The $eductress

The $eductress – Episode 3


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WRITTEN BY: Pamela James

©Youngicee stories



Chapter 3


Anastasia p.o.v

As I got closer to him, I got more interested.

It was dark so I couldn’t see him before, but now that I was close, I was more than just interested.

He is séxy!

….and I definitely liked that.

Now I had questions that I wanted to ask.

Like why was he in a strip club?

What could he possibly want with me?

Because we both know he was staring incredibly hard, and it looked like he was enjoying what I was doing.

There has to be a reason why he wanted me.

And by the expression on his face he wanted me to come over.

Is he really going to make me work for the money?

I stood in front of him, staring down at him, and thinking of what I should do.

Obviously, I could walk somewhere else, and do something for people I recognise, at least then I won’t get kidnapped.

Or I could take my chance and do something spontaneous with him.

He seems eager.

And he looks damn good in his suit.

He moved his hand inside his jacket and immediately I knew he was reaching for money.

There was a fifty dollar bill in his hand, so that was definitely a start, I wanted it.

But I wanted more.

I reached to take it out of his hand, but I paused, thinking about what opportunities there could be for me to get more money.

” How about we go somewhere more private?” I asked in his ear as I slipped the money out of his fingers.

I let my hand move in his, so I could pull him out of his seat and bring him along with me.

There was no resistance from him.

He followed me, letting me take him to a private back room. I don’t come in here often.

It’s mostly because I don’t like to give private shows to people no matter how much they pay.

But I can definitely do it for him, I didn’t mind.

There was something about him that got me interested in him…. that almost made me want to give everything up just to dance for him.

The room was low lit with red lights, the pole in the centre of the room glowed in the darkness, and had glitter all over it.

This was one of my favourite rooms, but I rarely come back here while I’m working.

It’s a rare occasion.
I sat the man down in the chair and moved to grab the pole, wondering what I should do for him tonight.

Depending on what he gives me, I might give him more.

” Any reason why you wanted to come back with me?”

A little curious that he didn’t object.

I mean, people come to strip clubs to get strippers to dance for them whether it be a private show or not. But people don’t usually chose favourites right of the bat.

” Personal service isn’t wrong, is it?” He asked.

I smiled.

” Not necessarily, but you are going to have to pay for it and it’s not cheap.”

I hope he knew that I wasn’t going to play around with my money.

” Money isn’t a problem for me.” He said with ease, pulling out a few dollars from inside his jacket pocket.

I wanted to hold back my giddiness.

He’s rich!

He has to be.

That’s what got me so excited to play around with him.


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