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ALEXANDER Episode 15

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(Arrange Marriage To A Celebrity)

Episode 15

By: Jenny love


One week later……

💖 Alexa pov💖

I cried bitterly as the make up artist did there job,

Mam please you are receiving ruining the make up ,

Please stop crying.

The past One week has been hell for me.

I was luck in my room with no phone,

No TV,

No means of communication u was like a prisoner in my father’s house,

I tried running away but I was cut.

And locked up.

And today is my marriage day with the my  unknown betrothed.

Amanda please tell me who my husband is I know it’s on the internet.

We can’t Alexander you will freak out.

What why am I Marrying an old man.

I cried out .

Alexa your ride is here, my dad said coming in,

and remember one mistake from you I will disown you I mean it.

He walked out and we followed suit.



Some minutes later……

We got to the church and waited for the church bell to ring.




I have been standing here for close to one hour now waiting for the so called betrothed.

And am beginning to pissed off,

Like what they hell I have important things to do than stand here because of some b***h with wide pu$$y .

If not for my dad’s company that I want somuch and with out her I won’t get it,

Would have walked out of here .

Hey man here your bride comes .

Frederick my best my said.

And I turned to see the must beautiful girl I have ever seen walked towards me with her dad besides her.S he Got closer and my jaw dropped down.

Wait what?

What is going on here.

I asked no one.

She looked surprised to see me too and angry at the Same time

Hahahahha I laughed mentally.

God u can’t wait to get married.

Her dad hand her to me,

Take care of my daughter,

I will sir, with all my heart

I said smicking at her,




We walked in and I saw my so called husband from far look handsome a$$ hellcat list that nice ,

We got close and I almost SCREAMED.

But held my self.

Take care of my daughter dad said.

I will sir, with all my heart.

The jerk said smicking at me.



We gathered here today to witness the Marriage of our children,

So RYAN do you take ALEXANDER SMITH to be your lawful wed…….

Yes I do priest.

Do you miss ALEXANDER take mr RYAN Dominic to be your lawful welded husband in sickness and in health in Richie’s and in poor till death do you apart.

I looked at my father and he has this look of I dear you to say no .

A look at my mom and she nodded

I turned and looked at RYAN and saw fear.

I do

I finally said.

I saw RYAN calm down a beat.

I now prenance you man and wife.

You may kiss your bride.

RYAN took off my verse and kissed me but I didn’t kiss him back.


And the crowd jubilate and hail us

We went round and greated our guests before leaving for our honeymoon





Hehehehehe who is ready for the drama the story has just began.

Sorry for not posting yesterday

Love you.











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