In Love With Two Brothers

In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

*Dung Town*



Mr. Jenkins woke up with a slight headache, groaning in process as he tried opening his eyes. His eyes caught the sight of beings putting on white as they stare down at him.

“He has woken up” he heard one saying, as he turned to stare at the other people in the room. It became dawn on him that he is in somewhere strange, completely different from his room. He tried remembering what happened the previous night but it came with a bang of headache.


“Save you strength Mr. Jenkins” The doctor muttered, holding him down as he tried getting up. Noah had no choice than to relax, focusing his gaze on the young man and how he knew his name.

“Where am I” he managed to speak after a short silence

“You are in the hospital, you passed out and we were trying to revive you. Thank goodness you are ok. You need to rest as my nurses will attend to you” he smiled, nudging the nurses to do their jobs before leaving the ward


He wanted to ask him how he got to the hospital and who brought him there. Because he couldn’t remember what happened last night, the striking headache isn’t helping matters.

“Who brought me here….” He asked one of the nurses, who smiled at him in return.

“She claim to be your distant relative, she went to get you some food, she will be back soon” the nurse replied. He exhaled softly, not knowing whether to believe her or not. As long as he is alive, he doesn’t believe he has a distant relative, who will come to his aid at a dying time.  Perhaps the savior was just a friend or Good Samaritan.


The nurses left afterward as he decide to take a nap for some time, waiting for the savior to come and explain what really went wrong with him.



Elsa stared at room as she entered; locking it immediately she closed it. She exhale softly as her mind went back to how Mr. Jenkins looked when he was brought to her. He looked lifeless to her, but the guy assured her that he is still alive, just unconscious. She was beginning to doubt Brittany and her job. Why will she ask someone to bring a living dead man to her to take to the hospital, and leave afterward, lying about being his relative? She thought, remembering the scene of last night.


She was just coming in from work around 9pm in the night, well, that was her last job. She work as a waiter in a restaurant during the day time, and work as a nanny from noon till the time the parent of the children arrive from work. Until then, will she be able to close for the day. A close by neighbor helped her secure the job and she has been forever grateful. She had been coping with the two jobs, which has been giving her some money apart from the ones that Brittany sends to her. She can’t depend on Brittany alone so she had to work. She entered the room only to meet the shock of her life. A man dressed in black wearing a nose mask and face cap, was seated on her bed, pointing a gun at her. She felt her heart come into her throat, as she gulped down nothing.


She shivered in fear, thinking of the possible way she could escape the wrath of this stranger, but nothing was coming to her head. She seems stuck as her eyes went to the gun he was holding.

“Shhh” he muttered, signaling her to keep shut, which she obediently did.


“I’m not here to hurt you, just cooperate with me” he stated. She nodded. He brought out a recorder from his pocket, stretching his hand for her to take it. She seems confused at first, what does this guy wants from me, she thought. Is he here to rape me, or steal from me, why is he giving me a recorder? Nevertheless, she collected it, her hands shaking in process


“Play it” he mouthed in cold voice. She did as he asked her. Brittany’s voice came up as she gasps. She listened keenly to was she was saying, taking note of everything


“Hey Elsa…I know that by now my friend would have given you the tape to play, ok, this is what you are gonna do. I want you to take Mr. Jenkins to the hospital; he is currently unconscious and needs rapt attention in the hospital due to the large amount of drugs he was drugged with. You will tell them that you are a distant relative, stating that he came to your house here in dung town passing out immediately you ushered him in. You will only tell them that if at all they ask about it Mr. Jenkins is well known, so I believe the nurses or doctors will know him well.


Try to leave afterward without their knowledge, his family members will take it from there. By the time the news of his kidnap will get to them, you would have down your job. His hospital bills has been sent to your account, pay it and leave, thanks darling.” She muttered, and it ended. Elsa stared at the man in front of her, confused at the mention of Mr. Jenkins. She was so focus on the gun and the stranger, not noticing Mr. Jenkins body lying on the bed, covered with a blanket.


“You heard all that she said. We are moving now, I will drop you and this body at the hospital while you take it from there” he stated, getting up on his feet. She couldn’t see his face well, but a good look at him, he seems to be good looking. But why will a good looking guy like this be involve in such jobs, what happened to Mr. Jenkins by the way, how did they managed to get him, where are his guards? All this questions kept ringing in her mind, but she couldn’t voice out a word.


