The Retribution – Episode 19

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Chapter 18 – Caught Redhanded


It wasn’t until late evening Eric and Eva got back to the territory. As usual, they reported first to the Eagle building.

Eva got back to the recruits lodge to meet several of the recruits sitting at the lounge. It was then she realized it was a Sunday evening which was free time for them to socialize.

The noisy lounge grew a little quiet as Eva got in. She felt like a ghost as all eyes turned to her. She was sure that there must have been a lot of discussions about her and why the Master chose her to be on the mission with him.

“Hey, Eva,” Ben walked up to her with a bright smile, offering a hand.

“Ben,” she smiled back shyly.

He dragged her by the hand to the corner where he was sitting with a lady, the same one that was with them in the dining room three weeks earlier.

“Hi, Eva,” the lady smiled, offering her a handshake.

Eva took her hands warmly. “Hello, Anna.”

“What are you doing here?” Anna squinted and raised a corner of her mouth. “I thought being on a mission with the Master means you graduated already.”

“No,” Eva chuckled. “I guess I still have to do more to qualify for that.”

“How was it?” Ben asked as he settled beside her.

“Good,” Eve replied dryly.

“Elimination task again?” Ben queried.

Eve stared at him for a moment. Anna was also staring at him, anxious to hear the answer.

“No, it was a retrieval task,” Eva replied.

“What did you have to retrieve?” Anna questioned.

“A file.”

“Just a file?” Ben and Anna stared in surprise.

“Yeah, a f***ing file,” Eva replied. She was glad in her heart that she was able to hide the fact that she had to kill for the file.

“You’re so lucky, Eva,” Anna stared at her in awe. “You’re the newest recruit here and you’ve got your second task already. I’m still waiting for my first one.”

“She didn’t just get a task, Anna,” Ben joined in. “She was on a mission with the Master. The assassins say that’s the first time the Master is tagging along with a recruit.”

“I wish I go just go on my first task,” Anna said, smiling to herself and staring up in excitement.

“You’re really so eager to graduate and become a killer?” Eva questioned.

The smiles on their faces turned to a frown and they wondered why Eva was going that direction.

“Why else are you here if you don’t intend to kill people, Eva?” Ben asked.

Eva stared at his face without being able to come up with a reply. “I have to go to my room now,” she stated as she got up quickly. Their eyes followed her as she walked away without turning back.


9 PM

Eric had just stepped out of his bathroom in a towel when he heard a knock at the door.

He walked to the door and checked through the peephole before he opened it.

“Good evening, Master,” Mia walked in, dressed in a sexy night robe.

Every night after returning from a mission, Eric always used sex to cool himself off. And since Mia knew this, she always made sure she made herself available even before he called for her. That was one of the reasons she became his favourite sex partner.

Eric shut his door and turned to gaze at her as she did a catwalk to the bed. She turned to him and posed seductively in the bed.

He stood transfixed to the ground for a while. Flashbacks of the last night crossed his mind. He somehow found himself wishing that it was Eva in the same room with him again. But his wish was taboo. He was not supposed to be caught sleeping with a recruit.

“Don’t you want it tonight, Master?” she bit her lips as she eyed him, wondering why he was taking so long.

“Of course, I do,” he forced on a smile as he flung off his towel. He got on the bed beside her and laid back.

She turned to him and reached for his d**k slowly. He was already gaining erection but not fully hand.

“How was your mission, Master?” she asked softly as she massaged the d**k with her hands gently.

“Perfect as always, Mia.”

His d**k hardened after a few seconds and she began with her tongue on the cap for a moment, before she covered it with her full lips. She began to move her head up and down slowly as Eric began to moan lightly in pleasure. Often, she will take a brief pause to lick the cap with her tongue.

After about three minutes of intense mouth action. Mia climbed on Eric to insert his d**k into. She let out a groan as the half-length of the d**k got into her already wet pu$$y. She then placed her palms on his chest and began to ride as fast as she could.

