In Love With Two Brothers

In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

Brittany walked majestically into the hall filled with men and women of caliber after showing her pass ticket to the security men, standing at the entrance. She was beautifully dressed in a blue strap blouse, tucked in a black straight skirt. Hanging on her neck is a forge ID card which signifies her as one of the Journalist for a certain organization.

She glanced round holding her bag firmly as she takes the number of people in the hall. It was more like a party than a seminar or meeting. Men and women could be seen laughing while exchanging pleasantries, while some where just relaxing, feeding their eyes with the performance going on, on stage by some musicians. She walked further, aware of her men presence in the hall, but pretends not to see them. She caught the sight of Noah Jenkins, exchanging pleasantries with one of the well known business man in the country, which is their second target for the night.

“I’ve gotten the sight of Chief William, he seems to be close to Noah” She muttered into the mouthpiece connected to her ear.

“We gotten your signal, team two will work on that” A voice replied.

Her work on the team is to monitor the men who were their target, and to give the team a clue on what they are up too. She was about walking away to another direction where the Journalist doing their questioning, when a waitress walked up to her, holding a glass of drink on the tray.

“You called for me ma’am, you can have this, while I go get another to serve others” the waitress spoke with a wide smile

“I didn’t order for a drin–” Brittany was about to say, but changed her mind when she noticed the peering eyes of some people whose gazed were on her. They seem to hear her conversation with the waitress and it would seem bad if she reject the offer, being that they were all with a glass, either sipping or just holding it.

“Thanks…..”  She smiled back, collecting it from the tray as the waitress walked away. She turned to leave with about taking a sip from the glass, when someone bumped into her, knocking off the cup in the process.

“sh*t” She cursed. The drink already poured on her dress leaving a visible stain on it

“I’m so sorry, I really am” A man muttered breathlessly. He seems to be in a haste heading somewhere when he bumped into her. She didn’t have the time to listen to his plea, time was running out, and this man has succeeded in making her for slow with the plan, now she will have to fix this dress.

“Hey boss” she muttered into the mouthpiece

“Any new plan” macho’s voice came up

“Nope….I’m a bit distracted here, needs to make use of the restroom now. I will be out in a jiffy

“But…” She cuts it off, without waiting for his response, as she heads toward the restroom.


Unknown POV

“sh*t!!!! That bas***d…we need to change plan. She is heading towards the restroom now. The first plan got ruined by a man, and the drink got spilled. I believe the second plan should work. We need to get her before the end of the game” The voice communicated into the phone

“We will get her, trust me” Another voice replied for the other line, before it went off


Noah Jenkins was sitting quietly in his reserved VIP seat, trying to reach out to Sophia again to find out is she has gone to bed, when one of his men rushed to him, panting heavily. He was the one who collided with Brittany

“Boss….” He called still panting

“What is it….” Noah tried asking but was cut short

“We need to leave here now sir, your life is in danger…we need to leave—“

“I don’t get you, what do you mean. No one is trying any attempt on my life here, the party still look normal to me” he bluff, looking around as the guest still move about their usual activities, not bothered about any insecurity.

“In less than five minute the attack will be launched, I got to find out for an unknown source. Some gangs are coming after you, and Mr. Williams is dead” The guard muttered

“That’s impossible, I spoke to him few minutes ago” Noah resorted

“He was murdered just now, in the reserved guest room.”

It suddenly became dawn on him that Williams complained about having a running stomach and need to go to his reserved room to have a rest; he couldn’t just be killed suddenly. He was finding it hard to believe what the man was saying until they began to hear gunshot outside the venue. It started with a loud bang sending the people into confusion, following suit with several shots.

Screams filled the air as everyone ran into different directions, helter skelter to flee for their lives. The security men in charge took suit as they all charge to the entrance while others tried making sure that the civilians are save.

“We need to leave here, there is an escape route” The guard’s voice suddenly rang in his ear as they took to their heel, heading to where he knows nothing about. The guard made way for the both of them as he tried reaching out to others who could assist him in making the boss safe. Mr. Jenkins was clearly shivering like a fish, finding it hard to believe all that is happening. He tried reaching for his phone after they heard gotten to a secure place to hide for the moment. He touched his pockets but couldn’t find it. His mind drifted to Sophia and how she will feel if the news of his death reaches her. It won’t only destabilize her; it would also affect the company and the ongoing contest. The Bodyguard spoke into his mouthpiece for a while before facing him.

“We need to go now, the exit is cleared” he muttered, as Noah nodded his head.  They walked down the quiet aisle that led to the exit, but later started hearing gunshot coming closer to them from behind

“We need to run_” The guard was about completing his statement when a man dressed in black and a face cap; barge into the passage from the exit door. A nose mask covered his face as he stretches his gun forward. His guard was about letting out a bullet off his gun when he heard a bang. He thought the shot was made by the guard not until he saw the guard drop dead in front of him. A surge of fear ran through his spine down his legs as it shivers.

“sh*t” he heard the disguised man muttered, letting out another shot as it hits another fellow behind him. The unknown man that was shot also drops dead; seems like the disguised man got a good shot. The unknown dead man was dressed in gang cloths; and from a brief calculation, he had shot his guard down while the unknown man shot him down, leaving him alone with the masked stranger.

“I don’t know why you are doing this, but please don’t hurt me. I will give you whatever you want…just…” he was still speaking, but the man wasn’t moved by his words. Instead, he moved closer to him, pinning his neck to the wall, as he passed a handkerchief across his nose. And that was all he could remember before going into a deep sleep.