“Ok…..” she replied, assisting him in lifting Mr. Jenkins as they head out to his car parked at the back. Brittany has a lot of explanations to do, she thought inwardly.



Red Fox Clan

Brittany whine in pain as the clan doctor treat her wounds. A bullet passed through her arm, creating a severe wound. She didn’t plan for all this, but all she knows is that someone is making an attempt on her life. She hopes she get to know who the person is sooner, to avoid further complications. She is correctly in the hospital redressing her wound after its treatment last night. Macho was standing close by watching her silently. She noticed only his presence and someone else from the clan, but couldn’t find Brad.


“I hope he did the job perfectly last night” She prayed within, returning her gaze to Macho, who only continued to stare at her. She wondered what could be running through his mind. Was brad caught, or what really happened last night after she passed out. All these thoughts kept lingering in her mind, not until the doctor announced that he is done, leaving the ward afterward.


Macho walk up to her, sitting on the bed as she seats up

“How do you feel now” he asked.

“A bit better than yesterday, though my arm hurt” She replied, as silence took in, before he spoke

“So can you tell me what really happened last night? Who was that lady in the restroom, and why did she wanna kill you?” He asked. She sighed softly, not knowing the question to answer first. But to be sincere, she needs someone to answer those exact questions for her, because she is absolutely clueless.


“I don’t know who she is. She only barge into the restroom and picked up a fight with me. I tried asking her what she wants from me, but with the look of things, she was determined to kill me, so I had to fight her too”

“What happened to your mouthpiece, you should have alerted us, but I got no signal from you after you told me about the little distraction which will make you use the restroom” Macho bluff


“She destroyed it, she took me unaware…but I think she was sent by someone. I don’t know who that person is, but I will surely get to the root of it. If you hadn’t show up, she would have shot me, she was very strong when it comes to physical combat, and she drugged me in the process; that made me

Weak and gave her the upper hand”


“But she still shot you….I should have shot her twice or more when I barge in; never knew she will get up to make another shot” Macho stated, regretfully

“You and I know that that was a mistake, but thank God I’m safe” She replied. Macho nodded and left after a brief discussion.


Brittany stared at the wound in her arm, remembering the whole scene of the previous day, starting from the waitress who gave her the drink. She seems suspicious, being that she wasn’t putting on a tag. But Brittany couldn’t notice it in time, all these is now making scene to her,


“That waitress, I need to find her” She stated inwardly, boiling with rage.



The news of the sudden death of two prominent people in the country and the kidnap of Mr. Noah Jenkins, hit the town of Cape Town with a hard bang. The Hybrid collections where in disorder puzzled at the fat that a man with so much guard is found missing from an attacked party. They haven’t receive call from anyone claiming to hold him captive but the death of his guards captured by CCTV  camera and how he was kidnapped, though not fully capture, is enough proof.


Sophia could be seen pacing round the room, full of rage, as she throws out whatever her hand touches. Ever since the news got to her, she hasn’t been herself. She screamed others, being bossy to even the guards and police men that came around.


“Hey Sophia, you need to calm down” Axel, who was in the room with others cooed, but she shunned him almost immediately.

“Don’t f**king tell me to calm down, those motherf**kers took my dad away, and you are telling me to calm down …huhnn” She yelled at him

“But the police are working on it, let them do their job and stop barking like dog” Nicki yelled back, already annoyed with her attitudes, as Aiden signaled her not to annoy Sophia the more.