He reached for her bosoms and squeezed both breasts. She began to moan harder and tilt her head back as she continued to ride.

He grabbed her by the butt cheeks as the pleasure intensified. He made the riding more vigorous and deep.

Their moans filled the air as they got close to climax.


The next day came and activities continued in the clan as usual. Eva continued the training with the other recruits. One thing she discovered while at it was that her few weeks of training with the Master had improved her at a faster pace.

Surprisingly, she realized that she was missing him. She couldn’t tell if it was how he mentored her or just his presence. All through the sessions for that day, his image kept flashing across her mind.

Their training session for the day ended by 6 PM and Eva joined Ben and Anna to return to the lodge. But just as they got to the elevator, someone called her name.

“Eva Kendrick.”

She turned to see one of the guards standing behind. She squinted at him, wondering why he wanted her attention.

“The Master asked that you visit his office before you leave for the lodge,” the messenger said.

“Oh! Thanks,” she turned to look at her friends. The two had mischievous smiles on their faces. “I guess I’ll have to meet up with you two in the lodge.”

“Sure,” Ben waved her goodbye before they turned and walked away without her.

Eva turned and drew in a deep breath. She felt some unexplainable joy that she was going to see him again. Since his office was just two floors above where she was, she headed for the stairs.


Eric had rounded off his work in the office already and was only waiting for her. He had a message for her and could have sent someone with it. But somehow, he felt the need to do it himself.

His landline beeped and he turned back to his table from the cabinet where he was, searching through the files.

“Master, Eva Kendrick is here,” the receptionist’s voice sounded.

“Let her in,” he replied and returned the receiver. Then he walked back to the cabinet to arrange the files.

Eva walked in a few seconds later and walked slowly to the table.

“Good evening, Master,” she greeted in a calm voice.

He didn’t answer or turn until he was done arranging the files.

“I have something to show you,” he finally said as he turned and walked to the table. He picked up two pages of different newspapers and handed her the first.

Eva squinted as she took it from him. She began to scan through the page.

“Turn to the other page,” he said to her.

She turned quickly and saw her picture on the other page. She had been declared missing several weeks ago, precisely a week after she broke into the territory.

He handed the second paper to her and took the first.

*Missing Lady Found Dead*

She widened her eyes in surprise at the caption of the news. Her picture and names were below.

“What the f***!” She exclaimed how it was reported that she committed suicide by jumping into the ocean. Then, her body had floated out to the bank where the parts had been devoured by animals. The body was identified as hers after a test was conducted from samples gotten from the remaining parts of the dead body.

Eva needed no one to tell her it was the Nanl Clan that faked her death. That means to her family and friends in the past life, she was dead.

Eric stepped closer to her and rested his backside on the tip of the table. He folded his arms and stared at her.

She wasn’t sure whether she needed to be sad that her cousins and uncles would be mourning her. Or if she should be happy that they would no longer need to keep looking for her.

“Thank you,” she finally muttered as she returned the paper back to him.

“You can keep them,” he handed her the second one instead.

She let out a breath and folded both papers into her pocket. Then, she stared at Eric, wondering if he had something else to say to her.

“Is that all, Master?” she questioned.

He stared at her thinly for a while. “You tell me, is that all?” he licked his lower lip gently.

They stared at each other for a while without finding words to say. After hesitating for a while, Eric finally pulled her to himself and covered his lips with hers. She kissed him back passionately, her right palm reaching for the back of his head.

His hands slowly moved down her back and he grabbed her butts. She also took her hand down close to his trousers and touched his manhood. It was already gaining erection fast.

He broke the kiss for a moment and then took off her shirt, leaving her chest covered only with the bra. He unbuckled the bra in no time and had her pointed nipples facing him. He then covered her right nip*le with his lips and began to suck while fondling the other nip*le with his finger.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t continue as what Eric greatly feared finally happened.

The door opened and someone stepped in. They were caught redhanded.

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