*Few Minutes before the Attack*

Brittany walked into the restroom after the drink had stained her. She washed her hands and tried taking off the blouse. Fortunately, she was having another shirt beneath, which wasn’t stained. She needed that for the next mission, whereas the guy in haste had managed to make her first mission come to a halt. She wouldn’t be going out as a journalist, dressed in just some simple shirt with mini short, that’s impossible. She still needed her dress

“sh*t!…i messed up big time” She cursed, contemplating on calling the boss again and fully explain what happen. She changed completely, and proceeded to the door, but stopped on hearing the sound form the device connected to her ear. Someone was trying to communicate with her, perhaps the boss. She connected it

“Hey Brit…are you there” Mach spoke

“Yes…I was…” She was about saying when the door suddenly opens with force hitting her in the process as she crash to the floor. The device flew off her hand to the other side. She winces slowly due to the impact of the force the person used while pushing the door open. She turned swiftly to look at the intruder only to be welcome with a hard punch on her cheek.

“Brit…are you there….hey” Macho’s voice still sounded from the background. The fellow went closer to it, crushing it to the ground.

Brittany stood up, ready for her attacker. She was taken unaware, but won’t give in to weakness. The fellow is a young lady of about 25 if she is not mistaking. A wide smirk plastered on the evil lady’s face as she watches her.

“What do you want from me” Brit asked, authoritatively

“Your life” the lady respond, after few seconds of silence. Brittany’s eyes grew wide and she began to think of this as a set up. For damn sake that could be after her life, when she clearly did not hurt anyone. And how the hell did this lady know her and her location, she thought. Her thoughts were disrupted by the sound of gunshots in the hall, as people screamed, creating a disorder. She knew her gang won’t have messed up, by letting out a fire, but who then is shooting. Were they caught by the security men, or was that what Macho was trying to warn her about? She thought

The smile on the lady’s face broaden, as she chuckled

“You are such a drama character. You hear that, a war is going on out there, so no one will know that you are here. Your life will be in my hand in the next five minute” The lady growled

“Well, let’s see about that. And know whose life will be in whose hand”. With that, she threw a hard blow, as they both struggle with each other.


*That Same Night*

Mia’s POV

I stepped out of my lounge receiving some cool fresh air. Ariel is currently in her lounge right now, leaving me to be alone. Yea, my roomie got ejected from the contest and right now, I feel like being with someone who would spend the night with me, chatting and playing games. I sighed at my foolish thoughts, who will so such at this time of the night. Well, it’s not that late, it is just 8:00pm I think. A loud yawn escapes my mouth as I walk down the aisle towards a close-by garden, which was lit with light. So it made it possible for me to see everything around. I drop on the bench, bringing out my phone from my pocket, to check out the recent update.

“So you don’t sleep early” A voice spoke, startling me. I jerk up form my sit on seeing a figure standing close to the flowers; he seem to be in the darker side, preventing me form seeing him well. He chuckled at my reaction, stepping into the light, as a loud gasp escape my lips. Standing before me is my crush, looking handsome in his outfit. I gulp down nothing, finding the right word to say

“Ermmm…hi…good evening sir” I greeted. He responded with a smile. He came forward to seat beside me on the bench and I felt my breath go off. What’s happening to me?

“Sit…” He beckoned, tapping the space on the bench. I did that, thought, relunctantly

“So…what are you doing” he asked, staring at my phone

“Oh…just checking out some update…” I smiled. He nodded.

“Why ain’t you sleeping yet?” he asked

“I felt bored in there, so I just decided to take some fresh air” I muttered. He shrugged, dipping his hand into his silky hair; trust me, I felt like I should be the one doing that.

“What about you…where are you coming from?” I asked. He smiled again, making me blush. Don’t know why his smile is having much effect on me

“I went to Theo’s lounge; was about going to mine but stop to have some fresh air like you” He replied, looking at me this time. I blush more

“But it’s risky for you to be out here, you know. Though, we have the security men and all that, in fact this place is safe, but you still need to stay in, okay, especially now that it’s late” he stated. I nodded. I was about getting up when he called my name. I stopped, going back to the bench

“Sorry for stopping you, don’t think I’m chasing you away, I’m not okay” he pouted

“Oh no…I know that…….”

“So how long have you been friend with Ariel” he asked. I frown a bit, but shrug it off. Perhaps, he is just tryna strike a conversation with me, but why is he starting with her. Maybe he doesn’t have a better way to start; I chuckled at my weird thoughts.

“Not too long, that was when she started schooling in Hybrid University” I responded

“That’s good. And how can you describe someone like here”

“Ariel is cool…she is my best friend, and I love her so much…” I grinned, suddenly feeling uncomfortable

“I think I need to go now” I muttered, getting up but stopped to look at him. He gave me a questioning look

“Aiden…..ermmm….can…I …get a hug” I shuttered, suddenly regretting my request. He chuckled

“Sure” he cooed, getting up to hold me. I wrap my arms around him, sniffing in his cologne as I ling for more. But I don’t wanna look too desperate. I broke the hug

“Thanks” I muttered softly

“You are welcome Mia” He replied with a smile. My name sounded like music in his mouth, and it kept me grinning as I left for my room. I was still in my world of fantasy when I bump into someone.

“Argghhh…” I groan; casting glares at him

“Can’t you watch you way?” I fired

“Where are you coming from by thus time, you should be in your lounge” Jack snapped

“That’s where I’m heading to idiot, please leave my way” I snapped, pushing him out as I went into my room.


Jack fumed with anger as he watches Mia go into her lounge. He had seen her hugging Aiden earlier, and that got him thinking.

If Aiden is seeing Mia, then he will have to get her by force, he thought; going towards his room.


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  1. Those conversing behind are Clara and her cohort, but I believe Brittany will scale through. I pray Mr Jenkins is safe
    And Jack be careful, what you see isn't what you see thinking
    I don't your situation Vickie, but please,put us your lover into consideration, you are taking too long to post new episode. I want you to work on it, please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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