“You are the dog Nicki, you are a f**king slut” Sophia blurted. Nicki became provoked, she tried replying in a harsh tone, but Theo beat her to it

“Hey…hey…babes…let’s not excavate this matter. The police will handle everything just as Nicki as said. Let’s stop this argument” he said in a calm voice. Nicki hissed loudly, stumping her feet out of the room. Sophia doesn’t seem bothered by that; she continued to pace round, rubbing her temple. The others sat quietly on the couch, watching her as she move round


“If my dad isn’t found before the end of 48 hours, then this f**king contest will be cancelled. It will be over.” She grunted, as they all furrowed their brows

“What do you mean by that Sophia, you can’t do that” Aiden snapped

“Try me”

“But..what if Mr. Jenkins is fine somewhere, and probably couldn’t reach you. He will be fine trust me” he continued


“You can’t tell me what to do idiot….don’t be stupid, he was kidnapped, the CCTV camera captured it”

“It was not fully captured, and whereas you don’t have the right to cancel such contest, it can only be postpone, not cancelled, your father won’t be happy if he suddenly comes back and find out about the mess you are about to create” he stated


“Shut the f**k up Aiden, if you don’t care about the as***ole of a father you have, just know that I care about mine. I will do everything I can to end this contest. As his only heir, all rights belongs to me, so get it stick to your brain you this as***ole girlfriend snatcher that I am not a fool” She sparked, shocking Aiden to his bones.


“Huhff…you really need deliverance Sophia, I’m out of here. Come on guys, let’s give her some space” Theo suggested, as he left with Aiden, leaving only Axel behind. He stared at Sophia giving her a questioning look. She hissed loudly, going to sit on her bed, bringing out her phone as she made to dial her father’s phone again. It was ringing, but no one was picking up.


“What do you mean by what you called my brother; as***ole girlfriend snatcher” he asked frowning, she chuckled a bit.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know about it, very soon you will” She smirked, going into the inner room, as he made his way to the door, still reminiscing on the word.



Clara barge the door as she made her way into the room, boiling with rage. She sighted Celine making out with a lady on the bed, they doesn’t seem disturbed by her sudden entrance. She had known Celine to be a lesb!an for a long time, that’s why she rarely keep her boyfriends. They had made out some time, and she also loves it. Celine is such a goo k**ser, and f**ks really good.  She prefer woman doing the job for her than men, according to her, women are good cl!t suckers. They were both n@ked, with Celine spreading her legs wide for the lady to lick her hole.


“Oh my…gawd…you are so good…just so good’ She moan loudly, pressing the b!tch’s head closer to her, while she fondled with her b**bs.

“That idiot….she is just getting on my nerves. I can’t believe she escape the two plans we laid for her. She didn’t take the poisoned drink, and Macho succeeded in rescuing her…arghhh” Clara gritted, gaining attention from the duo.

“Relax girl, just take a cool piece…okay.. She is just a piece of cake, we will get her soon…..arhhhh” Celine moan in process. As she watches Clara takes off her clothes in anger. She chuckled at the expression of her friend

“That face doesn’t suit you babe, come try this” She spreads her legs more. “This girl is f**king good, arhhh…I’m about to cum..” She giggled


Clara ignored them both, stripping to her last piece of clothing. She stepped into the bathroom, turning on the shower as the water came down on her body. It helps to ease her fury, calming her down a bit. She hated Brittany with passion, and all she could think of is taking her out of this earth, and just like Celine said, she will get her next time. She was lost in her thought, enjoying the cold water when she felt a hand on her bre@st, fondling it a bit. She exhale as it went to her cl!t, dipping a finger into her wet hole.


“I will take good care of you” The voice spoke; she knew it wasn’t Celine, but the other lady. She didn’t resist her, as she came forward, taking a mouthful of her b**bs into her mouth, as they began their hot shower section, with Celine coming in to join them.






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  1. Ahhh… thank God Mr Jenkins is rescued and alive all thanks to Brittany
    Brittany calm down, you will soon get to know those behind the attack and deal with them
    Sophia is just an as***ole, looking for someone to transfer her aggression to and hiding under the pretence of being worried about her dad's disappearance
    A very good job Vickie, you always nail it, and congratulations on restoration of your area transformer. With this news, prompt update is expected

  2. Oh thank God mr.Jekins is alive,i already know that Brittany will not die.OMG i so much like this story

  3. Thank God Mr. Jenkins and Brittany is alive, good job Brittany. And as for this stupid disgusting lesbo Clara, u plan will backfire on u. Sophia is just a fustrated and arogant lady who doesn't know what she want. Weldone Vickie, you are such a great writer.

  4. Oohh mine. Thank God Mr Jenkins is alive. Clara don't worry ur dins will find u out soon. What is wrong with this Sophia of a girl. She should b calming down

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