couldn’t raise his eyes to look at Jonathan. He focused his eyes on the table, feeling displeased with himself.

“I never thought you go this low, Eric,” Jonathan scoffed. “You’re f****ng a recruit?”

Eric raised his eyes to look at Jonathan. He held in a breath and closed his eyes to stop himself from speaking up.

“I couldn’t have imagined that you were protecting her for this reason, Eric,” he continued. “How the heck would you explain this when other people find out?”

“I wasn’t protecting her in any way,” Eric finally raised his face to look at him. “And you’re not planning to tell anyone else, are you?”

Jonathan stayed quiet. “You think she’s not going to tell her colleagues that she’s f****ng the master?” he squinted at his friend’s face.

“She won’t, she’s not dumb,” Eric contorted his face.

Jonathan pulled out the visitor’s seat and sat comfortably. There was a moment of silence between them.

“Did you f**k her while on your mission?”

Eric stared at Jonathan’s face without saying anything. Jonathan understood what his silence meant.

“I think you have grown a soft spot for this girl, Eric. She must have impressed you with the way she broke the territory defence and got in. But I still feel there’s something wrong about her.” He paused to look at Eric’s face and saw a blank expression. “You should let me handle her, Eric,” he proposed.

“No. Jack will remain her handler,” Eric maintained.

“Yes, but you’ve got to stop seeing her.”

“I will,” Eric agreed. “You can continue assigning her tasks as you wish.”

“Good,” an evil smile appeared on Jonathan’s face.

Eric noted his smile and stared at his face for a moment. “Don’t kill her, Joe,” he warned.

Jonathan stared back into the eyes of his friend. He could see that Eric deeply cared for her. “I won’t,” he muttered.

“Why are you here?” Eric drew in a breath and leaned back in his chair.

“I came in to pick a file from your office,” Jonathan replied and got up. He walked to the cabinet. “I didn’t meet the secretary on seat. I thought you must have closed. That’s why I barged in.”


A few recruits were at the lounge when Eva arrived at the lodge. Without looking at anyone, she proceeded towards the hallway.

“Hey,” she heard Ben calling from behind but she didn’t wait. He walked fast to catch up with her. “Hey! Why are you looking so gloomy, what happened in there?”

“It’s nothing to worry about, Ben,” she replied but he wasn’t convinced.

“So, why are you looking like this?” he pressed further. “Is it something about your last mission?”

Eva knew he was going to keep pressing and needed a way to make him stop. She remembered the newspaper she had folded into her pocket. She stopped and pulled them out.

“Here,” she handed the one that reported ‘her death’ to him.

He opened the folded paper and took a glance. “Is this why you’re worried?” his brows gathered together.

“Was it necessary to make my family members think I’m dead?”

“Yeah,” he stared at her in disbelief. “You don’t have any plans of returning to them, do you?”

Eva wished she could say “yes” to that question. But even though she wished to go back to a normal life after finding her parents’ killers, she knew it would be impossible with the Nanl Clan.

Ben could read the expression on her face. “Don’t tell me you’re planning to show up to any of your friends or family members,” he had a serious look on his face. “You could put them in danger, Eva.”

“I know and I’m not planning to do that,” she sighed and took the piece of paper from him. “I don’t just feel right about it,” she added before walking away.

Ben remained in his position and watched her until she was out of sight. Then he shrugged and walked back to the lounge.

She laid down flat in the bed immediately she got into her room. She shut her eyes and released a deep breath. Her mind flashed back to the brief moment she shared with Eric before Jonathan barged in.

It had felt like heaven when Eric kissed her lips again. His soft touch on her b**bs had made her feel ecstasy like never before.

Even though she had only lost her virginity a few days earlier, she had been in a romantic relationship before. And she had engaged in foreplay and smooching but never done the real deal until her first with Eric.

But Eric’s touch was different. Not like the boyfriend she had before her parents died. Every time he touched her, she felt her knees buckling and always want to fall into his arms. She wanted him every time and any time.

Now that Jonathan had seen them in the act, she wondered what was going to happen. Would Eric want to touch her again? She thought. That was her only worry as she was quite sure that Jonathan would keep his friend’s secret.

Different thoughts began to run through her mind and she wished she found herself fantasizing about being with Eric again. She wished she could find a way to elope with him and never look back. But she still couldn’t understand why she had those feelings. Was it love or just pure lust? She asked herself.

