Devil’s Bride – Episode 12



WRITTEN BY: Pamela James

©Youngicee stories


Chapter 12

Hazel’s p.o.v

I looked at the time and its was almost twelve.

“If my speed remains same, second file will be done by three thirty AM.. and third by seven AM”.

I made myself a coffee and gets back to work.

After completing my work at six thirty AM, I thought of taking a bath so I will feel fresh instead of sleeping.

If I sleep now, I won’t be able to wake up soon.

That is the reason why I reached the office so early in the morning.

At 7:30…

when only cleaning staff was here.

I moved around lazily, connected my laptop to the printer and started printing my typed files.

Authoress Pamela p.o.v

When madrigal reached the office and entered his cabin, he was on a call.

He stops talking when he spots a sleeping Hazel on the couch.

Hazel was sleeping so peacefully that he didn’t want to wake her up.

He had a different warm feeling creeping up in his heart, that he doesn’t want to admit.

He didn’t know he was staring but then he heard dawson calling his name on the other side of phone call.

“Ahh Dawson.. I will talk to you later.. sorry.” and he cuts the call.

Hearing Madrigal’s voice, Hazel opened her eyes and gets up to greet him .

Her eyes still felt sleepy.

Madrigal looks at her dumbfounded.

And then hazel excuses herself to go to washroom.

Madrigal looked at how she was rubbing her eyes with her little fists, stumbling across the corridor through his glass walls. He smiled unknowingly but then he realises just what he was doing.

He can’t find a manipulative person cute !

He corrects his posture and sits on his chair.

“Mr. Madrigal… Ms. Anna has come for the calender sh00t”. Mr. Sam informs Madrigal.

Anna is their top model and madrigal has to be there at the sh00t.

Madrigal follows Mr. Sam.

“Hello Darling” Anna says & hugs madrigal a little with a cat in her arms.

“Welcome Back Anna, Hope you’re in nice mood for the sh00t.” Madrigal says smiling professionally.

“Yes I’m feeling good because of my boyfriend.” She whispers the last word and winks at madrigal, who just smiles a little.

“Madrigal, meet tyler.. my new cat. Can you ask someone to take care of my baby tyler?? Pleaseeee” anna asks.

Madrigal moves his finger towards a staff lady and she comes instantly to hold the cat. But tyler shows her teeth and meows angrily.

Its a baby cat so its Meow looks cute but it sure is anger from her side.

“Tyler doesn’t like her” Anna whispers in madrigal’s ear.

Madrigal thoughts for a little and then there is a smirk on his face.

“Call Ms. Hazel”

“Anna give me the kitten, I will take care of it.”

Tyler doesn’t say anything to madrigal and Anna gladly started her sh00t.

Hazel came into the studio.

“Ms.Hazel….here.. take this cat.. You have to take care of it like a baby. Its important.”

Hazel takes the sleeping cat from madrigal.

Madrigal continues…

“And remember you can’t sit down or else tyler, the kitten will become whiney”.

Hazel nods in okay and asks,

“How long the sh00t will go?”

“Normally we complete in three hours.” Madrigal said as he left.



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