Love for Ukraine

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Having a peaceful dinner with family,
Smiles from our grandparents lovely,
Children dancing around and singing,
Daddy and mommy sharing a kiss 💋 in sundown.

But all was cut short by
Aliens forcing into our hometown
Panic filled my home 🏡
In a twinkle of an eye
Work of a million years is gone.

Please don’t take our beloved Ukraine from us
Think of people who died during this war

Russia 🇷🇺, Our powerful father
War might not be the answer to all things

The Congregation of Leaders
Are trying their best
But let me say this to break your hearts 
Your best is not enough.



War between Russia 🇷🇺 and Ukraine 🇺🇦 have being giving sleepless nights. People are dieing on daily basis. I hate to hear about wars.

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