And one thing she couldn’t tell again was if Eric felt the same way she did. She knew he had so many girls that satisfied him whenever he wanted. Was she just one of those girls he was using to satisfy himself?

A knock sounded at her door and distracted her thoughts. She sat up in the bed and stared at the door, wondering who was behind.

“It’s time for dinner, Eva,” she heard Ben’s voice behind.

— ————————————————–

Five weeks passed after the day Jonathan caught Eva and Eric in the act. Since then, Eva had neither seen Eric nor Jonathan again.

Every day she thought about Eric and hoped he would call her to his office again or just stop by at their training centres to let her see his handsome face again. But he never showed up.

Maybe she was one of his sex tools, she began to think. How could she even believe that she was going to be special to the Master? He had many ladies at his disposal and could have sex with them at any time. So why would he need her?

The training continued as usual. Eva managed to remain one of the best recruits as her skills improved daily. She had become the best at using guns and also one of the best at fighting. Only Ben and Scott could beat her in Jujitsu and other hand combats. Even at that, she gave them a tough fight when either of them faced her during the fighting sessions.

Two out of those five weeks had been spent in a forest where the recruits put their several skills to test and practice. They were also made to go without food and water for more than 24 hours to train them for similar real-life situations.

A week after their return to the territory, they were in the tech lecture room when Jonathan and Dr Harvey interrupted them. On seeing Jonathan, the recruits knew that it was time for some of them to be activated for assignments again.

“Good morning, everyone. Listen up,” Jonathan cleared his throat as he stood in front of the hall.

The place went dead silent that one could even hear the drop of a pin.

“Based on your performance from the two weeks of forest camping, we have activated some of you for assignments,” Jonathan began. At that moment, they all knew the names he would call since the best performers were known to them all.

“Scott,” he called the name of the first activated recruit and waited for him to step out before calling the second. “Eva.”

Apart from already establishing herself as one of the favourites for assignments, Eva had also been one of the best performers during the camping. However, the third name surprised all of them, including Eva.

“Anna,” Jonathan called and looked up. “That will be all for today,” he dismissed the others and turned to the selected three. He handed them some USB flash drives. “Your tasks are similar but at different locations. Take them to your handlers right now. After you understand your mission, you will go to Dr Harvey who will hand to you some tools.”

Jonathan and the doctor walked away after the instructions, leaving the recruits to themselves.

“Hey, I finally got my first task,” Anna smiled at Eva happily.

“Good,” Eva tried to force a smile. “But do you think you’re ready for this?”

Anna squinted, wondering why Eva was thinking she wasn’t capable.

“What? You think I’m gonna fail?” Anna scoffed.

“I don’t mean that, Anna…” Eva tried to explain but Anna was having none of it.

“You really think you’re better than everyone else, right? f**k you!” Anna cursed before she walked away.

She ignored and walked past Ben who was coming towards her. Ben stopped to stare at her for a moment before proceeding towards Eva.

“Don’t you think something is wrong?” Ben asked Eva, with a concerned look. “Anna was one of the worst performers at the camp. How is she selected for a task?”

“I’m finding it difficult to understand,” Eva replied thoughtfully. Her eyes were on Anna who had just entered the lift. Ben also turned to look at her until the door closed. “She seems happy about it.”

“She is happy,” Ben folded his arms and turned back to Eva. “But I’m scared she’s going to get killed.”

“I think that’s why she was activated,” Eva replied thoughtfully. “To get her killed.”

“You think so?” Ben squinted at her. “Why would they want to get her killed?”

“Because she’s weak and they probably need to get rid of her,” Eva explained. “We were 22 when I joined the recruits but we’re now 18. The four dead recruits were weak ones and they all got killed on assignments. I think the clan sets them up with these assignments to get rid of them.”

“You’re right,” Ben agreed. “All of them were activated for tasks even when they were the weakest amongst us. There was only one of them who didn’t get killed.”

Eva raised a brow, wondering which weak recruit returned from an assignment alive.

“You, Eva,” Ben replied. “You got activated prematurely and survived. But all others got killed.”

Eva sighed. “We need to find a way to help Anna.”

“What? We can’t do anything,” he stared at her in surprise. “That’s going against the clan’s activities. We could be erased for that.”

“I’m not letting Anna get killed,” Eva insisted with a determined look in her eyes.

“What are you going to do?”

“I can start by talking to the Master.”


“I’ll see you later, Ben,” Eva said and walked away from his front.

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