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The Housemates – Episode 11

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A story by Kennedy C Katongo




It was around 19 hours when Bwalya knocked off from work and found Max seated on the corridor with a bow of cornflakes.

It was unlike him to sit along outside, mostly he would be with Peter.

“Hey man?” Bwalya said while standing in the dark shade of the house. This made Max jump in fear because the greeting had just dropped on him suddenly.

“Whats your plan? Give me a heart attack?” He exclaimed loudly.

“Why would I do such a thing.” Bwalya laughed. He was light on his feet as always, no wonder Max couldn’t hear him coming.

“You seem to be in a good mood. How was work?” Max pointed out as he drew a smiling face on thin air.

“Nothing really. Work was good, I managed to see my crush.” Bwalya said sounding amused.

“You know that’s someone’s wife you keep eyeing like a piece of candy right?” Max commented as he smiled.

“Hold it just that. She was my crush before I knew she’s married. So don’t make me feel guilty.” Bwalya objected.

“Am not doing anything. Am just reminding you to stop day dreaming about someone’s wife. That’s just wrong on so many levels.“ Max added.

“Why didn’t she say she was married the moment she noticed I was flirting with her? answer that!” Bwalya said in order to defend himself.

“You know am not a married lady. So it would be pointless for me to answer that.

“Okay that is just wrong. Did you get the Peanut butter?” Bwalya asked as he went inside to get changed.




Rose found Maluba sleeping when she arrived from school. The good part was that food had already been cooked and all they had to do was wait for the right time to eat.

“Hey.” Maluba called out as she turned, “What time did you come in?” She asked her.

“I’ve been hear for like 2 hours now. Had to wait for the Merry-go-round from Mine area.” She responded.

“What happened to Mengo picking you up?” She asked.

“Nah, we had an argument…”

“Oh! Again?” Malina asked dramatically.

“Am tired of all that. I just want time to myself…” Rose smiled.

“You sounding like you broke up… Which doesn’t seem possible in my head. because if that’s the case the dude will jump in front of a car.” She laughed.

“Seriously Maluba?” Rose asked with a long face.

“What! we both know breaking up with him would take Angel Gabriel to be preside over the matter.” She laughed, “What where you arguing about anyway?” She asked.

Rose rolled her years before she could start explaining. But that wasn’t the thing that made her blush, it had just occurred to her that she could clearly visualize how Bwalya’s abs looked like.

‘Damn that guy. He just had to be hot.’ She thought to myself as she smiled in a pretty mischievous manner.

“Why do you have that face?”

“What face?” She giggled as she responded.

“The cheating face.” Maluba grinned.

“You know very well am not into that kind of thing. Mengo might be all high and mighty with bad behavior but I would never cheat on him.” Rose said in a low voice.

“Anyway, stop looking at me like am lying. Mengo came to get me and found me with that guy… The brown one. And can you imagine he had no shirt on, plus he was all sweaty and sexy.” She smiled.

“Seems like you were having a rated 18 experience. Why were you in the kitchen with a topless guy in the first place?” Maluba asked.

“Mengo was late as usual, so I was in the kitchen when Max, yeah, ghats what he said his name is. That’s when he came in thinking he was home alone. I think he was working out.” She bit her lip as she said while rolling her eyes.

“Cheh! And your boyfriend didn’t go crazy about that? I think it makes sense why he got upset though. But again, is that why you want to end your relationship?” Maluba asked.

Rose gave her friend a strong look, it was funny that of all people Maluba wasn’t on her side, this was the first time such a thing happened. She was always against Mengo.

“How come you on his side?” She snapped.

“Your emotions are everywhere right now. I think make such a bold decision is wrong. You need to calm down first.” Maluba said as she tried to reason with her friend.

Just then, they both heard a loud sound next door. It was Bwalya who had banged the door and was heading outside to sit with Max.

“Okay, spit it out. What’s the problem.” Bwalya said from behind.

“What makes you think there is a problem?” He gave off a fake smile.

“You not the time of guy to watch the moon, So am pretty sure something is bothering you. What is it?” He asked.

‘God this guy is nosey. Now he trying to read me like a book.’ His inner voice spoke.

“Am sure you remember Annie, the young lady I had a huge crush on back in the day.” Max said.

“How can I forget it, she was always the topic of discussion. She moved to South Africa last year if am not mistaken.” Bwalya pointed out.

“Yeah! that same one.” Max shook his head in agreement, “I was on facebook and decided to check out her profile… Guess what…?” He asked Bwalya.

“She blocked you?” He asked.

“Kind off, but that’s not it. Can you believe she got married…” Max said sadly.

Bwalya had to spit the water he was drinking once he heard that. For some reason, he seemed more shocked than his friend was.

“She got married? When? First of all when did she even start dating? I mean, I don’t remember seeing a picture of any guy on her status.” Bwalya spoke in a snap.

“Whats with the speed? Keep it down, I wish I could ask her, unfortunately she blocked me from sending her messages. I think that was a good move. It shows that she’s trying to leave me behind.” Max laughed with pain in his heart.

Despite knowing that his relationship with her was nothing but a crush, he still felt bad that she couldn’t even stand up to tell him she was getting married.

“You don’t need to be sad man, am sure this happened for one reason only.”

“What reason is that?” Max looked up to Bwalya.

“So that you can stop fearing ladies, otherwise you will watch all your crushes get married. I don’t want to spend my entire life sympathizing with you about what you could have had.” Bwalya said as he now sat down.

“I don’t know what to tell my girlfriend, am scared if I say am not ready for marriage she might ditch me for some dude. You know how these girls are: There is always a list of dudes waiting to take your place.” Bwalya said sharply.

“This is all Adams fault. If the didn’t eat that fruit we would still be single and free in the garden with no relationship pressure. Dammit. He just had to take a bite, the power of a woman in one sentence.” Max shook his head as he spoke. “A pupil was flirting with me today, at least that’s according to Samuels perspective.” He added.

“Why have you made it sound like it’s not a big deal? Don’t go for that. She’s government property.” Bwalya commented.

“I didn’t even say if she’s below 18 or not.”

“Shes a pupil. What difference will that make Mr Debater?” Bwalya laughed.


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